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Sunday, June 13, 2004 -- 12:31 PM

Day 34: In London, and Back Home Tomorrow

First off and most important, a huge scary I'M SORRY GOMEN GOMEN DAISUKEEEE~ to my cuddly little Jenny-chan back at home for not making a birthday post for her on her birthday -- I tried, really I did, but that day I was bloody sick like a freaking dog and I could barely walk around my hotel room, and then the night after we were too late from getting back from Stonehenge and the internet cafe down here was already closed, so here I am, disgruntled, because I really didn't mean for this to be so belated. ANYWAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! XD *Dances* Love you lots and we'll do something fun for your birthday when I get back home!!! *Huggles*

And HOLY CRAP, LONG TIME NO POSTING BATMAN! I mean real posting, that is, not just five minute dick ones to let you know I'm alive. There's been things getting in the way of my computer time since Munich, so let's do a quick recap since then!

So, Munich kind of sucked out of all the places we went on the tour, but it was only one night so meh. But nothing worthy of even writing here, so no worries. Munich is the first day where it began our few days of rain.

From Munich, we traveled the next day to Hopfgarten, in the Austrian Tyrol where we stayed for two nights at Contiki's Austrian Gasthof. On the way there, we stopped at a city for a break (I don't remember the name. . .) and watched the Glockenspiel, which is basically just a very very very big clock that makes lots of noise and has little statues that dance around and little jousters on horses that knock eachother off their horses every hour. Our tour manager thought it was the best thing since fried bananas. . .or whatever it is that the British think is really cool but in a way that. . .is not so much. . . More rain this day. That night we had a big party at the Gasthof which was fun cause I was in a party mood and we danced until one in the morning or something like that. Good times. The next day was our free day, and despite it raining again, we went out and walked around the little village a short ways away, cause there really wasn't anything else to do at that particular stopover.

The next day we left Hopfgarten and drove into Switzerland, to a place called Lauterbrunnen in the Swiss Alps. On the bus ride there, we stopped in two different cities, Liechtenstein and Lucerne before arriving at Lauterbrunnen where we stayed at a Contiki Swiss Chalet. More rain this day. T__T (We were all getting tired of the rain by the point.) The next day, thank god, was SUNNY AGAIN (wheeee!) which was good since it was our free day and it would have considerably been not so much fun sopping wet. So all sunny and happy once more, a bunch of girls and I spent the day on a tram/train/lift route that took us around through the Trummelback glacier waterfalls, which was really pretty (and wet. . .which is ironic considering it was the first day of no rain we'd had in a while.) And obviously, through my time in Switzerland, much chocolate was to be had. *Drool slobber yum yum yum*

The next day, from Lauterbrunnen we went back into Germany to the Rhine Valley, and a little city called St. Goar (I think. . .crap. . .I'll have to double check.) We only spent one night here in a tiny hotel, but during the evening we visited a German stein museum (steins are those big German beer mugs with lids), and also an original teddy bear shop. This is also the day I began my slow descent into terrible, ugly SICKNESS OF DOOM! -___-

Next day -- left the Rhine Valley for Amsterdam in Holland, Netherlands. Oh, Amsterdam. . . So much in Amsterdam. It was a freaking busy day and I was very very tired before we even reached our hostel. We did the cheese farm, saw clog making, a diamond crafting tour, and a bike ride through the city (I haven't ridden a bike in what, five years? It almost killed me, but in a fun sort of agony type way. Good times.) That night was definately the most different of our outings -- we went down to the infamous Red Light District. It was actually really neat, you wouldn't believe how well run it actually is and the rules and and every down there, it's actually really safe. So we saw all the different avenues, like "Black Ave" and "Skinny Ave" and tons of others which are basically just different streets of windows with prostitutes in them, corresponding the avenue name. And then the highlight of the night which was none other than something everyone has to do when they're in Amsterdam, and that's going and seeing a Dutch Cultural Show, which is just a fancy name for a *coughcough* sexshow *coughcough* which is more or less what the name says and *cough* peoplebasicallyjusthaveloadsofsexonstage *coughcough* but enough of that and let's move on before various family members and relatives sputtering into their coffee and tea. La la la la la la la. They even gave us a free condom when we left. *Holds it up. Nervous laughter* *|Coughcough* *Skips off quickly*

