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Name: Amanda Mary Anne Properzi
Alias: Shinigami, Twisted Neko, Amanda-Panda, Tiny.
Age: 20
Birthday: 11/11/85
Zodiac: Scorpio.
Chinese Zodiac: Ox.
Favourite Food: Sushi, Junior Mints, Strawberry Pocky.
Least Favourite Food: Green beans.
Enjoys: Games, Manga, Friends, Pandas.
Hates: Snakes.
Current Obsession: Katamari.
Excited for: Japan trip!

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* Monday, November 29, 2004 *

Goddamned Blogger!!

Current Mood: Angry!
Current Song: Phantom of the Opera: All I Ask of You (reprise)

So I typed out my christmas and then blogger crashed...stupid blogger.

I'm too lazy to type it out again tonight, so tomorrow then.

Also...Tamagotchis are apparently back...but I need to verify this for myself...if they are...I'm so totally buying one!

Posted by Amanda at 11:45 PM

I like eggs~

Current Mood: Dirty in my stupid make up
Current Song: The egg song~

Get your eggs here~

My god, it is so kyute~

I'm dreading my family pictures. Hence the make up and all by the way. I decided I should probably at least attempt to look good. Yes, that is quite a hard thing to accomplish it feels.

I'm dreading my lab exam tomorrow as well. I know how everything works and what not, but I don't think I know how to write the algorithms for them...so I just hope they don't ask I suppose. *sweatdrop* I'll study more after I get home.

Well, I should go now. I hope everyone has a good day~

PS: I had lots and lots of wonderful sleep.

Posted by Amanda at 4:44 PM

Kyle popped the question...

Current Mood: Sick~
Current Song: The Phantom of the Opera - Music of the Night

Yup~ We're getting married~ Or maybe we're just planning Christmas and what not. Probably the latter of the two.

So, Kyle wants to know if we're exchanging gifts, considering no one approached me until now, I was just planning on buying the group (Kyle, Tomas, Leslie, Jen, Richard, Tammie) small gifts or something along those lines. *shrugs* I figured that was a good plan, that way everyone gets Amanda-Christmas-Love. Well, Tomas's birthday is so bloody close to Christmas that he'll also receive a big gift~ But yeah, I don't know~ *shrugs* I just go with the flow~ *floats down a river in a leaky canoe*

For the other group who also hasn't approached me whatsoever except for some exchange of angry name calling that has been going on with that holiday-hating hoser Chris, I was thinking a secret santa maybe? That way Chris won't feel guilty and everyone can enjoy a needed gathering (when was the last time we all hung out?).

Tomorrow is family pictures... =_=;; I'm not very excited. Let's pretend we love each other and smile while being fantasically coordinated in our blue shirts~ Yeah...Mom chose a colour scheme this year. This also sucks because I have a lab exam the next day. How am I supposed to study when like...3 hours of my life will be wasted on this stupid tradition (that started with Omer's arrival by the way).

My english prof is obsessed with sex I've decided. Everything is erotic to her. Like...Beowulf and Grendel's fight is apparently very homo-erotic. Yeah, I love it when Lance rips off my arm. This is old news, but as I'm reading this novel I'm supposed to have read for tomorrow (probably isn't going to happen)...I just thought of that moment in my class. *shrugs* I don't know, I really don't like english anymore...

Oh oh~ I own Chinese~ A- on my oral exam, and A on my written exam~ I was crying about it the night before...as Lance pointed out *shakes fist* Yeah, I cry alot. Then I stressed about it to Tomas directly before I went in about how it's hard and I'm going to fail~ I think the average was a B-...so yeah, I rock~ Though I think there's a bloke who did better than me...I should push him down the stairs before the final...though I'm not sure who he is...I figure I should push everyone down the stairs! Actually, my class has decreased significantly >.<>.< then I get denied by all the men until a woman is like "I'll buy her food if my husband can come along." In other words, no one loves me...not even the women *sobs* it's because they're intimidated by my high marks! *sobs* *holds up a sign "Will dance for food~"*

Also, I'm being very obsessive again...>.< I feel bad so I'm not going to talk about it since it's probably annoying the hell out of everyone~ *points to current music choice...though it's changed since I first typed that...now it's Masquerade~ I'm just going through the soundtrack again and again~*

