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In which I heroically foil an attempted burglary and save the day.

Sunday, May 18, 2014 -- 11:38 pm

Sort of.  A little bit. . .  Not really.

Soooo. . . there was an almost-incident at work this week which began as a simple (but admittedly understandable) misconception and ended with me accidentally calling the police on our janitor. . .

I was working the evening shift with my assistant manager, and after we closed and were getting our coats from the staff room we noticed through the window a rather creeperific man leaning against one of the trees outside in the dark.  Hood drawn up, face obscured, hands thrust in pockets, skulking in the shadows -- legit grounds for anyone to get the heebie jeebies.  We commented to each other that we were glad to have one another to walk out to our cars with, and proceeded to spend the next five minutes comparing the invaluable tips our father's had taught us growing up on how to hold your car keys between the knuckles of the hand in order to best utilize them as deadly, eye-gouging weapons in an emergency.

The man outside didn't move or say anything to us as we left, and we both climbed into our cars without incident.  My assistant manager was first to drive off, and just as I was pulling out of the parking lot myself, in my rearview mirror I noticed Creeper Guy detach himself from the trees and beeline towards the door we'd just left from.

"You sneaky bastard!" I'm thinking, automatically assuming that he's checking to see if we locked the doors (because why be just a creepy dude who lurks in the dark when you could be a creepy dude who lurks in the dark and wants to steal stuff from your friendly neighbourhood library.  Jerk.)

I watch for the inevitable moment when he'll try in vain to yank on the door handle and realize he's been thwarted -- and so I was understandingly baffled when he instead walked right up to the door, pulled it open, and strolled on in.

Shit.  I look towards the road, but my assistant manager's car has already disappeared.  Shit.  I listen for the ringing of the security alarm that should be blaring out by now, but there's nothing.  Shit.  Maybe I'm just crazy and I'm seeing things and he actually just disappeared behind the garbage dumpster. . .?  But no, moments later I clearly glimpse someone moving around through the window.  Shit.

So I proceeded to turn my car back around and park a safe distance away that I felt was appropriately inconspicuous but also offered a clear observational view of the door and windows (because that's what they do in the movies,) and after searching in vain through my phone and realizing I didn't have the numbers for my manager or anyone I worked with, I finally went ahead and phoned 911.

As I remained on the phone with the dispatch controller, a police car arrived within a couple of minutes and an officer checked the windows and door.  A completely uneventful minute passed and then I eventually saw Creeper Guy come to the door (after he no doubt curiously noted the police car parked outside and cop trolling around the windows,) and the moment he opened the door was the same moment I noticed the trash bag in his hand and subsequently also the same moment I suddenly realized:

After the police and 911 dispatch confirmed he was indeed the janitor, I slunk in and apologized profusely to both him and the officers for the mistake.  Everyone was really good about it all, but I still felt like a bit of an idiot.

Moral of the story?  Sometimes a creepy dude lurking in the dark is really just an innocent dude lurking in the dark waiting to go in and do his job.

(Though in my defence, STILL CREEPY, amirite?  I mean, seriously, if you're going to skulk in the shadows, at least take a moment to raise an amicable hand and throw out a "wut up" for the two skittish librarians leaving for the night. . .  You know, to avoid misunderstandings.  Innocent and completely justified misunderstandings.  BECAUSE THEY HAPPEN.)


Shiny April is shiny.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 -- 11:58 pm


The past week, and today specifically, has been extra awesome:

  • I finished my last exam today, officially marking the successful end of my first year of school!  AWESOME.
  • I received my rocking new retro Batman tee from ThinkGeek today in the mail!  AWESOME.
  • I'm going to the dentist on Thursday to have a root canal done!  AWESOME.  Not awesome.  Not awesome at all.  }:[  (But don't worry, the next two items make up for any dentist-related lack of awesomeness.)
  • I got an email from Grant MacEwan saying that I'm being awarded a $1,000 scholarship for academic excellence!  AWESOME FREE MONEY IS AWESOME.
  • I also received a call from my hometown library where I currently work as a page -- and recently applied for a higher-level temp position as a library assistant -- and I got the job!  ABSOLUTELY.  100%.  AWESOME.