The next day was our free day, and I went and saw Anne Frank's house, got lost, did some shopping (I found ENGLISH MANGA!!! I hadn't read manga in WEEKS! It was AWESOME!!!), got lost, visited the sex museum, got very lost, then hopped back on the tram back the hostel and got very very very lost before I finally got back. Wheee~ FUN LOST TIMES! (Actually, it was rather stressful, but I'm alive, so I figured I came out alright, all things considered.) Since that night was our last night all together on the tour, we went the famous Sea Palace, which is an Asian restaurant that floats on the harbour, and that was pretty good, and then obviously a party night since it was the last night. However, since the Rhine Valley I had been getting more and more sick and icky feeling, and that last night in Amsterdam I don't know what the hell happened but I was feeling like CRAP so instead of partying and dancing, I went to bed at 11:00. It SUCKED. Although I'm not that disappointed because a lot of the people from our tour had taken the liberty of getting WAY beyond plastered with booze, not to mention induling in Amsterdam's other famous highlight, majuana (spelling?). The city is covered with "coffee shops" which are actually places where people go to get high. I never went into one, but the the people that I was rooming with that night reeked like bloody weed. Oh Amsterdam. . . T__T *Sweatdrop*

WHOO, so the next morning arrives and thus signals the last day of our tour, so we drove through Belgium on our way back off to merry ol' London, England. I was still feeling really sick this day -- and I almost completely lost my voice -- so getting back to London kind of lacked the "WHOOPAH!!!!" excitement that it should have, but it was still very cool. That night I went to bed really early and just slept in.

SO. Thus begins our four days in London. Our first full day, the first thing we did was find a bloody pharmacy where we bought bloody wonderful Sinatab drugs. Coleen started getting sick right before London, so now we we're both sick, so we've been popping Sinatab to keep us moving around, and it works DAMN FINE! *Dances around, blows her nose once, then dances again* So anyhoo, the first day after we both had our medicine, we went and saw, that's right, you guessed it. . .HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF ASKABAN!!! Boo ya ha ha! That's right, Harry Potter in London! Is there NOTHING FINER?! *Insane cackling*

However. . . *DU DU DUUUU*

That day was also not fun in the bad way where all my dreams are completely freaking dashed when I discover that ALL THE FREAKING TICKETS FOR "THE LION KING ON BROADWAY" ARE SOLD OUT!!! Since we're here all over the weekend, the show sells out immediately, so we didn't have a chance. It SUCKED. There was ANGUISH. I almost cried, I was so angry and disappointed. I wanted to see that show SO FREAKING MUCH. *Huddles in the corner and cries* Not only that, it turned out not only could I not go to the show I was actually willing to pay for, it turns out we can't even use the free theatre tickets included in our Contiki package because our all-day Stonehenge tour was scheduled yesterday, and the bloody Ticket-Master guy I talked to on the phone was an ASS and said he couldn't let us use our free ticket things on a bloody Saturday, and then we couldn't do it today because it was our Sightseeing Tour and the box office closes before we could get back from it. Again with the RAGE. It feels like such a waste. I really wanted to see some sort of theatre show at least. *Disgruntled*

SO. Anyway, our Stonehenge and Roman Bath tour yesterday was good, the Baths were pretty boring, but it was alright. Our sightseeing tour today was really awesome, and we got tons of pictures, especially of Madame Tussauds wax museum, which I thought was the best part. We also saw the London Dungeon, the London Eye, Big Ben, the London Bridge, and Buckingham Palace. We were both running low on our happy Sinatab drugs though so by the end of the Tower of London we were both not feeling great, but it was a good day.

So now I think I've caught up on everything. Tomorrow we leave for home, and we've run out of drugs, so the plane ride back is going to be very very very bad if the Heathrow airport doesn't have a pharmacy. But in any event, I'm excitied to come back home, cause I miss you all!!! *LOOOVE* So I shall go now, and finish packing, and probably go to sleep early because I'm very tired. See you all tomorrow, and I demand that all immediate family members BE AT THE AIRPORT TO PICK ME UP AND LOVE ME TO DEATH! MUH HA HA HA HA!

See you tomorrow!!!!!
Love Bren (and Coleen)
Wednesday, June 09, 2004 -- 7:20 AM
Day: (I don't know, I'll stick it in here next time.)

