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Here’s to the old and the new, and everything to come.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 -- 12:04 am

As much as I loved the ol' Boston Legal design, the beige-on-brown text and background color scheme has always been rough on my eyes for some reason and routinely gave me headaches if I was reading for any extent of time.  :P  So what better excuse to spruce up the site and usher in a new pretty blog theme?  And what better theme to center this one around than my obsession of reading!  \o/

(Excuse me while I go all web developer geek on you all now.)

This layout was an interesting lesson in incorporating all sorts of fun new behind-the-scenes tricks that made it a bit of a horror to code.  For example, it was my first time dabbling in both CSS rounded corners and drop shadows!  How could I have never used these two things before?!  Very cool.  No transparent PNG's to mess with for layout this time around, folks.  What made it a small nightmare at times during the build though was all of the layering and positioning of everything that I overlooked during the designing process.  What looked so straightforward in Photoshop made for lots of frustrated flailing and teeth gnashing when it came to putting it all together.  Usually my templates are very block-centric and this layout broke all of my usual rules with content and sidebars and headers and footers all running into each other and mashing together.  :x

Yes, I'm aware that I've utilized some CSS3 and HTML5 elements that aren't fully supported on all browsers yet -- and who knows to God what this poor blog looks like in Internet Explorer -- but one of the neat perks about working on web design for yourself is that HEY, YOU DON'T HAVE TO CARE.  Yes, there are a few padding issues in various browsers that I'll try to eventually look at, but as far as IE goes I actually hope the entire blog is a hideous, unreadable mess of toxic proportions -- because maybe if everyone actually stopped bothering to coddle that horrible browser and its shit web standard practices, maybe it would finally WITHER and DIE and NEVER BE USED AGAIN!  :)

No, seriously.  If you're using Internet Explorer right now as you're reading this, please go download a new and better browser.  Like Google Chrome.  Everything looks good on Chrome.

(End geek-out.)

So anyway, always a yay for new layouts~  This makes six now, so I've almost managed to have a new for one each year.  Sometimes I don't really realize that I've been writing in this blog for over seven years -- jeeze, since high school.  That's a lot of years worth of memories and thoughts and events and emotions all preserved in one little online journal.  Every now and then I go and re-read entries from the very beginning; it's kind of like flipping through a photo album (only with many more lame internet memes and obnoxious teenage ramblings) and I realize how important this blog actually is to me.  It's like a constantly ongoing and ever expanding time capsual keepsake~  :3  Some people scrapbook their lives.  I blog.

This blog post is simply a prelude to eating cake.

Monday, January 31, 2011 -- 11:02 pm
Mood: 07 Mmmm... cake...

Tonight was my first St. Albert Library volunteer shift upstairs shelving magazines. I know that sounds really very "big deal, so what", but it was very exciting. When you've previously spent all your time working on the main floor sorting paperbacks and DVDs the second floor feels like a significant promotion for some reason. (It's where all the big boy books live! First the hardcovers... THEN THE WORLD, MUH HA HA HA! Yeah, I don't know.) I also spoke to the volunteer coordinator regarding if there were any job openings coming down the pipeline, and apparently they may have a casual page position opening up some time soon that current volunteers will get first crack at. The hours wouldn't even really qualify as part-time, but it's still the most positive news I've received yet in my job hunt and getting in just a couple of paid hours here and there would at least put me in the running finally for when a more substantial position opens up.

This past week I've been doing some pro bono work designing a site for a LAN party startup company Mason and I are helping out with, and it's the first time I've actually enjoyed doing web design in almost two years. This is probably directly related to the fact that: a) I have 100% free reign over the whole thing and am not dealing with frustrating clients, and b) the design is centered around one particularly rad velociraptor motif. Everyone knows it's a proven fact that raptors make everything more awesome!

Other than that, I've been spending a lot of time arranging appointments for wedding related to-do's and passing any spare moment anxiously awaiting more RSVPs to come in. It's taking an excruciatingly slow time. Everyone should have received their invite by now! Why do I only have 54 replies so far? T-T Let's go, people! Don't you know there are very important seating charts to be mapped out?!

Finally, since it's become increasingly clear that my chances of scoring an entry-level library job without a proper education is not very high, I may or may not be applying back to school this fall for the Library and Information Technology program. At the very least it's been taken under serious consideration and I'm planning on attending another information session at Grant MacEwan later this month to ask some questions and smooth out some details. It's kind of exciting but also very daunting at the same time... :x More info on that once I know more.

And now... to eat cake.

New layout! Smarmy men in smarmy suits!

Saturday, February 21, 2009 -- 12:31 pm
Mood: 07 Pleased

It's about damn time. Don't get me wrong, I adore both chocolate and Buddha in all of their respective splendors, but the design was getting a little old.