*changes mind* I don't care what those Micheal Crawford supporters say, Gerard Butler makes a wonderfully wonderful phantom~ *sings along with phantom's parts* (can't do Christine's part, she's all soprano and I'm all sick...and she's not as sexy as the phantom anyways~) Also, Christine actress is only 18!! *sobs* I'm filled with envy~

I should stop rambling and go to sleep, I'm sick and my poor nose is red and in pain (stupid lack of kleenex...I can only use rough rough toilet paper...wasn't there a commercial about that?) Besides that fact, I also probably sound really dumb right now *sighs* but I find everything I had to say tonight terribly interesting and I'm not sure what I can edit out so I don't sound quite so dumb...Oh well, I sleep now~

Posted by Amanda at 1:18 PM

* Monday, November 22, 2004 *

Pre-essay update~ (aka procrastination 2.0)

Current Mood: Frazzled~
Current Song: Franz Ferdinand : Take Me Out

Blarg, so I'm writing my last essay of the term (not including the ones I will have to write for my finals)...but I don't actually understand the critical essay I'm writing it on. So I'm taking a small break to update my life~ (My life remains stagnant until I write about it, obviously~)

So I received a few more wonderful birthday presents~ I love them so much, I hope people know that I'm super grateful! I'm trying very hard to show my gratitude...but I actually don't know how. I guess people should just expect super awesome gifts from me.

~ Green Chococat bag~
~ Paper Freaking Mario for Gamecube *looks at it longingly* I'm resisting until I finish this essay.
~ Lots of Kits Kats...but now they're all gone.
~ Sketchbook
~ Mr. Neon Yellow Snuggle Flop~
~ Panda cookies~

I think that's all...*ponders* Yeah...other than random money from my family.

I bought a Nintendo DS yesterday for $180. T'is lovely~ All backlit and sexy. I really wish it were pink though. I would very much fancy a pink DS. Now I want "Feel the Magic (XX/XY)" or whatever it's called. I think it looks like it's filled with crack-headed fun. I also can't wait for Super Princess Peach. Peach is saving Mario this time! I think that rocks so awesome!

Well, I should get back to work and learn what the hell I'm writing about~ Ja~

Posted by Amanda at 5:28 PM

* Friday, November 12, 2004 *


Current Mood: Happay~ (I typed how I said it just now)
Current Song: Franz Ferdinand - Micheal

My birthday has been great so far~ I go some really nifty swag (I like the word swag)~

~ Yukata from Nao (A real one...from the Japan...with dummy velcro for foreigners like mwa~)
~ Bridget Jones Special Edition DVD from Lance~
~ Pokemon LeafGreen from Lance~
~ Katamari Damacy from myself~
~ Shirt that says DJ PANDITTY from Brenna (It rocks so awesome~!)
~ Brownies from Brenna
~ A build-a-bear koala named Patrick from my Mom

Yes yes~ It's been a great few days~ Very stress relieving. Well, the smell of burning melting computer has been very stressful...stupid computer.

Anyways, NOW I must start my essay >.< I need to get this bugger out of the way.


Posted by Amanda at 3:33 PM

* Monday, November 08, 2004 *

I wonder when this maturity thing is going to kick in?

Current Song: Miyavi - Jibun Kakumei 2003 (MYV ROCKS!)
Current Mood: HAPPY~ It's all the chocolate~

So, I figure I'm almost a whole year older, but I still feel so juvenile...I can't see myself as any sort of adult-type figure yet. I'm dreading the end of my childhood but anticipating adulthood...I'll have to come to a happy medium. Maybe I could stand to lose the shirt with the pink pompoms but keep my love for videogames? Blah, I figure I'll just go with the flow.

So I'm hopelessly addicted to Kimi wa Pet~ It keeps me up to obscene hours of the night or technically morning and causes me to pass out in linguistics...which isn't good when you sit in the front...(I'm such a keener).

Hmmm...I don't have much to say really...I just felt that I owe it to my sexy blog to update it.

Oh~ I've taken on the task of editing Ven's comic scripts~ I hope my english skills prove to be enough~

Well, I should go study or write something useful...or not~

Bai bai~

Posted by Amanda at 10:54 PM

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