Q: What possessed you to create a site about Touya and Yukito when there's so many more worthwhile political world issues that you could be spending your time addressing?
A: Because I take unimaginable joy in the mindless frolicing which accompanies cliche' fan sites, and there's so much potential for rediculous cuteness in Touya and Yuki's relationship that I just couldn't restrain myself. Besides, there's not nearly enough Touya/Yukito sites out there. I'm just trying to help steal the rapid attention away from Shaoran and Sakura.

Q: Why did you title your site "snow bunnies and peach blossoms", when strangly enough, there appears to be a total lack of both peaches and bunnies, snowy or otherwise, anywhere on the site?
A: Simple. In Japanese, "Yukito" means "snow bunny", and "Touya" means "peach blossom". It was purely for the sake of grappling for some originality for a name instead of titling it, "Touya and Yukito". Besides, I had a cute bunny all drawn out and nothing to do with him.

Q: Ah. I see. Ooh. So does that mean that your name has some symbolic meaning and translation that identifies with your inner self and character?
A: *Sweatdrop* No. "Beans" is just a nickname that some where down the road, my friends decided to permenantly plaster to my forehead with superglue. But no, neither do I have any deep spiritual link to any type of bean, or resemble one in any way.

Q: Why isn't there any information about yourself anywhere on the site?
A: Meh. I think personal information on fan sites is tacky and distracting. Unless I some day realize the uncanny ability to either see deceased spirits or gain an inhuman counterpart with wings that periodically takes possession of my body, my personal life relates in no way to either Touya or Yukito, and thus, has no place on this site. Besides, I'm pretty boring anyway. You're not missing much.

Q: Why does this site look so crappy in Netscape?
A: Ngh. As much I love using Netscape, it doesn't support many of the newer HTML codes and java scripts; things like the floating frame here in the center, as well as some table attributes. *Mumblegrumblemumble* As a result, this site can really only be viewed properly using Explorer 3.0 or higher for the time being, until I figure out how to design it for Netscape.

Q: What's this "yaoi" thing you keep mentioning? It sounds like something served in a deep fried Chinese dish with baby squid.
A: Although I'm not sure of the exact translation, considering my total lack of knowledge of the Japanese language, in a very small, compact nutshell, "yaoi" refers to a relationship between two males (and I think "yuri" refers to two females.)

Q: *Blink blink* Duuuuude. So are these two guys, like, "together"? *Turns red and shifts back and forth uncomfortably*
A: *Cackles* Yes indeed, Touya and Yukito are gay. And what a rediculously cute gay couple they make. *Looks at you oddly* Feel free to regain your normal complextion any time now.

Q: Whoa whoa, back up the train of insanity and wait a minute. I've been a religious CCS fan since it aired in America, and Touya and Yukito aren't gay anywhere in the series.
A: That's because America considers it important to censor its youth from anything remotely homosexual, as well as any content that they believe improper viewing for children. As a result, all of the CCS dubbed into English went through intense editing to cut out any implied yaoi references. Do yourself a favor and watch the original Japanese subtitled episodes.

Q: Are you a fan of other yaoi couples from any other anime series?
A: Erm. To be honest, I'm fairly new to the world of anime and haven't gotten a chance to watch many other series. Other than CCS, I've actually only seen the entire series' of "Escaflowne". I've got some episodes of "Gravitation", but I haven't gotten around to watching them yet. In case you're wondering though, my favorite non-yaoi characters include CCS's Shaoran, and "Escaflowne"s Van and my all time fav so far, Dilandau. *Cheers for splendidly insane pyro that is Dilandau*

Q: There seems to be an abnormal amount of bizarre references to chocolate through out the site. Is this related to some strange fetish of either Touya or Yuki that I'm not aware of?
A: *Cough cough* Erm. No. I'm afraid that's just some of my own unique insanity spilling through. Chocolate is my strange fetish; in all truth, my world revolves around my chocolate in most cases. *Sweatdrop* You have to understand how difficult it is for me to keep with this facade of being somewhat normal. I think I need some therapy.

Q: Can I submit my own fan work and links?
A: Gah, of course. Actually, it would be greatly appreciated, as long as all submissions are strictly Touya and/or Yukito based. Feel free to send me anything you'd like publicized via email. (Please refer to the email information page on acceptable file formats.)