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A perfect, geektastic Sunday.

Sunday, July 3, 2011 -- 3:29 pm

A friend on Facebook posted this morning that Sunday mornings should always consist of tea and video games; in my case, however, I prefer to take my lazy Sunday mornings with a good helping of chocolate and a giant stack of Batman comics.

I just finished reading Batman: Long Shadows, and while I haven't actually gotten the chance to read the precursor events that lead up to it after R.I.P. and during Final Crisis (still trying to get my hands on a copy of these ones!), I've patched together a somewhat muddled grasp of the whole Batman-is-all-dead plot and what went down.  Even not having read the material leading up to Long Shadows, it was still so good!  And sad!

For the love of god, WILL SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ALFRED A HUG?  D:}  Watching Alfred Pennyworth mourn for the loss of Bruce Wayne is like having all of the happiness in the world shrivel up, blacken, and die.  *Sobs hysterically*  For anyone who is a West Wing fan, you know how your heart feels like it's been ripped out of your chest when you watch Donna get the news that Josh has been shot?  That gut wrenching feeling when Jed hears that Mrs. Landingham has died?  Or when you watch Buffy, how your heart flutters all sad and painful any time you see Willow crying?  It's like that.

He's so sad!  I just want to reach into the pages and hug the stuffing out of him until there's no more bad to possibly squeeze out anymore!  ;_;

As for another of the Batman graphic novels I've read this week, Lovers and Madmen is also a fantastic Batman story, though less in the heart wrenching, soul crushing sort of way and much more in the insane sociopath with a gun way.  L&M is another different take on the Joker's origin story, and it's awesome.  The writing is top notch and the art style fits the story perfectly.  I personally sort of like my Joker background-story-less because the ambiguity is part of what makes him interesting, but canon or not, this version of things fits him to a T.

Two five-star Batman tales in one week!  EPIC GEEK WIN.

Four posts in one month? NO WAY!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008 -- 12:32 pm
Mood: 11 Sleepy. Wishing I was still in bed. *Sad*


I really should have gone home two episodes of West Wing earlier last night. *Cries a little at the thought of her bed at home so very empty and calling to her*

Welcome to my blog, version...uh...4.1? Version WordPress! Version Awesome! After working for weeks on the contract project I had to learn WordPress for I found myself wishing for a simple, sleek, and oh-so-extra-customizable install of my own. So goodbye to Blogger, and here we are after two or three days of relatively painless transferring of all my posts and comments and templates. It's like going from snowy cold Alberta to sunny tropical Hawaii. *Glee*

I'm thinking of getting a newspaper subscription, probably the Edmonton Sun because the Journal is stupidly sized and awkward to read. I miss sitting down in the morning before work and flipping through the paper while munching on (insert ridiculously non-breakfast food here) -- even if I only read the few articles that interest me, being able to glance at the headlines every morning keeps me relatively up to date and informed on what's going on in the world around me. I suppose I could watch the news each night, but that's long and arduous, and I don't fancy sitting through the silly sports segment. The only potential flaw to my brilliant plan is if the delivery person will be able to get into my building or not; and if and when they do, if some nasty neighbor will steal my morning paper. *Looks accusingly at other building tenants* Yes, cucumber lady, that includes you.

We're starting into the third and current season of Avatar, so soon I'll be all caught up! (Aang has HAIR! Zutara is...um...trying to be a prostitot?) I'm enjoying this series to a remarkable extent and it's bringing out the sad, lost little fangirl in me that hasn't had any fandoms to squee over in a while. I'm having some ongoing debates on the Facebook discussion threads about the great Kataang vs. Zutara question, and I'm fairly certain that Zutara shippers everywhere will prevail and earn gloating rights before the season is out. On a related note, Mako, the guy who plays Iroh, totally guest starred on an episode of West Wing! This little Asian man was waiting outside the Oval Office and the first time he speaks I'm like "DUDE, he sounds like Mako," and then a second later his name floats by on the credits. Muh ha ha.

Yay for Theatresports this Friday~! It's one of those shows I love but don't go to hardly enough (I think mostly because it's on Whyte Ave and that's a long and doomy drive, and also every time we go it ends up being freezing cold outside. I guess it's the price you pay for improv comedy...plus obviously the $10.00 at the door. Bastards!)

An Open Letter to the Jerks Who Manufactured the West Wing Season 7 DVD Set:

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 -- 9:44 am
Mood: 08 Disappointed, crest-fallen, and cursing the heavens.

(Warner Home Video, I'm looking in your direction.)

