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Finishing up more stuff! Also, I hate printers. A lot.

I’ve spent the last two days designing and (attempting) to print wedding programs.  Knowing my luck when it comes to things like printers, I should have known that it wasn’t going to be smooth sailing — Dad and I spent all of last night fighting with the freaking machine (many expletives were thrown around), and we didn’t manage to actually get it working properly until late so when I finally hauled my ass home at 1:00 a.m. I’d only gotten half of them printed.  =_=;  I have no idea when I’m going to get the rest of them done.

Printing angst aside, I think they turned out well.  All I have to do is cut them all out and get busy folding these suckers.

Other pretty graphicy-type things: Stephan from Flashworks finished the design for our event graphic to go on the photo strips, and I’m really pleased with how they turned out.  He was really good about matching the design up to our invitations and colors.  Very pretty~

I received an email from the linen rental place today asking to confirm everything on our order for Saturday, and it’s a good thing I did because we were paying for a lot of extra chair covers and linens we didn’t need… Um, we only have 95 guests coming, I don’t think we require 135 chair covers.  o_O  Anyway, got that all fixed up and ready for pickup on Friday.

Went out to the Candy Bouquet in St. Albert yesterday and bought a $20 bag of sweet heart candies to put on each table for people to nibble on~  :3

Also, it was brought to my attention the other day that we should probably have some sort of music playing to fill the awkward void for the 2 – 3 minutes of gaping silence that will occur while we sign the register during the ceremony.  So after a quick look through my iTunes, I’ve now added an extra song to the ceremony list that will play during that part, “Heartbeats” by Jose Gonzalez.  (It’s the song from the happy Bravia bouncy ball commercial!  *Glee!*)

We also finally got to bring home my wedding dress!  X3  It’s hanging all pretty and sparkly at my parents house and is all “Wear me!  Please wear me!  Oh for gods sake, why aren’t you wearing me?!” Poor dress.  Don’t fret.  Your day is coming.  (IN FOUR DAYS!)

All right, this week we really get down to business.

I haven’t been able to post any of the stuff I wanted to post about for the last while because I have been so ridiculously busy!  And not even just with wedding-related stuff.  Stupid contract work!  Stupid job hunt!  *Glower*  Anyway, we’re down to the last week, people!  Let’s see what we’ve accomplished!

  • I’ve been trying to jot down notes lately for things I want to mention in our obligatory speech (though I’m sure it will be mostly me doing the talking.)  I’m both looking forward to and at the same time absolutely dreading this part — confident public speaker, I am most absurdly not. There’s definitely some things I’d like to say and people I’d like to thank though, so up to the podium I shall go…  >_<;
  • Mason’s dad very eagerly offered to create a short slideshow for us to view at the reception, so I spent a lot of time sorting through years of hilariously awful and embarrassing photos for him to include.  I’m excited to see some more photos of Mason from when he was younger, I’ve never really seen any~  :B
  • Mom and I ventured out to the dollar store a week or two ago and finally bought all of the stuff we needed to make centerpieces, and for a grand total of only $44~  *Economically affordable centerpieces are good centerpieces!*  *Thumbs up*  We decided on just a simple glass bowl for each table, filled with water and a thin layer of rocks and a flower floating on top.  (Okay, well actually it turned out when we tested the arrangement that flower doesn’t so much float as it does sink like a stone in the water… but we both thought it still looked really pretty so we’re going with it!  :3
  • Corsages and boutonnières have been ordered.  When we told the flower store clerk when we wanted them for she gave us this look like we were insane and was all “You want them for WHEN?” — we forgot that the wedding happens to be the same weekend as Mother’s Day, one of the busiest flower holidays of the year, so we were lucky that they even took our order at all.  ^^;
  • Mason and I went out and got our wedding license!  YAY, IT WILL ACTUALLY BE LEGAL!  \o/
  • Bridal shower last week!  Much awesome and love and hugs to all of my family and friends who managed to come out for it, and especially to wonderful sister and bridesmaids for organizing the evening~  <3
  • Mom and I spent last night arranging and wrapping our bouquets!  They turned out so pretty!  *Glee*
  • Have successfully secured 100 vials of bubbles to give out to guests during the ceremony in lieu of horrifying paper flower exploit of failure.  *Shame cloud*
  • Mason purchased the complimentary wine for the tables and we all immediately proceeded to spend an hour at the Huffman house scraping off sticky label residue.  Smelly and slimy work — but they will look fabulous in the end!
  • Claudia and I suddenly realized that we never discussed what flavor our 6″ cake tier would be, in which followed a back and forth email conversation where I realized I am very possibly the worst client a cake maker could ever dread of having.  I feel awful when I’m presented with all of these wonderful light springy flavors like lemon and curd and raspberries and jellies and instead I’m all “NO, IT MUST BE BLAND AND BORING!” because I’m crazy and far too picky and for some reason don’t eat foods that every other person in the world seems to love.  *Sweatdrop*  Mason and I ended up opting for a very untraditionally-Brenna-like flavor, but one that I think I may end up enjoying.  (Look, I’m breaking out of my bubble!  I have a whole foot outside!  Bubble FREEDOM!)
  • I finally got my act together and wrote up a very badly  need and finely detailed wedding day schedule, broken down into step-by-step 15 minute intervals in an effort to help keep my head from exploding when ever I’m confronted with trying to figure out when this and that is happening and where whatizname should be at what time and who’s in charge of dealing with what at whatever time it needs to be dealt with.  It will likely serve as a mini bible for me during this final week, and possibly keep me from killing someone accidentally.  :x

Just little things left to do over the next seven days, thankfully.  My life should be significantly less stressful now that 2.5/3 contract projects from hell have been put to bed, and I can finally focus all of my time to where it matters and that’s our WEDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGG! *Excited flail*

Seven more days, you say?