I realize this post has an obnoxious over abundance of all-caps, but I am of the opinion that the caps are justified in this case (except, obviously, in the instance of the root canal.)  I am also aware that for anyone reading this, the word "awesome" has most likely lost all semblance of meaning -- for that, I apologize.  I do not, however, apologize or feel shame at all for the ridiculous and incredibly undignified happy dance I'm performing in my chair right now.

Shine on, April.  Shine on.

A brief interlude.

Monday, December 19, 2011 -- 11:18 pm

Oh, my poor, poor neglected blog.  What has full-time schooling done to you?

No fear though, I have successfully survived my first semester!  Bring on the Christmas holidays, coo coo ca choo~  I'll try to give my blog a little more love during my two weeks off, maybe post some more book reviews -- but for now, here's the entirety of what little you've missed of my life for November and December:

  • Exams are finished!  Grades are in!  I finished my classes with three A+'s and one A so far (though we haven't officially received our final grade for English, but based on my prior assignment marks and the final exam, I'm going to go ahead and assume I'll end up with an A for that class as well.)  I'm looking forward to the start of second semester with its early morning classes (leaving more time to spare in the afternoons and evenings) and having one less class in my course load; I opted to drop a class in both second and third semester, in favor of taking them during the summer and hopefully lessening my stress over the next two terms.  *Crosses fingers*
  • I'm a mere hairs-breadth away from finishing my Christmas shopping!  This is an improvement over last year, considering I only began my shopping two days ago; however, once again my procrastination when it comes to ordering gifts online has left me fretting if any of them will even arrive before the 25th...  =_=;
  • My temporary four month page position at SAPL has been extended to a permanent one!  Hallelujah!  It's still only one day a week, but it'll be on Thursdays instead of Saturdays which will free up my weekends nicely to breath a little and keep up with homework.  Besides, a tiny one-day-a-week library position looks better on a resume than no library position at all.
  • After exercising a considerable amount of will power for the last two months, I've finally broken open my copy of Batman: Arkham City!  *Gibbers excitedly with fangirlish glee*  So far, the sequel is just as much fun as its predecessor -- though I hate the new take on Harley, and for whatever reason I'm feeling much more inept this time around when it comes to executing all of the different button combinations...  There has been a frustrating increase in accidentally falling off roofs when I'm trying to ground pound goons, and inadvertently exposing myself headlong into enemy fire when I'm trying to sneak around all ninja stealthy-like.  I'm a sorry excuse for a gamer, but it's Batman and so I shall persevere.  *DETERMINED FACE*

Oh yeah, and obviously I'm back from our cruise!  I kind of forgot to get around to writing up a whole vacation recap post in the midst of looming project deadlines and exam havoc.  Rest assured though that the vacation was very awesome, despite this Carnival ship being especially rocky for whatever reason -- we heard someone say that the Carnival Dream didn't have "stabilizers" or whatever the crazy boat magic is that's supposed to keep the ship from pitching back and forth wildly under your feet in crazy 16 foot swells.  So a slightly dizzying trip, yes, but still awesome.

Did I mention that we swam with sea turtles?   WILD SEA TURTLES.  They swam up for air right next to you!  If not for the strict rule we were given beforehand of "no touching, no hugging, no licking" (no lie)  of the wild life, I could have kissed those sea turtles right on the nose -- that's how close they came!  So amazing~


Beware the Creeper.

Thursday, August 25, 2011 -- 11:16 pm

(Yes, that is also the title of a Batman Animated episode, but trust me, it's especially fitting for this particular post.)

Sleaze-tastic day at The Job today, entirely due to one particularly annoying and somewhat creepy guy who comes in with the trucks and unloads them in the back of the store (termed a "swamper" apparently, I have no idea why.)

I originally met this guy a couple of weeks ago when I working out on the floor; he looks about forty or so and he just randomly walked up to me and began chatting me up.  It started out as simply a little weird and very soon became irritating as he continued to repeatedly and purposefully track me down in the store through out the day.  A co-worker in one of the departments I was working in that day had been keeping her eye on him and reported to me later in the day that he'd approached her and asked her to say "hi" to me for him.  o_O  Ick.  Just... no.