You suck. Or more specifically, your special features suck. Ergo it's all your fault. One lousy featurette? One? And it's about The Debate? You missed the most important long-awaited in-depth tell-all documentary about the Josh-Donna love adventure! It's not like you didn't have time to make one, it was seven freaking years in the making! SEVEN YEEEEEAAAAARS! *Raises fists to sky and denounces the almighty whatever from high atop the thing*

You couldn't even afford us the diginity of a series wrap-up featurette of some kind. Not even one single teeny tiny easter egg. *Sniff*

You dropped the ball. It was in your greedy little corporate hands and you fumbled and dropped it like a greased monkey and it exploded into greasy little bits all over the game field. I would write an indignant letter only I don't know where to send it to. And it would probably include a dead puppy.


An update of the February variety.

Thursday, February 7, 2008 -- 11:10 am
Mood: 09 Killing time

I finally got my West Wing series DVDs delivered! YAY! I've lost a little bit of faith in Amazon after all the trouble I went through to get them, but I blame it more on the incompetent customer service person on the phone rather than the company itself. *Hugs her long-awaited seven seasons of the Bartlett administration*

My poor beta fish is in a state of doomy sick turmoil. I realized on Sunday when I was feeding her that her tail appeared noticeably shorter than usual, almost like it had been ripped or torn, but careful inspection of the gravel in the tank showed no evidence of any falling off. I did some frantic Googling and found out that C.J. has a disease called fin rot, in which the fins and tail start to deteriorate and can be lost entirely and kill the fish. D: I went out after work the next day and bought some antibiotics for her, so hopefully we start to see some regrowth pretty soon. *Stares sadly into tank and nurses Claudia Jean back to health* ;_;

So after careful consideration and some general playing around, WordPress = Awesome. I've spent the last week learning my way through the tagging and templating process and the CMS system, and on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a firm exploding bunny with half a rainbow. Blogger, eat your heart out. After I'm done this contract work I think I may make the switch over~

Speaking of joy that is probably not as exciting for anyone as it is for me, progress is actually being made in our apartment! Mason has been absolutely splendid and handy-man-ish and over the last month we've gotten the bathroom painted, doors installed, light fixtures changed, pictures hung; and when I came home the other day he had even completely cleaned out the chaos that was our computer room! XD *so much love and cuddles for sweet boyfriend*

We have also discovered the television series awesomeness that is Avatar: The Last Airbender. Mason downloaded the entire first season and we watch a couple episodes before bed each night. It's one of those shows that you don't really have much hope for when you first hear about it, but then you're pleasantly surprised and soon enthralled by the quality after watching a couple episodes~ The art style is kind of American anime-ish, the animation is great, and the dialogue is really where Avatar shines. They have some funny damn writers on that staff, fresh and clever. There's a few characters that you just can't help but love too. Color me addicted. :D

EDIT: OMG, I just found out that Admiral Zhao is actually voiced by Jason Isaacs! Jason. Freaking. Isaacs. Okay, see, now I understand why Makani gets all fluttery and fangirlish.

The best thing since Sex and the City on HBO…

Saturday, January 19, 2008 -- 8:43 pm
Mood: 06 Gleeful

...is Sex and the City on my computer. I bought a copy of EyeTV Hybrid for my iMac and now I pretty much have the equivalent of TiVo on my computer! I can watch, record, pause, and rewind live tv all while I Facebook and blog! La la la la~ *Doing her little computer cable television dance of happiness*

Hey I just found out that my postal code isn't what I thought it was. I've been living in this apartment since September and it turns out I've been living a LIE. And now I have to go through all my billing and change my information all over again. *shakes fist at sky* On a possibly related note, I hope this isn't the reason my West Wing series boxset from Amazon is very very late to arrive... I'd rather like to blame Amazon entirely for my lack of WW, not myself, which would make me feel like quite the twat. ¬_¬

A happy Brenna-glomp-filled birthday to my Mason! *hearts*

Another Christmas gone by~

Wednesday, December 26, 2007 -- 10:52 am
Mood: 03 Exhausted

Whew. It's over. I mean, I love Christmas, I really do; it's just getting to be much more stressful than it is exciting more of the time these days, what with all the running around beforehand to get things done and then the running around on the day of to random family's houses and gift exchanges and dinners. >_<; Playing Cranium with my Mom's side of the family last night was too funny though, I should post videos on YouTube but I think my Mother may disown me. I got OS X Leopard! And Magnificent Seven! And lots of books! And...for some reason lots of Monopoly...? o_O As for post Christmas frivolous purchases, I've already ordered the entire series of West Wing off Amazon, I'm going to tack on Guild Wars expansions Eye of the North and Factions onto my account, and sometime when I get back from Hawaii (OMG 2 DAYS!!!) I'm going to take back the second copy of Leopard I got and exchange it for iTV~! *Squeee!*

I think I need to emphasize again about how excited for Hawaii I am. *FLAIL FLAIL FLAIL* I am most definitely going to sleep the night before this time though...

Countdown until Hawaii: OMG 2 days! XD