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Joker & Harley test run.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 -- 7:07 pm
Mood: 07 Fangirly

In an effort to get in some much-needed Joker-drawing practice for a project I'm very slowly gearing up to start on, this is what I've spent most of my time on over the past few days:

Aside from a few random headshot scribbles -- and one earlier art attempt that went all BLAH and will probably forever remain unfinished -- this is my first stab at any sort of Batman fan art. It actually turned out more or less like I wanted it to, which is a pleasant change from the way art usually pans out for me. It took me way longer to draw than usual, because I'm all sort of fail when it comes to drawing interacting characters and objects, so this was actually drawn in three separate pieces: first the parlor chair, then one for J, then finally Harley. This is not the first time I've been thankful to own my own light table.

Since I've finally accepted the fact that I never get around to ever coloring anything *shame*, I've put out a couple requests for someone to ink and color it for me, so hopefully I get some responses from that right away and can get it prettied up~ :B

Weekendy reflections.

Monday, April 27, 2009 -- 11:42 pm
Mood: 03 There are not enough hours in the day. Must go to bed now.

Monday always arrives way too fast. I didn't get to do nearly enough napping on the weekend, and I nearly fell asleep at my desk at work today again. =_=; I need to start taking a break half way through the day and go for a walk or something, because this is becoming an alarming mid-afternoon trend.

On Friday I went on a hot girly movie date to see 17 Again with Nickie and Swoo, and it was surprisingly entertaining (extra points for teenage heart throb Zac Efron looking plenty fine in a button up~) Ten extra points to the ridiculously hilarious nerdism-filled love of Guy I Forget The Name Of and Closeted Geeky Principal Lady.

I also finally got my fabulously pretty Coach purse (knock off obviously, but still extremely pretty) repaired~ The cheapy leather straps were tearing off so I took them down to the mall to get them repaired/reinforced, and the man behind the counter seemed offended that I'd bought a fake designer bag and had the gall to want it repaired. He went so far as to try to convince me that the $20 he was charging me wasn't worth it. WTF. D:< Dude, I just gave you money! Shut your mouth and do your job! *Scowl* *Hugs pretty purse* I watched Disney's Earth on Sunday! You can download the BBC version of the film already, and the only difference is the narration -- which as opposed to James Earl Jones, this one is done by sexy Patrick Stewart! Captain Picard makes everything better! (Yes that's right, I like my men old and English and who have boldly gone where no one has gone before~) The movie had some sad parts in it, but was mostly filled with adorable animals and a scene or two with some baby polar bears that Sarah Woo will probably have a massive heart attack from the sheer amount of cuteness. We also now have copies of every major Disney animated film *hearts* and the first season of Batman Beyond which I'm very excited to watch because besides the Return of the Joker movie, I've only seen one or two episodes of it.

Hahahaha, I'm working my way through a Zhao fan comic by legit Avatar storyboard artist, rufftoon. (Alternate universe: Zhao was spared by the ocean spirit at the end of the first season, loses his memories, and is taken in by the Northern Water Tribe. Hilarious Zhao facial expressions and general awesomeness ensues.) If you're an Admiral Zhao nut or just an Avatar art fan you should check it out.

I've been sort of... kind of... toying with the idea of starting a fan comic project of my own -- only obviously not nearly as amazingly detailed or shaded or awesome as rufftoon. T-T I'm too lazy to write the oodles of fanfiction that pile up and lay around doing backstrokes in my head, but it would be nice to at least get bits of the stories on paper of some medium. It's really intimidating though because of the sheer size of a project like that... I don't really have the piles of free time I'd need. And I have zero experience with comic layout and backgrounds and type. And that's a lot of freaking drawing... :x Knowing me it very well may never even be started let alone finished. Though I'm serious enough about the idea that I've at least randomly found myself instinctively going into fandomy research mode and jotting down notes and mapping out key scenes during my morning commute. We'll have to see if anything comes of it.

Mother eff. The lady living above us is vacuuming again. She vacuumes at the weirdest times of the night, last week she was up pushing that thing around at 1:30 in the morning. I've narrowed it down to either crazy double work shift mother, or deranged OCD psychopath. *Suspicious*

Gherkin is a funny word.

Wednesday, March 9, 2005 -- 1:35 pm
Mood: Upbeat

It makes me laugh, like when some one looks you straight in the eyes and says "banana." Apparently a gherkin a small, prickly cucumber that you pickle. There's also something called a "sea gherkin" which I'm taking the liberty of assuming is the same thing as a "sea cucumber" and that probably lives in a reef under water, and would be a prime character some day for an appearance in Spongebob or something, wearing a funny hat and making lewd innuendo jokes about being shaped like a cucumber. Anyway, that aside. . .

I've been scheduled for two more supervisor shifts of doooOOOooom at work; one today and one next week. I have a sneaking, paranoid suspicion that they're trying to secretly train me for Customer Service full-time and thus I must work extra hard to thwart them and prove that I should not be in CS. *Starts chasing customers around the store and beating them with empty water bottles that they try to return* I will exchange words with Carolina today and pray that she doesn't smite me with her eye lasers.