ARGH! THE INTERNET IS SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE HERE IN AMSTERDAM!!! So I'm not going to write a long letter here, but just thought I should let people know that I'm still alive and kicking and haven't died in a gutter some where in Amsterdam; that and I wanted to say WHEEEE to Amanda and Chris who if I remember correctly graduated a couple days ago. I hope you guys had a blast and remember, I want pictures!!! *Fist shaking*

Momeeeee~ I've been trying for the last two days to find a bloody payphone, but the silly hostel we're at right now doesn't have any and the closest one is like, thirty minutes away. But tomorrow we're back off to London, and when we get there tomorrow night I'll be sure to phone home (probably 3 or 4 ish o'clock your time) and I'll post on the blog for real and give an update of the last week or so.

Gonna jet now, this is costing me a lot of money (1 Euro for 8 minutes!!! X__X )

Love you all and miss you like freaking crazy.
Love Bren.
Wednesday, June 02, 2004 -- 12:08 PM
Day 22: Vienna to Munich

So we traveled from Venice to Vienna since I last wrote, where we stayed at our first hotel, which was an awesome change and seemed like high class luxery times ten to the power of two squared, even if it was only two stars or something. Vienna was really nice, a little bit more of a modern city, building wise and stuff with a lot less of the yellow stone walls and cobblestreets that we've seen so much of for the past two weeks. There was some cheap shopping in Vienna which was totally awesome (I bought myself one more new shirt and some really pretty pin-stripe pants, wheee!) But I think the thing I most liked about Vienna was the FOOD. It's EVERYWHERE. And it's CHEAP. Little fast food buffets with every kind of food you could be craving, and doesn't cost you more than five or six Euros, it was awesome.

Yesterday was our free day there, (it rained a bit yesterday, blah) and after we did all the shopping and stuff we were supposed to go to a dinner of some sorts, but not enough people signed up so Benji and Shannon took us to the amusement park. (I believe they both just wanted a chance to rent the little motorized scooters and chase eachother around the carnival grounds on them, in any event, they both looked cute, Benji sitting tall and straight and poofy-like and very British on his scooter, and Shannon acted like he was on a Harley motercycle. I wish I had had my camera. . .)

Speaking of which, the almighty camera gods just won't give me a freaking break on this trip -- and now the stupid camera I had to actually buy in Europe has broke down on me and I'm going to have to buy a disposable or something. That, and I ran out of film, and it's bloody expensive here. :P

So today we left Vienna and arrived in Munich, Germany (lots of rain today, not very warm). On the way here we made a stop at one of old Nazi concentration camps (I don't remember its name, some beginning with an "M") and that was interesting, but very very creepy and disturbing and didn't succeed in a merry busride for anyone I think. I wanted to take pictures at first but suddenly realized that I didn't want momentos of a scary place like that, so I didn't take any. I don't think Coleen did either.

We're only staying the one night here in Munich (enough time for most of the group to spend the evening at a beer hall) then we leave tomorrow for -- uh. . .crap, I actually don't remember.*Checks blog intinary* Ah, back to Austria to the Hopfgarten. I knew there was a reason I put an itinary online.

Amanda - Yay! Camping! Count me in, I'll even drive. *Dances*

Mom - Ha ha, you'll be happy to hear that all borrowed items are still in one piece and in working order. C'mon, shower me with praise. You know you want to.

Running out of computer minutes, so I'll write you all later. As always, LOVE YOU ALL AND I MISS YOU!!! *Heart bubbles*

Love Bren
Sunday, May 30, 2004 -- 1:04 PM
Day 19: Venice at Leisure

Whoo, alright, so the scary Greek woman back in Corfu manning the computer terminals went all Nazi on my ass and kicked me off before I got a chance to edit that last letter I posted, hense why after I signed it there were two extra lines of nonsense text. . .those weren't supposed to be there, before I write a letter I jot down notes that I want to cover in it and I just forgot to delete them last time. My total bad. In any case, it's gone now. *Flogs herself with a fish. . .or something. . .*

