--Nice site with quite a bit of content; general information, images, fiction, essays, fan art, links; it's all there.

the sweetest thing
--Gorgeous site with a beautiful layout. Goes into a lot of detailed descriptions of our two boys, and all possible aspects of their relationship. It also contains some images from the manga and specific scenes from the anime, and some fiction.

touya and yukito
--What I believe is a Spanish fan site, although I'm not sure. In any case, it's not English. Has some information, both manga and anime images, and fan work.

touya & yukito fanclub
--A fanclub devoted to Touya and Yukito, with information, fan work, links, and other miscellaneous items.

genuine feelings
--Another really cute site with good content, but unfortunately for some reason it's currently down.

secret crush: touya and yukito
--Basically just a single page devoted to Touya and Yuki, linked off a different main site. Not much here really; just a single image and a little written paragraph.

touya & yukito mailing list
--A mailing list constructed purely to gab about the boys, and to post fan work like art, fiction, and doujinshi.

--Erm. This is actually one of my other sites and in all truth, it doesn't have anything to do with Touya or Yukito in any way, but instead built to house all of the unique insanity that's always exploding out of my warped head, which my friends claim is rather humourous.