I went and saw The Princess Bride last night with Chelle, Amanda, and Lance. It wasn't anything dazzling, but it was pretty much what I expected from a high school theatre production, so with that in mind it was up to par. Weasley broke his broom-handle sword in half during his first duel, the castle banner was hung upside-down, and the Rodent of Unusual Size was a lion. . .but they had all the good lines and the "r" retarded priest, so I enjoyed myself.

On Monday morning I nearly put my plastic Jesus through the window in boiling rage. I was writing for the first time in months with a new idea that plowed me over and I trying to get it all down in words, and I was so excited, and I was saving and saving and saving after paragraph. And then I saved a last time, and then I quit AppleWorks, and when I opened it up again -- ALL GONE!!! Every fucking word except for the first line, THE WHOLE FUCKING PAGE AND A HALF. . .DISAPPEARED! DELETED! A page and a half is a big deal for me, because it takes me so freaking long to write anything, and when I have good ideas I have to get them down the moment I think of them or else I completely forget about them in two seconds. We have no idea what the hell happened, because I did everything right, I SAVED IT. I SAVED IT OVER AND OVER AND IT WAS DELETED! I don't remember the last time I've been that upset. I started crying, I was so angry -- and my dad doesn't understand and he's asking why I'm so upset and that's making me angrier. AAAARRRRGGGGGRRRRRHHHHHAAAAAHHHHH! So I spent fifteen minutes moping before I finally went back to computer and tried typing out what I'd lost all over again, and I know I'm missing stuff from it because I can't remember it. That pisses me off so freaking much. Fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck FUCK. Moving on. . .

Samurai Champloo episode 22 -- what the hell was that? @_o Zombies and space meteors and body-generating wasabi. . . Out of all the crack induced episodes to come out of this series, this was like KING OF CRACK. I'm sure one or more the Champloo writers on staff overdosed and died working on this episode. Craaaaaazy~ And despite what Lance says, I stand firm that Naruto 124 remains awesome and only more awesome-a-nized the drunk Rock Lee fight in every way. The animation was kicked up a nice notch too. And Gaara's back again to fuck Kimmi up and save everyone's ass. Shwa ha ha ha ha~

The cover art for Harry Potter book 6 is out. The adult version has a picture of a ratty, time worn copy of "Advanced Potions Making," which happies me, because potions = Snape = Snape angst = Brenna love. (If they trick me and end up killing Severus off, I'm going after J.K. Rowling and beating her with a shovel.)

FanFiction.net is a WHORE.

Sunday, October 24, 2004 -- 9:58 am
Mood: Full of wrath

Don't get me wrong, I mean there's no denying it, if you're a fanfiction writer or avid reader, it's the place to go (if you have the patience to wade through the ankle deep pile of bad writing and sewage that comes with it of course to get to the actual good ones, that is.) But seriously, this whole "buckling down" thing FF.net is going all Nazi with is starting to seriously try my patience. Things were fine when I first registered -- now I upload something new a year later and they've established so many new rules and restrictions on every single aspect that it's sick.

The whole no more NC-17 thing last year -- fine. Whatever. There's AdultFanFiction.net for that, and it's dandy. But the thing that annoys me is the fact that while they removed the NC-17 stuff but still graciously allowed R ratings, showing that they're fine supporting those, but at the same time they're so freaking prejudiced against them! Story searches are automatically listed in only the G - PG13 categories, you have to actually select "all ratings" to include the R ones in the list and anyone not tech savvy isn't even going to realize that, so that's a huge percentage of readership knocked down for you already. And now they have the new popular C2 groups ("like a favorite stories list on steroids",) but R ratings aren't allowed to even be linked to in them. So there's another drop in readership, because all the ways that authors are able to use FF.net to get their work spread around are locked out to any of the more adult-themed and insome cases with stuff I've read, extreamly amazing stories! I don't GET IT. The whole rating fiasco aside, the rules with story formatting and uploading has gotten to the point of being just rediculous -- no author's notes; no author's contact email; no characters like * @ < or > which ninety percent of authors including me use in story formatting and paragraph seperation, you can't even use tags like < pre > for extra line breaks -- two line breaks, that's all they allow now, and sometimes they even remove THOSE; no uploading "two-liners" (which I've found can be incredibly interesting short scribbles); no uploading anthing "scrypt-style" or "chat client-style" (which even though I don't personally read, doesn't mean they should be forced off); you can't even change font size. WHAT THE FUCK? It just makes me so angry the way they're restricting the concept of free creativity in writing.

< End wrath >

Okay, so that needed to be expressed and now it's done. I'm in class again this morning, again doing nothing, because the zip disc I brought with stuff to work on from home doesn't bloody work with the drives here, and they won't allow students to use FTP, so I have to wait until noon until Chelle comes for her class and drops off my stuff on a different disk. *Disgruntled* Before all the sitting around I've done in the past two days in this class, I don't remember the last time I've spent so much time reading fanfiction. (Hense sparkage of sudden rage above.)