SO. Anyway. We obviously left Corfu, Greece, and are now back in Italy and are staying in Venice in another Contiki Village (not as nice as Florence, but no wood huts, so they're alright.) We took an all-day and night mini cruise on an Adriatic Ferry to get here, which was kind of dull, and I basically just got a nice window seat in the lounge and read my book for the entire day. The next day we hopped back on the coach and drove for eight hours, making a stop in Verona, which was totally awesome and beaaaautiful, except that we only got to spend two hours there and I would have loved to stay longer. We got to see the balcony of Romeo and Juliet! Cool! Yesterday night when we arrived at camp there was yet another huge scary party at the bar, which I attempted to join in on but retired very early instead, because this party every night thing is just not working very well with me. Then today we had our free day in Venice, and we got to see a glass blowing demonstration which surprised me by being actually more interesting than it sounded, and we dicked around the town for a while, ate some more pasta (LOOOOOOVE~), then took a gondola ride through the canals, which was cool. (We tried to get our gondola man to sing, but he refused and rocked the boat so everyone sitting on the sides got drenched in yummy sewage water, whoo! (I was not one of them. I just pointed and laughed. I think the gondola man liked me best.)

OOH! And hey, cool, on the way back to camp on the mainland from the Venice islands on our bus boat thing, I saw this motor boat beside us get pulled over by a police boat for speeding. There's something just humorously entertaining about seeing a police man shouting over water from his boat to another boat about speeding through open water. In any case, I laughed. Good times.

Something exciting (for me), a couple people have told me lately that I've actually gotten a little color. As in a TAN! As in something other than HORRIBLE PASTEY WHITE SKIN OF DOOM! I'm not sure I believe them, I'm all like, "LIES! I DON'T TAN!" I hope I actually am a bit, I never have before.

Amanda, HAVE FUN AT YOUR GRAD!!! I DEFINATELY WANT LOTS OF PRETTY PICTURES! And Hot Gimmick. . .*whines* *Claws at the air with chibi eyes*

So tomorrow morning we leave Venice for Veinna. . .uh. . .Austria? I don't actually remember what country that's in, I'm so sad. *Shame* I'll probably phone in the next few days some time, but 'till then, LOVE YOU ALL AND I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! (Only two more weeks then I'm home!)

Love Bren ^^
Thursday, May 27, 2004 -- 11:48 AM
Day 14-17: Four Days in Corfu

So I've spent the last four days on the island of Corfu, Greece, and it's been pretty kick ass, all things considered; it's really been nice to finally get a chance to completely relax and not have to worry about times and events and catching the bloody bus. We're at Contiki's Hotel Frini and it's all been free time, so on the first full day I went shopping and pretty much finished my souvinere shopping (and bought one more new shirt~), and then the day after I bussed it to the beach with one of the other girls on the tour. Today though, we all went on the infamous George's Boat outing, which was lots of faboo fun. George is freaking nuts and swears a lot in silly Greek and he brought us all around the island on his boat and stopped at different spots -- the first stop was for water sports and some laying on the beach, the second, we all jumped straight off the boat in this spot of amazingly clear (AND FREAKING COLD) water, and then the third and last spot he took us was actually a spot where people go skinny dipping usually. (Needless to say, I did not jump in this time, I'm not that adventurous.) But most of the guys stripped down and swam naked to the beach with their white asses hanging out *coughcough* among other things *coughcough* and all the girls on the boat got pictures of them even though they were a ways away. (Zoom cameras, muh ha ha ha ha ha. . .)

Ack, and we had a bloody ant investation in our hotel bathroom. *Frantic and spasmic hand flailing and lots of spitting sounds* NOT FUN. They bloody swarmed all over the edges of floor by the walls and it was just terrible, so we got a guy to come in and spray them good and dead-like, and now we still have ants but they're all dead and not moving.

Okay, pulling a Lance now and gonna do a shoutout, because it's probably easiest that way to reply to individual people:

Amanda - YAY, AMANDA-CHAN! *^^* We did indeed see some churches, not so many paintings (I'm not an art buff) but we didn't go up to the dome thingy top simply because I'm just that bloody lazy. (I think I'm overusing poor British slang now, oh well.) I never got to see the Pope though (the alive or dead one) because I didn't even know that you could even go down to his burial place, but apparently Coleen got pictures when she went down. The colosium was awesome though. There was this totally comfy rock there too, we all sat on it, it was totally unlike sitting on a rock! You don't understand! We were all like, WOW. I took a picture of it.