But whatever.  The day ended, he left the store, all was good.  I made sure to mention the stalker-ish actions of said Creeper to one of my managers (we shall refer to him as Manager #1, as we have an absurd amount of managers in the store at once at any given time) that day so he was aware of it, but figured that was the end of it.

Except today I was asked to help out back in the warehouse to scan in stock, and low and behold an hour or two into the morning I hear this voice and turn around and there he is.  The Creeper.  As he exclaims a surprised and happy hello as he recognizes me, I in turn walk out of the warehouse and track down Manager #1 where he's out on the store floor and poke him:

"Manager #1!  That guy that just came into the warehouse, THAT'S THE GUY."  D:

Manager #1 grimaces in sympathy, advises me to ignore him, and gives me the green light to tell Creeper to fuck off if necessary and I'm all damn straight. \o/  As we're talking though, Manager #2 comes up and is all "?" so I explain how the sleazy truck guy has a crush on me and won't leave me alone, and upon hearing this, Manager #2 squares his great big fatherly shoulders, turns on his heel and stomps off towards the warehouse purposefully. But I'm all "Nooooooooooo... *flail flail*" because while this guy is totally annoying he's yet to say or do anything actually inappropriate, and I don't necessarily want to get him in shit and feel even more uncomfortable around him for the rest of the day than I already did, so I chase him down and ask him to leave it be.  (In hindsight, I completely should have let Manager #2 rail on him.)

So I proceed to carry on with my scanning work, and all the while through out the day Creeper is working with the warehouse guys unloading the truck a dozen feet away and consistently popping his head around the makeshift wall of boxes erected between our areas to keep up a steady stream of chatter to me.

"So what are you're hobbies, Brenna?"

"What shows do you watch, Brenna?"

"What do you think of this music, Brenna?"

"They must have given you Employee of the Year award, eh Brenna?"

"Here, let me help clean up those boxes, Brenna."

I'm reaching a point where I'd very much like to tell him to shut the hell up, but because I am far too polite for my own good at times, I ignore him for the most part and try to appease him with my taciturn contributions to this one-sided conversation he's carrying on.  He actually goes as far as to ask me if I'd like to go to McDonalds with him when he leaves for lunch.  (Needless to say I favored the sandwich waiting for me upstairs in our dingy work breakroom to his invitation.  I also purposely timed my half-hour lunch to directly coincide when he returned from his lunch to make an entire blissful hour of No Creeper Time.)

During the afternoon though he apparently decided to raise his creepy flirtation bar though.

"So are you a student, Brenna?  Are you going to school?"


"What are you taking?"

"Library Technology."

"Ooh, librarian, eh?  I don't really see you as a librarian --" (Wait for it... the line crossing officially... starts...) "You're face, maybe, with the glasses; but your body is too smoking hot to be a librarian."  (... NOW.)

I can't tell you why I didn't speak up at that point, I know I should have.  A part of it, I think, was that I was a little nervous what would happen if I did tell him to shut his mouth.  Let's face it, I don't know this guy from Joe Bob Dandy and I didn't want to have to feel like I had to ask for an escort out to my car at the end of the day.  To be honest I think I was mostly too embarrassed and angry to even speak.  There was a definite skin crawling sensation and I remember very clearly thinking at that moment that I wish I'd taken Mason up on his offer of getting a bunch of his tradesmen buddies together to kick this asshole's teeth in.  But in any event, I did nothing, just turned away very pointedly and continued on with my work as he stood there grinning moronically at me overtop the (not high enough!) wall of boxes, mostly likely waiting for a reaction I wasn't giving him.

A bit later Creeper is back to try again and returns to a line of topic conversation he'd pried out of me earlier in the day when he'd asked if I lived in the city and I'd replied yes and with a very emphasized "WE" thrown in with my answer to hopefully imply to him that I was not single and not looking and he was welcome to bugger the hell off any time now -- he puts on that stupid, obnoxious smirk and is all:

"So that 'we' that you mentioned earlier, you're with someone?"

"Yes. I'm married."