Anyway, break time. I actually brought healthy food today. HUZZUH! *Bathes cucumbers in awesome, cleansing, holy light*


Tuesday, September 14, 2004 -- 1:39 pm
Mood: Hiding from productive time management.

I'm posting for no other particular reason than killing time before I stop procrastinating and force myself to resume work on my writing. My brain has been setting up large, intimidating road blocks piled with bricks and cement in my head lately. Creative output is not high right now. Everyone says that you should keep writing even if what's coming out sucks though, and worry about fixing it later. Blah.

Whoop whoop, got our biannual review at work on Sunday they gave me another fifty cent raise. Up to the big $10.00 dollar now, that's double digits and THAT'S exciting. I've been avoiding the subject like a plague of locuts among coworkers though because apparently the tiny boss man was extra stingy and gave very few people raises this time around, and the last thing I need is for angry mobs of cashiers to come down flaming my ass about why I got one and they didn't. BUGGER ALL TO YOU, SUCKERS. More money for my room, la la la.

Speaking of which, my dad is displaying less enthusiasm about bedroom paint then he properly should be, especially since this upcoming Sunday is IKEA day when I pick up my new furniture and it only makes sense to have the paint before then. *After breakfast* "Are we going to get paint for my bedroom?" "No," *Working on the computer* "How you feeling about that paint now?" "No," *Preparing lunch* "While we're up and about, how about some paint?" "No," *Yelling through the bathroom door* "I don't know about you, BUT I SURE COULD USE SOME PAINT." "NO," *Pastes a yellow sticky post-it note on his forehead* "PAAAAAINT?" "Go away. . ."

I just found out that my uncle is dating Brad Anderson's mom. That's bordering on the side of weird with a serving of awkward. He's a guy that I went to school with, not really on good or bad terms, but never hung out with at all. If this goes on, Brad could suddenly start showing up at Christmas tree decorating night and Boxing Day dinner. If my uncle married his mom, we'd be. . .cousins. . .once removed. . .or something. Weird.

I guess I should go back to my writing. . . *Shifty eyes*

No, wait! Quizzes will take up more time!

How to make a Beans
1 part mercy
3 parts silliness
1 part energy
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of sadness

That's it, I've run out of things to waste time with.

Bacon Bites. They’re like licorice Nibs . . . except bacon.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004 -- 2:29 am
Mood: Yay! Writers block is starting to go away! I should be writing, not blogging!

Haven't posted in a while, one third due to my internet being a whore over the past week and randomly melting down on my ass when ever it pleases; one third being because I'm lazy; and the last third because my eye is twitching right now and is driving me insane, and I actually can't remember what the real final reason was. So ignore that last one third of a fraction. I would try to spin a pun involving fractions and math at this point but I don't remember anything from Math30 Pure. I hereby appoint this task to Brock.

The new opening theme for FMA, "Rewrite", is awesome. It's like . . . FREEZE FRAME! Head bob-age. GROOVE. Yeeee~~~~aah.

We had an Alien and Predator -athon for Chris's birthday on Saturday. That's all three Alien movies -- because according to the angry mob that are my friends, "Resurrection" doesn't count -- and two Predator movies. Put them together and they ultimately combine to form the Brenna Doomsday Device decked out in scary monster costumes. I used to be a horror nut back in the day, but then the Gremlins movies ate my soul, and now I'm very much not. But I watched them anyway, because I'm stupid. Alien was all right, I felt good; after Predator I was still going strong; Aliens left me in not so fine shape; then Predator 2 punched me in the fucking face. By the time we were about to finally stick in the third Alien installment, I whipped the blanket off my head and firmly declared that enough was enough and that I was going home for fear that the final movie would send me into another Gremlins relapse where I refuse to sleep in a room alone or walk around my house without every single light on for a full week. So I drove home ALONE, in the DARK, swearing at myself for being so STUPID, then RAN into my house and stayed up watching two hours of Sailor Moon before I decided I could go to sleep.

I've been invited to the Alien vs. Predator movie. Call me crazy, but I don't think I'm going to go.

In other news, I'm very sad that the fansubbing group, Spoon, seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet without little as a word and have forced me to finally pick up where they left off and begin watching SS and Sonchou fansubs of Full Metal Alchemist. I don't like having to switch subs mid-series, and Sonchou quality is not Spoon quality. Emphasis on the sadness.

And god damnit, they killed off Kimbley. I cried, I raged, I was very close to writing angry letters. At this time, I wish to take a moment to fondly remember Kimbley, in all of his gleeful bomb crazy glory. Even so close to death he looks so happy. ♥ That aside, this is really becoming an alarming trend in FMA; first Hughes, then Greed, now Kimbley. . . Eventually they're going to continue smoking off characters until they kill off every single living person on the face of the Earth except for Ed, Al, and Roy; and Ed and Roy are just going to stand there glowering at each other and Ed going to be like, "I hate you," and Roy will be like, "I hate you," and Al's going to have no choice but to just sit there on a little dune of sand brooding about how he got stuck with the two most gloomy, angry, and bitter people on the planet. He'll probably wish somebody had killed him off too.