Chelle - *LOOOOVE* No nude for me. ^^; But lots of pictures of guys asses in the water. Have fun camping and say hi to Jon for me. Sorry, but I didn't get a shirt for you from George's Boat, gomen gomen. -__- I'm going to buy you a different one and the one's on the boat were stupid expensive. Besides, they were all just guy's cut shirts, not baby-tees or anything.

Jenny - *Huggles* There's been some food I've tried and others I've just fled in fear from (snails, apparently they taste like mushrooms, so noooo thanks.) Most of the Greek food is normal-like though I've found, but I've tried some of the dips and stuff, and they're not bad. Haha, and no, no kareoke for me; I just watched and laughed at everyone else. Yay, HP when I get home!!!

Seanathan - YAY, Seanathan finally wrote in my blog! (I hear you were being all incompetant about how to post in it, which is kind of pathetically sad, but we all still love you. You have a very complex and analy-planned time line for your trip just to watch baseball. This amuses me. *Pat pat* Then again, I'd do the same thing.

Mom - *Hugs* Fantasia won? *Neutral look* Eh. She's totally good and everything, but her voice is weird and I can't listen to it for a long time. Thanks for looking in to the bank thing, I'll check it for myself when I get home, it's really weird. o__O And don't worry, I won't forget my promise. *^^* (Thanks again and looooove~)

So all in all, things are still going well and there's fun times to be had. Three leisure things I really really miss though are 1) my shower (the ones here have bugs and are dirty, not fun.) 2) My anime. . . -___- I miss my anime and manga love, and I haven't seen any at all down here anywhere. *Cries* 3) My snacks. They feed us down here, nice breakfasts and dinners, but I miss all my snacks in between I'm so hungry. . .

ACK, the ladies telling me I have to get off now. LOVE TO ALL and I MISS YOU ALL!

Saturday, May 22, 2004 -- 1:19 PM
Day 12: Rome Sightseeing

WHEEEE! Lots of people posted in blog since I last wrote, I feel so loved! *^^*

So yes, we are now in Italy. We spent two nights in Florence, and like I mentioned last time, there was the one night with the Tuscan dinner and the Electronic Disco -- the dinner was awesome, like, seven bloody courses of breads and meats and PASTAS!!! Yum yum. The disco afterwards was all right, considering I'm not a drinker nor a kareoke singer, but our adorable British tour manager, Benji, belted out a very off-tune -- but cute nontheless -- version of "It's Raining Men" while rather sloshed on wine which I don't have to explain was more than funny times. I danced upstairs for a couple hours, and uh. . .actually with a strange Italian man who wouldn't leave me alone after I grooved with him for one number. His breath was bloody aweful and I eventually said I had to use the bathroom to flee from him. :P But fun for the most part.

So after that we traveled to Rome (which I regret to say DOES NOT have luxery cabins, this saddens me. . .) where we are right now. Yesterday when we arrived we had two small tours -- one by an official Italian tour guide around the Coloseum which was REALLY boring, and then one lead by Benji incognito, because it's actually illegal in Rome to lead a tour group if you're not Italian and liscensed. Thus, since Benji was risking a huge fine and other horrible and nasty things, he kind of mulled around in the middle of our ameoba-like clump and whenever anyone saw the tour police we yelled "SPEGHETTI!" and automatically all turned around together and one of the guys at the front whipped out his camera and acted like he was taking a picture of us all. It was a total laugh.

So then today was a free day of sightseeing, and we went to the Vatican first and miraculously avoided a four hour line of up of literally THOUSANDS of people by the entire group of us inconspicuously budding in front near the door. BEST BUDDING IN LINE EVER! The Vatican was freaking huge, and it ended in the Sistine Chapel which was beautiful; then we went through to St. Peters Church and then went into the Colesium. Have I mentioned how much I love the food in Italy? There's SO MUCH PASTA! I'm going to come back a bloody whale, I swear.

OOH OOH! Speaking of animal type creatures, at this campsite we're at right now, they have a resident reindeer, a fox (who apparently enjoys swiping peoples shoes and leaving them under other people's cabins, though we have yet to experience,) and a swarm of peacocks. The peacocks are NUTS. THEY'RE IN THE FREAKING TREES! I didn't know peacocks could fly, and I'm walking around all paranoid while they screech over top me and I keep thinking they're going to swoop down on me and ninja my ass, peacock style. It's rather disturbing.