*Flex flex*  BRING IT.

A grand entrance deserves an equally grand song!

So the deal was that Mason was originally in charge of selecting our reception entrance music, but he insists that since he was the one who came up with our first dance song that he was passing the buck back to me to choose a song for our arrival at the reception.  *Rolls eyes*

So I’ve decided, what grander and more epic way to parade into the party than to do it to one of most epic musical compositions ever.  You may have heard of it.

Awesome?  YES.  Plus it will go so well with our cake toppers.

Also, we may or may not arrive all wearing appropriately themed paper masks.  ¬_¬

Crafts 1, Brenna 0.

I am not very crafty, I never really have been and this was proved last night when Nickie and I attempted to tackle making 100 pretty paper roses.  After a half hour of toiling, we had completed a grand total of… two.  And let me tell you, they were not pretty.

This is what they were supposed to look like:

But these were the deformed creations we ended up spawning forth:


There was a some heavy self-deprecating LOLing and I made the executive decision to abandon the idea of paper flowers.  I think this lesson has taught us that, when in doubt, stick with good ol’ tranditional bubbles.  Or maybe fake dollar store roses if I can find enough.  Either way, some times a craft project is just doomed for epic fail before it ever really begins.

On the upside, utilizing a few of the now useless 100 green chenille stems we had sitting around Nickie produced a rather rad pipe cleaner dinosaur, so it wasn’t a complete wash.  Rowr!

Final thoughts on photo locations.

I realized a week or so ago that I never did actually decide where we were going to have the bridal party photos done.  I should probably get on that, eh?  I know we’re going to do all of the family shots right at the Citadel down in the Lee Pavilion right after the ceremony, but then we have three hours of limo awesomeness — it probably won’t take three full hours to get photos done, but I figure we should probably get our money’s worth out of this fancy chauffer we hired so I’m thinking we have a couple of different shooting locations.

My original pick of where to get photos done was NAIT’s HP Center because I like the clean, modern feel of it, but after some thought I’m leaning more towards Commerce Place to be our principal location instead.  I found a couple of wedding photography samples from there and I’m digging the vibe — the whole checkered floor and dramatic lighting adds a bit more of an elegant, vintage vibe~

Example photos from Commerce Place!
More examples from Commerce Place!
Even more Commerce Place!

I’d still like to stop at the HP Center as well though, if only for the sole reason of getting in the shot of us in front of the giant floor-to-ceiling windows with the light streaming around usS’pretty! :B

I have no idea how long those two locations would take us to do.  If it ends up we still have more time afterward before we have to be at the reception then maybe we can stop at a Marble Slab, all reminiscenty of our first date~  Sentimental AND tasty!

Unfamiliar waters.

So I have my wedding hair and makeup consults both scheduled for this Saturday and I’ve been scrambling around trying to find pictures of styles I like, which is difficult considering I have hardly any experience or skill to speak of with either hair or makeup.

In regards to hair style, I know most people think birdcage veils looks best with up-do’s, but let’s be honest here.  I am fully aware that I do not have the most feminine face at times.  Depending on the angle I have a bit of a masculine look, which I experienced the brunt of when I used to wear my hair short all the time and in turn was repeatedly mistaken for a boy.  It was a big reason why I decided to grow my hair out in the first place.  I have no wish to look through our wedding photos afterward and be all “wow, I kinda look like a dude in some of these shots”.  *Epic sad face*  Man-face will clash with my pretty dress.  I WILL NOT ALLOW IT.

So with that in mind I’ve become pretty set on a half-up / half-down do.  I know I definately want my hair pulled back out of my face and out of the way, but I’d still like a bit of length to it either down the back or to the sides.  I’m also very fond of the idea of curls of some kind, because I think they’re cute and can add a bit of a vintagey look if done a certain way.

As for makeup, I really have no idea what I’m doing.  The fine nuance and details of makeup is lost on me — I pretty much separate all looks into two categories: natural and unnatural.  I know I’m not wild on the idea of me walking down the aisle with ruby red lips and super dark, dramatic eyes — that’s just not who I am, so I’m trying to stick to a natural look, but beyond that one rule I’m buggered.  Just so I don’t look like a complete dweeb when I show up to my makeup consult, I did a half-assed Google search for natural makeup looks and found a couple that I can show her to prove that “Yes, look!  I did my homework!  I sort of (but not really) know what I’m talking about!”

Seriously, I have no idea.  Just make me look pretty, okay?

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