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Name: Amanda Mary Anne Properzi
Alias: Shinigami, Twisted Neko, Amanda-Panda, Tiny.
Age: 20
Birthday: 11/11/85
Zodiac: Scorpio.
Chinese Zodiac: Ox.
Favourite Food: Sushi, Junior Mints, Strawberry Pocky.
Least Favourite Food: Green beans.
Enjoys: Games, Manga, Friends, Pandas.
Hates: Snakes.
Current Obsession: Katamari.
Excited for: Japan trip!

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* Tuesday, May 31, 2005 *

Current Mood: Lazy
Current Song: Rhapsody - Guardiani Del Destino

Today was pleasant~ I needed a day like this to just sit and read shoujo manga all day long. I finally caught up in Love Monster, Gekka no Kimi and Itazurana Kiss. All very good series.

So my car is broken, forever. Fixing the engine will cost more than the actual car is worth. Bugger, I suppose...but that means no car insurance to pay this year. Inconvieniently convienient.

To top that off my awesome luck with transportation, my bike has also been stolen. I'll probably never get it back since I don't actually know what kind of bike I had since yesterday was the first time I rode it in like 2 years or something ridiculous like that.

I got a job at PETsMART. So far it seems good. Basically I bathe, brush, and dry dogs. Apparently Shih Tzu's can get so stressed out from the process that they'll actually pop their eyes out. How the hell do you explain that to the owner of the dog?

Fabio Lione, lead singer of Rhapsody, has an awesome voice. He also has a really thick italian accent when speaking english. Anyways, I stumbled onto a fansite dedicated to him. I mean, I get obsessed over alot of things but I could not respect myself if my life revolved around someone the way their's does. They would post pictures of him and then try to imagine what he was saying in the picture. He also has alot of fanart, one of them, some girl drew him playing with a puppy. What the fuck? Common, at least draw him slaying orc or something (jk jk).

I suppose that's about all for now, I'll try to post more often ^^;;

Posted by Amanda at 3:53 PM

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