So tomorrow we head off to for our night on the Adriatic Ferry which will take us to Corfu, Greece; but first we stop at Pompeii for a guided tour, which I'm looking forward to. Then it's four fun-filled days in CORFU, and by fun I mean nice accomodation, beaches, swimming pools, and not having to be somewhere and do specified things each day. Not to mention I'm finally going to be allowed to SLEEP IN! I'm so pysched, these five hour nights and waking up at six or seven each morning are killing me. So, wheeee!

Yay, Chelley and Jenny-chan love me and wrote me letters too! (I MISS YOU TOO, CHELLEY!!!) Love to Jenny too! You saw Troy and Shrek 2. . .? Without me. . .? *Big tearfilled chibi eyes* How was Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom in hot Roman skirts? ^^ Coleen and I were seriously contemplating the idea of seeing Troy here in Italy, if only for the hot men in skirts since it would have all been in Italian, but didn't in the end. I'll have to see it when I get back. And sorry to anyone and everyone who I said I'd send postcards to -- I've bought them all everywhere I go almost and they're all sitting in my bag, but I'm stupid lazy and haven't written any yet. . . ^^; Sorry sorry. *Sweatdrop* I'm going to try really hard to get off my ass and sit down to write some in the next couple of days.

Whee, Mom, you write to me so often, thankies! Love to you and have fun in Drumheller! I'll make sure to call sometime later this week too and give you updates of how I'm doing. But now I go to phone home tonight and talk to Dad finally and Chelle! La la la la, miss and love you all back at home!

Love Bren
Wednesday, May 19, 2004 -- 2:40 PM
Hmm, after another brief moment of the most cleverest-est deduction, I believe that the last person to write to us might not have been Amanda, but in truth, Lance. However, as it is very late here and I haven't slept for many hours, I may again be wrong, and for all I know the writer could very well have been Colin Firth from somewhere in London. In any case, please sign any letters from now on to keep me from straining myself to hard and making me fall over.

LOOOOOOOOOVE! (I miss my squiggle key. . .)
-- 1:27 PM
Day 09: France to Italy

Holy crap! Two posts in two days! We're on a roll!

So today we left dear old France and travelled to the Contiki village in Florence, Italy. Obviously, since I just posted yesterday, not much has happened since then to really write about except for the trip from point A to point B. It was about an eight hour drive today on the bus, and we made a stop right before the border at a France perfumery, which was uh, smelly, but nice; we also made a stop before we got to our camp obviously in Pisa to see *drumroll* the Leaning Tower of Pisa! "Oh my god, it LEANS! No one told me that! This totally blows my world!" So that was cool. We did the traditional holding up the leaning tower picture and all that good stuff.

All right, but seriously, the main reason that I'm posting so soon already is because I just HAVE to express my glee at this new Contiki Village in Florence, because holy crap, it's freaking AMAZING. All the villages we've stayed at before now have been dingy little wooden shack-like cabins, and not nice wood, but that ugly wood of evil that isn't sanded and gives you slivers from the walls. They usually consist of two beds, and window, and MAYBE a shelf or something. (Our cabins in the Riviera were terrible, you could even see the sky from the cracks in the walls and ceiling. . .and there were spiders. . .spideeeers. . . *rocks back and forth*)

BUT THESE. Oh my god, the site here in Florence is GORGEOUS, I just can't contain myself, I tell you, I CAN'T! Our cabins are more then cabins, they're these wonderful little trailer-like cabins and furnished even nicer. Two rooms, and even a room inbetween with a table and cuboards and the bathroom, oh my god, the bathroom, it has it's own shower, as nice as the ones at home, and a sink and toilet, and there's tiles on the floor and painted walls and drapes on the windows and gold colored door handles and a mini fridge and OH MY GOD, it's just. . .just. . .wow. And that's not all! This is the first stopover we've had where none of us have to help with dishes or cooking, it's all done for us, and we had bloody LASAGNA, and there's a store to buy food and CHOCOLATE, and this place has an ATM, and a souvinere shop, and public toilets that automatically spray air freshoner, and obviously this dandy little internet cafe' with ENGLISH keyboards and I'd just like to also point out that I got to use the computer with the pretty keyboard, (it's pink, but still special anyway because it's colored,) and Coleen just doesn't seem to fully understand my excitement. ^__________^

I wish we weren't here for only two nights, I don't want to leeeeave. *Chibi eyes*

Right, so anyway. *Cough cough* Tomorrow we're supposed to have a guided tour of Florence, and then I'm doing some more shopping *muh ha ha ha* and then there will be a dinner and I think some sort of electronic disco.

