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It’s true, Toby really is a boy!

Monday, July 21, 2008 -- 10:50 am
Mood: 14 Monday sluggishness.

Compared to Spook, who apparently is in fact also a boy and not a girl as we all originally thought. LOL, poor Spook, him her him...she's he's having such a gender identity crisis.

Toby had his first checkup on Friday at the vet and was given a perfectly clean bill of health. He behaved so well during the appointment too, he didn't freak out or squirm with the doctor at all. I was so proud of him~ ^^

He's become so comfortable at home, I can pet him now and he doesn't get skittish. The litter box training is moving along still, I find that when he's left in his cage over night he actually goes in the box, but as soon as you let him out he leaves a little trail of bunny poops where ever he goes, but we're making progress. I think I may add the second litter box out in his playpen, since he doesn't seem to want to bother going back in the cage to do it. I can't wait until I can start giving him treats, it may help move the training along. Plus the image of him munching on a piece of carrot or a slice of apple is squeefully adorable~

Toby's also very affectionate it seems. Every time I've gone into the pen lately and sat with him, he gets all happy and starts licking my pants, my arm, and then tries to sneak around behind me and lick my back. It tickles and is so very cute, but I get a little tense when he does it because occasionally he accidentally gets his teeth in there and ends up nipping. It's very sweet though. He's a very attentive groomer.

I forgot to mention in my last post because of obvious new bunny excitement, but we renovated our kitchen last weekend! YAAAAAY! :D New countertops, new cabinets, new pantry, and this weekend we finished it off with some fresh paint. My kitchen is officially nice and shiny now~ La la la la. Mason and his dad are renovation machines. *Glomps her wonderful Mason*

Okay, I just watched the teaser trailer for the Twilight movie and it was so full of LOLz cheese, I just can't handle it anymore. I have to suck it up and read this book and see if it really is as much of a wreck as I'm told. *Gmail pings* Oh goody, big sister to the rescue with a copy of the Twilight ebook. I look forward to hilarity.