"Oh and does he know about me? Did you tell him all about me?"

"Yes, I told him there was some guy at work who keeps --"

"Oggling you?"  *Eyebrow waggle now accompanies motherfucking stupid grin WANT TO PUNCH HIM IN HIS STUPID SMIRKING FACE*

That is the point something snapped in my so far previously impassive front and I basically dropped the box of merchandise I was holding and looked him right in the face and wanted to scream at him "FUCK THE FUCK OFF, YOU MOTHERFUCKING FUCKER" -- but really I could never say that because unfortunately I'm a giant wimp -- but I did instead say "Can you GO AWAY?" which admittedly lacks the extra oomph that the string of expletives would have delivered, but still, bully for me I think and in any event it seemed to do the trick.  He looked startled and sort of backed away and that was the last I heard from him for the remainder of the afternoon.

I passed Manager #1 as I was heading upstairs to clock out at the end of my shift and told him how I'd had to finally tell the guy to screw off and Manager in question promised that he'd be making a phone call to Creeper McCreepinstein's employer tomorrow morning.

This is the first time I've experienced any sort of male harassment like this.  In my time I've gotten the odd catcall aimed towards me a couple of times as I walk down the street, but if I have to be perfectly honest those have never bothered me at all.  This was different.  This guy made me uncomfortable, and more over he made me angry.  I hate that he was so thick he couldn't take a hint from my stony reception towards him that he should back off.  I hate that he for some reason felt it was acceptable to say those sorts of inappropriate -- and frankly douchebaggery -- remarks to me, especially while present in front of other co-workers.  I hate that the two warehouse guys in question who were there knew that I didn't like the guy, because I had told them I didn't like him, and yet they never bothered to step in and quietly pull him aside to tell him to lay off.  I hate that this guy made me wish that a manager was present hovering over my shoulder all the time to chaperone for me.  I hate how, even despite how he finally backed off after I'd yelled at him, I still kept looking over my shoulder as I walked across the parking lot to go home.

Mostly I hate that I didn't stand up for myself and tell him to stop sooner.

And mostly I hate that I didn't kick him right in the balls, because he deserved it.  Talk about empowering.

What the flippin’ flip is going on?

Friday, August 19, 2011 -- 7:26 pm

Yesterday I got a call to come in for an interview at the Edmonton Public Library on Monday.

And today I received a call to come in for an interview at the NorQuest College Library.

Okay, AWESOME, yes; but seriously, WTF world?  I've been applying for every single page job I've seen for almost the last two years and I've never even once heard back from anyone, and all of a sudden in a period of two weeks I'm apparently in hot demand by everyone.   It's crazy.  Did someone mail out promotional flyers on my behalf or something?

*Excited! ...but bewildered.*  o_O

This calls for celebratory Swiss Chalet!

Monday, August 15, 2011 -- 10:29 pm

Today was officially my last volunteer shift at the library... because I just got hired on as SAPL's newest part-time library page! HURRAH HURRAH HURRAH!  *Does her ecstatic happy dance*

That whole thing before where I said how it was a super part-time position with only eight hours a week?  Well revise that, it's actually a very super part-time position.  Due to some complications with my schooling (it was a little touch and go for a few hours today on whether I'd be able to take the job at all) and the shifts that they need to fill, instead of twice a week as originally planned I'll only be going in once a week -- but still four hours is 100% more paid library work than I was doing before, right?  I'LL TAKE IT I'LL TAKE IT!  *Claws desperately at the air like a foaming cat flailing for a stuffed fish on a string.*  Those four hours may make all the difference between being hired for additional library jobs in the future or facing another two years of agonizing rejection at the hands of spiteful human resource personnel.  *Shakes her fist at HR minions as they cackle malevolently down in their dark, cavernous office pit and proceed to disregard her resumes and applications and use them to stoke their evil fires of pithy judgmental scorn.*  D:{

Just goes to show that enough perseverance always prevails.  And if that doesn't work, it never hurts to slip the person in charge a discreet, unmarked manilla envelope under the table.  (I'm joking, obviously.  Or AM I? No really, I am.  ORLY? *Shifty eyes*)