Hmm,and I don't know who the last person to write a letter to us on here was, because they didn't sign it. ^^; But considering it mentions school classes, and the planned kidnapping of Colin Firth awesomeness, I've done some quick but brilliant deducting and such and narrowed it down to AMANDA! Amanda, the Colin Firth kidnapping situation -- or as I like to code name it as "Project Mr.Darcy Gag and Bag" -- it is not faring well at this point, as the subject in question has yet to show his sexy British self around our vicinity, however, we have our entire force working on it day and night, and three dozen specially trained bloodhounds that acutely sense any trace of the shampoo and condtioner which Mr. Firth uses to get his hair to that remarkable poofyness that we all love him for. On a related note, "Project Ravage Hugh Grant" is in full swing and we hope to have our captive in our custody by late Friday night. I shall keep you posted.

So you ask for more details of Europe. Well so far, Paris has been the best, city-wise, and really can't be properly discribed because it was SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. Find a gorgeous Paris calendar, with all the colorful and pretty pictures, and that's Paris dead on, no lie. Picture perfect. Other than Paris, the cities we've been through have ranged from also nice with the fancy buildings and everything to really drab looking things with no interesting features whatsoever. I have pictures of both. The countryside in France was really pretty too, although I'm personally more of a city girl, but all the country villages were exactly like you see in calendars and stuff too, with the really old school shingles and everything is made out of this orangey-yellow-brown stone, with flowers in the windows and the cobble roads and everything. You never actually believe little towns and villages like that actually exist until you're finally in one. It's amazing.

The people on our tour are mostly all really nice. I mean, there's the odd person who I definately don't get along with or I get bad vibes from for whatever reason, but mostly nice people. Most of them all drink, and half of them are complete booze hounds, which obviously does nothing for me since I don't drink myself, but when they're sober they can be good to talk to. I'm not personally really clicky with anyone new yet, but we all know I'm a sucky people person and I'll most likely become more clicky with time, but whatever, I'm all good. Big groups for too long wig me out. The European people themselves in the cities and whatnot vary with where we go -- most of the French people were actually surprisingly kind and helpful, despite what many peole say about people in France. To be honest, the rudest people I've met yet have been here in Italy just today; lots and lots of scary mean and very angry Italian drivers who flip you one and shout in any Italian as they try to knock you off in the street as they drive. -__-; It's just hard trying to communicate with most of the people here 'cause we're all itiots when it comes to other languages. I either automatically tried to say things like "sorry" and greetings and stuff in Japanese when I was in France, just out of habit like I do at home spontaniously, and now I'm forgetting that I'm in Italy and I'm attempting to speak French. *Sweatdrop*

Ha ha ha, and Diane, we totally went to McDees when we were in Nice. La la la la. . . It was normal crap McDees food, but THEY HAD BROWNIES! *Whirls on everyone at home* DO THE ONES AT HOME HAVE BROWNIES NOW?! WHY HASN'T ANYONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS BROWNIE DEVELOPMENT?!

So I should probably go now, because there's a line for the computers and I'm totally being a computer whore and hoggling the pink keyboard. I'll make sure to write again as soon as I can, and I'll phone home again in a few days. Hope everyone is good at home, I miss and love you all.

Byeeeee! (Damnit, Amanda, you'd be completely disgusted, they don't have the little squiggle key that you love to abuse so much at home here. The exclimation point seems so inferior some how. . .)

