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Name: Amanda Mary Anne Properzi
Alias: Shinigami, Twisted Neko, Amanda-Panda, Tiny.
Age: 20
Birthday: 11/11/85
Zodiac: Scorpio.
Chinese Zodiac: Ox.
Favourite Food: Sushi, Junior Mints, Strawberry Pocky.
Least Favourite Food: Green beans.
Enjoys: Games, Manga, Friends, Pandas.
Hates: Snakes.
Current Obsession: Katamari.
Excited for: Japan trip!

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* Friday, September 30, 2005 *

More Cowbell!

Current Song: The Rasmus: The One I Love
Current Mood: Amused~

Check it out~!

If I had known that I wouldn't have drunk all that diet-cancer with lime.

Three posts! No more complaining! I've overshot my monthly quota by two and half posts. Btw, no one gets ANY christmas presents this year, you've spent all my holiday cheer and generosity. I sure hope cowbell will cure the carpal tunnel I got from all this frivolous typing.

So as predicted by at least two people, who are not psychic but definitely knowledgable in the ways of me, I've lost all my fresh-school-year keenness. The keenness caused me to lose my two lovely Nintendogs, all for what? A future degree? That's stupid. I can't put on my resume that I succesfully produced some well-trained show-dogs anymore, now can I. I'm sure many will agree that that is FAR more useful than a Bachelor of Arts degree anyday.

Speaking of, um...psychics. I predict that I'm going to dress up (maybe) as the cute farm-girl in Harvest Moon. I think the HM: AWL girl has a far kyuter outfit, but much harder to compile. Hopefully I can make it all fine and dandy. There's always HM: MFOMT girl, but she has overalls...and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Anyways, tips and ideas are welcome!

I would also like to start a petition that if Brenna is going to dress lik Dib than she should have some awesome hair-antenna action! I'll even add money to the pot if Brenna does that! (I will anyways probably, but Brenna can seal the deal and maybe even WIN with her awesome Dib hair!) Of course, this is entirely up to Brenna, but I think with the proper support she might be persuaded to fulfill her awesome duty to Dib!

I should probably go to sleep since I have plans to awaken at 8:00 am, which is early for me since my classes aren't usually started until 12:00 pm. All you NAIT-goers and bow down to my awesome schedule-making abilities. Yunno, I'm paying more than (some) of you in the long run, and I suppose the whole customizable schedule is part of the perks.

A parting note: "We Love Katamari" has more panda in it than all of China, another reason to buy it.

Posted by Amanda at 12:44 AM

* Thursday, September 29, 2005 *

Dreams really do come true~

Current Song: Katamari Damacy: Lonely Rolling Star
Current Mood: Procrastinatey~

Does anyone remember November 22nd, 2004? Well, I sure do. All the memories of that day are all nicely bundled to a swirly-memory concoction, similar to a pensieve, but not really. Actually, just scanning through old posts, I happened upon a comment I made that day concerning a DS of a lovely pink-variety. Well, look no further me! This chirstmas there is a Nintendogs bundle with a lovely Pink DS. So, when that comes along, I'm going to trade in my old DS and Nintendogs and pick one up~

The other day I bought "We Love Katamari" and sadly I was not only the first, but the only person to buy it...in like...3 days. Makes me sad as I watch people come in oogling copies of NHL 06 asking us if it's the same as 05 and how they sold their children into slavery just so they could afford it. Yeah...of course it's the bloody same, it's hockey! All I can do is stare at them and say with a twitchy smile, "Oh yes, it's marvelous, would you like to guarantee it for year just in case some person so feels the urge to commit game-ocide on NHL 06?"

Lost is very exciting, I suggest people get on the ball with that series while they still can. It earns the Amanda Panda Swirly Cake of a approval. My Cakes contain 0% Panda but 100% Panda Cute. In Lost's case, it also contains some crazy-ass Polar Bear Icing and Plot Twist Sprinkles.

Well, back to some Chinese workbook that is taking FAR too long to finish.

Posted by Amanda at 2:13 PM

"Are they not like
this fleeting world?
Cherry blossoms:
no sooner do they flower
than they fall."

~ No. 73 from the Kokinshu

Current Song: Nightwish: Dark Chest of Wonders
Current Mood: Comtemplative.

As a prelude to this post, I have to admit that I'm not spiritual. Anyone who's spent 15 minutes with me would probably notice that...but then again, everyone has their moments.

According to Buddhist beliefs, earthly attachment is the root of all suffering. I can't get over how true that is but I can't help but believe that some attachments to this world are worth all the pain it causes. I couldn't give up relationships with other humans, like friends and family. One who takes buddhist vows (at least in the Heian period in Japan) is expected to give up all of these things. I believe that is a wise and truly enlightened path to take, but definitely a difficult one. I can't help but respect that.

Life is beautiful because it's short. We have created a world that gives us the illusion of invincibility so we're constantly reminding ourselves that we have more time. The beauty of life is living like each moment is irreplacable. There'll always be another fall, but what about this fall now? Will they always be this lovely? "If saying "stay!" would stop their falling, could I hold these blossoms more dear?" ~ No. 70 from the Kokinshu.

I'm being silly.

Posted by Amanda at 12:00 AM

* Sunday, September 04, 2005 *

"In matters of great importance, style, not sincerity, is the vital thing." ~ Oscar Wilde

Current Song: Duran Duran - New Moon on Monday
Current Mood: Happeh~

I love EB. I want to have it's kyute little EBabies. But not really. Got some swag today~ A Gameboy.Micro T-Shirt (Large, I think I'm doomed to never get a shirt that fits) and a Darkwatch lanyard (I didn't have much choice, but Darkwatch is pretty awesome)

I'm addicted to WoW and so is everyone else in the world apparently. Today lots of accounts expired so Game Cards sold like crazy mad. Also, Alliance is the choice of creepy fanboys everywhere. No offence to the non-creepy fanboys who happen to enjoy Alliance, but I haven't met ONE person who plays Horde today.

Hana Yori Dango anime is good in a bad way. Bad because the animation is early 90's and it's the corniest thing ever. Good because it makes me squeal still even though I know what's going to happen.

I'm going to jet, I'm filled with boredom.

Posted by Amanda at 4:47 PM

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