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Fighting the good fight.

Thursday, September 12, 2013 -- 12:11 am

Update: I still hate tea.  But while Operation Tasty Tea failed utterly and horribly, I like to think I emerged from this experiment a better person.  At the very least, I now have a cupboard full of various fancy teas that I will probably never drink, as well as a small but very beloved assortment of library- and owl-themed tea mugs that I both love but have nothing to do with.  (No, you can't have my adorable owl mug.  What if I wake up tomorrow and suddenly crave tea?  It could happen.  DON'T TOUCH MY MUG.  *Hides away on the high shelf*)

It's okay though.  Who needs tea?  Stereotypes be damned, I will usher in a glorious new era of the 1% white milk-drinking librarian.  All of the tiny children will know me as the cool librarian who gives out stickers and advocates for strong bones (. . .or possibly diabetes, depending on whether I'm craving cherry koolaid that day.)

In other much more disturbing news, I've officially discovered how slugs have been getting their way into our house, and it is entirely 100% the fault of our dog.  Ezreal goes out to pee in the backyard and she's bringing slimy stowaways back inside with her.  In her fur.  Into the house.  And then proceeds to leave on the kitchen floor and basement carpet.  D:}  I literally just picked one off her ten minutes ago.  I HAVE HORRIFIC PHOTO EVIDENCE.

The puppy was in league with the enemy all along.

"OmgEW" does not even begin to describe it.  Slugs are a special brand of gross that soap and water and extra strength corrosive bleach just can't wash off your hands or your soul.  We now conduct mandatory in-depth slug checks every time Ezreal comes in from being outside at night or after it's rained.  If this persists too long I may be driven to bathing the puppy in beer and rolling her in salt to effectively create a bouncing, barking slug doomsday destroyer.  "Get them before they get you," and all that.  I'm not typically a genocide-loving individual -- except when things that are covered in slime cross the demilitarized buffer zone that is my door stoop.

Operation Tasty Tea

Saturday, April 6, 2013 -- 6:07 pm

Today I set a new personal goal for myself: over the next three weeks, I'm going to learn to like tea.

"But Brenna, you don't like tea," you're saying.  That is correct, I don't.  I hate tea.  Tea is gross.  Tea tastes like hot, dirty-flavored water. :P

I really, really want to like it though.  I've always wished I liked tea; in addition to it being one classic librarian stereotype that I've always longed to embrace, and while the taste itself has never pleased me, the concept of tea is appealing.  I'll be all curled up on my sofa on cold day, under a fuzzy blanket with a purring cat on my lap and a book in hand, and I'll reflect about how my perfectly cozy set up just lacks a badly needed cup of hot tea to be complete.  Logical?  Pfft, of course not.  Attainable?  Fuck yeah.

If other former-wannabe-turned-success-story tea enthusiasts on the internet are to believed (yeah, that's right, I researched how to learn to like tea -- this be serious shit, son) if you force yourself to try something you don't like every day for three weeks, your taste buds will adapt and start to like it.  So that's what I'm going to do for the next 21 days.  It'll be like a case of Stockholm syndrom, but with tea!  (If I could have this same drive and determination to learn to like vegetables as I do tea, I would be a much healthier person.)

So with a plan of attack in mind, I went out this afternoon with Husband and together we  assembled an arsenal of different tea flavors and sweeteners to start me off on.  Right now I'm simply focused on trying to identify which combination of tea and sweetener is the least repellant to my infamous picky eating tastes.


  • variety pack of herbal fruit tea
  • vanilla chai
  • chocolate hazelnut, a flavored dessert tea
  • Earl Grey tea and strawberry tea (already kept in the house for guests)
  • sugar
  • french vanilla creamer
  • regular milk
  • honey

Set up:

For my first foray into tea experimentation, I chose a raspberry herbal tea.  After boiling water, I made a single cup full and allowed the tea bag to steep for only two minutes (the interwebs advised against steeping too long for novice tea drinkers, so as to avoid overly bitter results.)  This cup of tea was then split into four additional cups: one to sweeten with sugar, one with milk, one with flavored creme, one with honey, and the last unsweetened to serve as a control (MythBusters style!)


Let me begin by admitting that, despite the well-intentioned advice of the internet, I don't think I steeped the tea for nearly long enough.  The plain tea tasted like barely-flavored hot water.  Ew.  As far as sweeteners though, while sugar and honey both improved the taste (the honey slightly moreso than the sugar,) the french vanilla creamer was the clear winner.  It came the closet thing to resembling heaven in a mug -- relatively speaking of course, since the mug in question is filled with what tastes like muggy swamp water.

The creamer also came out on top when we repeated the same set up with Husband's mug of freshly brewed vanilla chai tea (also, it smelled omigosh amaaazing~!  Like Christmas in a cup!)  To be honest, I think we actually put in too much of the creamer and made the tea too sweet -- but it was at least sip-able, and that's something.

So in conclusion, day one of Operation Tasty Tea is off to a satisfying start.  (At the very least, I'm excited to finally have a reason to use my two wonderful library mugs that have been sitting sadly in my cupboard gather dust for the last couple of years.)  I've taken the first step on the road of no longer being a tea-snubbing pariah!  Mark my words, three weeks from now I will emerge from this experiment a whole new person!  Okay, well. . . maybe the same person. . . but one WHO LIKES DRINKING TEA.