Love Bren (and Coleen)
Tuesday, May 18, 2004 -- 6:28 AM
Day 08: Riviera at Leisure

Lookit me post again! So we left the Chateau yesterday and after an eight hour bus ride (rode trip, wheee!) we are now sitting in very convienietly placed internet cafe' in the heart of Nice, in the Frech Riviera (and they have ENGLISH keyboards here, HUZZUH!) While we're here we're staying at one of the Contiki villages, and today is our free day to explore the Riviera at our leisure. Last night we went to a casino in Monaco and I jumped around from each of the 1.00 slots for an hour with ten dollars and I ended up doubling my money . . . all of which I lost again because it turns out I have absolutely no willpower when it comes to slot machines and quitting while I'm ahead. *Random disgruntled noises and hand flailing* It turns out the Monaco Grand Prix is in full swing right now so all the racing stuff was set up everywhere. (I think all the guys on our trip practically orgasmed with joy.)

So yeah, today we got to do stuff on our own and we had the choice of either taking the train down to Nice or Cannes. (Our group arrived late at the train station and Coleen and I were the only ones who bought our tickets in time, and Coleen managed to very 007 Bond-like leap onto the train as it was taking off.) The Cannes film festival is on right now, and there's actually been reported sightings of stars like Angelina Jolie and even Brad freaking Pitt! Nice, on the other hand, has SHOPPING, which I haven't had time to do at all yet in Europe, and I figured I should probably get in some serious France shopping before we jet off to Italy tomorrow, so Coleen and I have been trolling the stores today and I've bought lots and lots of pretty shirts. *^^*

I'd just like to take this time to also note that both Coleen and I are very very badly sunburned. It sucks on a whole bunch of terrible and very painful and red colored levels. Trying on lots of clothes today was painful.

So tomorrow we're off to Florence, Italy tomorrow, and I think there's supposed to be a big dinner and space electronic disco when we get there. Good times had by all.

And a kick in the ass to all my friends back at home. Why aren't any of you writing us anything, or even updating your own blogs? I wish to know what's going on in the life of my people. *Teardrop* (Coleen would also like to know, but won't post, because she's cheap and would rather spend her money on booze.) Coleen is beside me right now writing postcards and says: "Whaaaasuuuup," and that she very badly misses her Jazzie love action. *Fondle fondle*

Well, we have to hurry back to the train now, so I'll probably call home tonight, or tomorrow, or the day after. . . Some time in the near future in any case. I miss everyone back at home a lot and love you all. Cheerio!

Love, Bren (and Coleen, but like we said, she's too lazy and cheap to say so herself.)
Sunday, May 16, 2004 -- 5:57 AM
Day 05. . .or 06. . .I've lost track. . .


Alright, so the posting has been far and in between, but I havent been able to find or even have time for internet cafe's. We're in France right now, at Contiki's Chateau Cruix in the French countryside, which thankfully has a computer, although these French keyboards are on complete CRACK! The keys are all in different places, so this is going to takeme forever to write because I'm chicken pecking. (You have to press the shift key for a period! *Rage*)

So the flight was alright; long, kinda boring,and nothing but clouds to see.We spent the one night in London then left on the bus the next day for France for two nights. I LOVED FRANCE! It's so freaking beautiful, I wanted to stay so much longer. The weather was pretty chilly for the first two days or so, but now it's beautiful out and really hot. We walked around and saw Notre Dame', went up on the Eifel Tower,and all the big touristy stuff. We tried to go into the Luvre, but we ended up just walking around it for an hour because we didn't realize that the entrance was in the bloody pyramids out front. . . I have lots of pictures!!! Three rolls already! So now we're at the Chateau, which is really nice, and tomorrow we leave for the French Riviera.

Our tour manager is naned Benji, and he's kind of a goof in a very Weasley from BtVS/Hugh Grant sort of way; all awkward but very adorable and British. Our driver is a guy named Shanon, and well, he's just weird. . .

Alright, so my time on this silly card is running low, so I'll try to write again as soon as I find another computer. Coleen and I are both good and enjoying everything so far. I miss you all so much and love to everyone!

Love Bren and Coleen (who is sleeping right now.)

PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDYYYYYYY! *Sends out lots birthday love across the world*

Tuesday, May 11, 2004 -- 10:31 AM
Day 01

Holy crap, leaving for airport adventure in T minus two hours and thirty-two minutes! (Alright, I'll admit, this was simply a shameless excuse to make sure the blog posting was working. Next time I post we'll actually be in Europe. *Shifty eyes*