I decided to go with a Boston Legal theme for version 5.0, more specifically Alan Shore because he's wonderful in that sort of arrogant prick sort of way that always seduces me terribly on television. The colors and layout was originally inspired by a BL avatar I found *points below*. Like all design projects I set out on it didn't turn out anything like I originally planned it to, but overall I'm rather pleased with it. It was fun to get back into a web project of my own for a change~ :B I haven't had one of those staying-up-until-3am creative nights in a really long time. I know offhand of a couple tiny layout bugs that I have yet to work out, ignore them for the time being and they'll go away eventually.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I can't promise the new layout will look mostly good, a little good, or even half decent in Internet Explorer 6. Because I DON'T CARE. The only way to purge the web of the EPIC FAIL that is IE6 is to stop designing for it. If you have IE6, for the love of everything holy, if you won't change web browsers completely then at least update to IE7. *Waves a little Firefox flag*

A week of not the most awesome.

Monday, June 18, 2007 -- 10:40 pm
Mood: 14 Restless

I am sad to announce that I am a little on the unemployed side right now. Last Friday I was laid off from my job downtown, so I'm starting into my second week of depressing jobless-ness. I am also starting into my angst-filled second week of trying to get my new web portfolio to work in Internet Explorer, which I think we all know by now should really just be classified as a wasted effort. =_=; In any event, I'm adamantly chasing a job that I really want, and have wanted for quite a long time now, and am very slowly going into my second week of crazy because I still don't know if I'm being hired or not.

Hopefully none of the above will painfully bleed into a third week. We're keeping our fingers crossed. *so much sadness*

Last week Amanda and I had a splendid girly movie night filled with chocolate cake and squealfully cute Audrey Hepburn movies. I'd never seen any Hepburn movies and have since decided that both Breakfast at Tiffany's and Roman Holiday are both freaking adorable. I have also since decided that people need to start saying "darling!" with the Audrey accent because it just makes everything that much better~

Camping is coming up this weekend! I get to use my shiny new tent! More distractions from depressing job hunting! YAY!

And the first peak at the upcoming Clone Wars series in CG. Grievous! *glee* Asajj! *glee, but to a lesser extent because she's not as cool* Did I mention again, Grievous! *much more glee*

*Has an inkling to draw more fan art now but has no time because of angsty IE portfolio problems* DAMN YOU, BILL GATES! *throws sharks with eye lasers at you*

But hey, look, on the upside of it all I finally have a suitable reason to use the Toby avatar. Oh Toby, we *heart* you.

Countdown until Harry Potter book seven: OMG, only 32 days!

Kind of like the universal toosie roll pop question, but WAY more philosophical.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007 -- 9:58 pm
Mood: 02 Enlightened

Obviously this is primarily because of the chocolate.

So YEAH, wtf, totally a new blog layout because as much as I adore the good General to pieces, he was getting a bit old and I wanted something fresh and springy and a little insane. (The whole Buddha chocolate thing was the obvious choice.) I'm still working out a few kinks with the new template but I don't think there's anything that'll seriously hinder the actual blogging-ness so we're all good.

Look look omg I'm actually using Blogger's commenting system! Haloscan, kiss my bum.

All right, bed now, actual posting tomorrow hopefully.

“Beauty often seduces us on the road to truth.””And triteness kicks us in the nads.”

Sunday, February 4, 2007 -- 3:58 pm
Mood: 12 Pending implosion-y

I'm not even going to try to upstage my sister in her excitement for the July 21st release announcement for Harry Potter 7, Deathly Hallows, because to do so would mean writing in size 20, bold, capslock font, with abounding exclamation points, and maybe the odd animated gif of exploding stars and hearts. Which would make my blog cry, and in the end wouldn't really even convey the actual level of excitement that courses through my veins like chocolate infused with crack cocaine. All I can say is that I am very excited, and by comparison, I don't believe any of my friends are nearly excited enough. (There was a disappointing lack of squealing from Daniel at the news. I mean, wtf, man? WTF? *cries*) There will be a countdown, mark your ass. Starting. . .now.

I've been watching glorious gobs of House M.D. lately. I'm currently watching my way through the season one DVD box set and Hugh Laurie has very quickly nestled himself a little nook of his own in the twisted, insane little part of my heart reserved for angry, bitter, lovable male characters that I go gaga over. It hasn't helped any when I found out that the spot-on American accent is completely fake and that Mr. Laurie is actually sexy British~ He's like an adorable Simon Cowell with a limp. :B

Lawl. Yay for breaking out in random choreographed dance routines.

I need to make a new blog layout. :P This one is more than a year old and is in need of a face lift. The trouble is, when you do web design everyday from 9 - 4, five days a week, the last thing you're really in the mood to do when you get home is more web design. =_= Maybe I'll do some layout sketches tonight. . .while watching more House. . . ¬_¬

Countdown until Harry Potter book seven: 166 days!

Curses! I've already used my Snape avatar already! Good thing I have a spare!