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Name: Amanda Mary Anne Properzi
Alias: Shinigami, Twisted Neko, Amanda-Panda, Tiny.
Age: 20
Birthday: 11/11/85
Zodiac: Scorpio.
Chinese Zodiac: Ox.
Favourite Food: Sushi, Junior Mints, Strawberry Pocky.
Least Favourite Food: Green beans.
Enjoys: Games, Manga, Friends, Pandas.
Hates: Snakes.
Current Obsession: Katamari.
Excited for: Japan trip!

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* Thursday, June 16, 2005 *

Victory for the Newly Appointed General Amandous

Current Mood: Slightly Annoyed
Current Song: Nothing

So anyone who witnessed my bet with Lance that there was no way he'd wake up at 7 am with me should know that I won, so I claimed the title of General Amandous, while Lance is merely Super God (a clearly inferior title...clearly).

Lance rented an X-box so I took this wonderful chance to rent Psychonauts...and now I'm hopelessly addicted. I'm holding back going out and renting it again since I found out the PS2 version is coming out on June 21st. Also, Razputin's voice actor is totally Zim.

I bought Season 1 of Scrubs~ I'm very excited to watch it inside and out, including all sorts of fun interviews with Zach Braff and hopefully Dr. Cox, whom I love~

Oh! My broken car was broken into. I don't think there was anything worth stealing except maybe my ringette skates...so I guess if they did take those, some 12 year old little clareviewian boy will be happy.

Well, that's all really, just a quick update on my ever-exciting life.

Posted by Amanda at 9:21 PM

* Friday, June 10, 2005 *

"The secret of being boring is to say everything." ~ Voltaire

Current Mood: I'm rich, bee-otch!
Current Song: Katamari Damacy - Que Sera Sera

So I got my first paycheck today~ I make $7.75/hour which is great considering I only asked for 7.50.

Not much else to say...but then again *points to quote* I shouldn't tell you everything or you will become bored with me.

Posted by Amanda at 7:57 PM

* Monday, June 06, 2005 *

"I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation." ~ George Bernard Shaw

Current Mood: Lonely
Current Song: Incubus - Stellar

George Bernard Shaw is awesomely quotable. I used to quote myself when I had all sorts of wit (or at least thought myself witty) ...from the few quotable quotes that I can remember... they weren't that good.

I downloaded the first two Monkey Island games. All the inside jokes that stemmed from the first game are making so much more sense. It's wonderful. Also, who would've thought that Dominic Armato (Guybrush's voice actor) is such a pretty boy. <== That's a link, I realize my links don't really stand out.

My smut collection has had RAPID growth over the past few days. It's quite large and is slowly devouring all of Lance's precious hard drive. What's more important is that it makes me happy~ I love my silly girly romances.

Also, this goddamned rule about not having people over after 11 pm is pissing me off. I want to see my goddamned friends, goddammit. I'm so lonely. *sob*

That's about it. I'm gunna go play more MI1.

Posted by Amanda at 9:35 PM

* Thursday, June 02, 2005 *

Best shoes ever!

Current mood: Give me shoes!!
Current song: I'm making up a theme song for those shoes as I type this (not really)


There's freaking pandas and hearts!


This one has kyute kitties~


Can't go wrong with happy rainbows and butterflies~

That's all for now since I still haven't had that shower I said I would have earlier.

Posted by Amanda at 4:55 PM

"Without ME it's just AWESO" ~ Witty T-Shirt Quote

Current Mood: Happy~
Current Song: System of a Down - Lost in Hollywood

Today was my first day of work. I have to admit, I really like it so far. One bad that happened today is right in the morning I felt horrible horrible nausea. All the blood left my face and I felt like I was going to pass out like that time at Sapporo Express. That would suck on a first day, so I just sucked it up and fought to remain concious. I did pretty good~

My first client was the fricken most cutest beagle ever...and then there was a Tessa-like puppy that ate my soul (and now I know that Tessa is Shih Tzu/Bichon cross). I want to buy another puppy...I guess prodding at other people's dogs anal glands will have to suffice for now (yeah, that's not fun).

Also, I hate the baby-dog-voice that everyone has at PETsMART...I mean, I do it too, but not as bad. I tend to talk to animals as if they were humans with a bit of my kyute accent...I also don't feel comfortable kissing some other persons dog...or my own for that matter. I don't think the dog could care less if you're kissing it, they're probably thinking "Get the fuck out of my face or I'm going to bite you"...yeah, I don't approve of that.

Well, I'm going to shower, I smell like tasty wet dog.

Posted by Amanda at 4:09 PM

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