*Determined face*

In which I am determined to blog at least once before the end of June.

Saturday, June 30, 2012 -- 10:58 pm

Never in the entire nine years I've had this blog have I ever gone two whole months without updating until now.  Disgusting!  Shameful!  I entirely blame my lack of blogging these last two months on my severe under-estimation of the amount of time I would have to commit to my two online summer classes.  It's like I never even took a summer break from my full-time schooling.  Only these two particular classes haven't been library-related at all and have been the MOST BORING COURSES EVER.  And these textbooks. . . THEY JUST KEEP GOING.  D:}

Thankfully I just finished up the English 211 final exam (of which involved some Epic Fail that I prefer to pretend never happened) so I just have to tough out the rest of my Organizational Behaviour class until the end of July.  DID I MENTION THE DISTRESSINGLY MIND NUMBING AND NEVER ENDING TEXTBOOK READINGS?

/end bitching and moaning

I don't have a lot of new news, since it's been so long since I last posted anything and any news that was shiny and new to begin with is now old and stale.

The exception to this, of course, is the exciting decision Husband and I made this past month of buying a puppy~  A miniature schnauzer puppy, to be precise.  We've both always been interested in the miniature schnauzer breed, and we've been contemplating doing the puppy thing for a while, so after some careful sleuthing we finally put a deposit down on a newborn female schnauzer puppy from a breeder up near Drayton Valley.  *Glee!*  She was born two weeks ago, she's white and black, and is adorable.  (Okay, admittedly she looks less like a cute puppy in this photo and more like a furry sausage.  I'll make sure to post a more endearing and puppy-looking photo at the three or four week mark.)

Needless to say, we're both very excited and any moment when I haven't been doing homework I've been reading puppy books and making notes and writing lists of all the things we have to purchase/fix/discuss/decide/prepare/learn/etc in the six remaining weeks until we can bring her home~

Also, in case you hadn't heard, this happened.  (Sure, the Calgary Expo may have been months ago and considered old news -- but the great Sir Patrick Stewart himself IS NEVER OLD NEWS.)  *Nerdgasm*

Buying a new dishwasher and barbecue? One AMEX and six Sears gift cards.
Eating a finely cooked steak off a clean plate? Priceless.

Saturday, July 2, 2011 -- 9:00 pm

Today we went out and spent a lot of money.  Thankfully, the money in question was almost entirely on a pile of handy dandy gift cards so that went a significant way in lessening the financial impact.  Shiny new purchases are always more shiny when they're free~

So yes, after a very long overdue wait, we are finally the owners of a new dishwasher (or will be once it arrives in Edmonton in the next four to seven days) and with it the tantilizing prospect of actually cleaning dishes.  What a concept.  Currently we're forced to painstakenly pre-scrub all of our dishes before loading them into the old machine in order for them to come out half decently clean, in which we then sort through and re-wash the ones that still aren't clean all over a second time, a routine that is agonizingly redundant three times over.

In addition, we also purchased a badly needed new barbecue, as the one we have right now has pretty much stopped cooking food entirely, so if you wanted a steak you better have liked it pretty rare.  This one's all shiny and steel and chrome and apparently firey-death free so I look forward to many summer evening suppers of delicious meaty goodness.

Last night we celebrated Canada Day at a Capitals baseball game at Telus Field.  This was my first ever baseball game, and if I'm being completely honest, watching baseball in person is almost as mind numbingly boring as watching it on television.  Please note that this is not to say that I didn't love hanging out with my friends yesterday, eating copious amounts of tasty stadium fries and ice cream and singing Journey songs at the top of our lungs -- that part was awesome and we really need to try and get us all together like that more often, I just wasn't crazy about the whole staring at a bunch of guys throwing and hitting a ball back and forth thing.  I'd rather we go to a field somewhere and actually play a fun game of baseball or soccer among ourselves, rather than be stuck in a plastic chair for three hours watching the game play out before me.  The fireworks afterwards, however, were fantastic!  You put on a good show last night, Edmonton.  :D  Happy day-after Canada Day, everyone!

Assume the dead squirrel position.

Sunday, June 12, 2011 -- 10:36 pm

Awesome news!

It's my day off tomorrow!  *Hand flail*  Sorry to everyone who felt like that piece of awesome news was anti-climactic, but for me it really is very exciting after working for six days, especially when today was all sorts of annoying at The Job.  *Vexed Brenna is vexed.*  Mason and I went out to dinner at Bonanza though when I got home from work and all of the tasty food in my belly was a fabulous cure for all of that horrible vexation.

So yes, Mondays are my free day so tomorrow I'm going to lay around my house in my pjs like a bum for the morning before heading off in the afternoon to a) volunteer at the library!, and b) go to yoga!  WHAAAAAT, you're saying?  Brenna is willingly engaging in a class that involves physical exercise?  It is my newest attempt at trying to steer myself away from an untimely end at the hands of diabetes, heart disease, or other gruesome fates people meet when they aren't active enough.  :P  I realize that yoga isn't on the same level at all as going to the gym five days a week or playing sports, but give me a little credit here at least.

I'm actually enjoying the experience though, I find yoga so far to be very relaxing (though surprisingly sweaty.)  Because my right wrist will forever be a tad gimpy from when I broke it this past winter I can't always do all of the positions where weight is put on the hands unfortunately, but the instructors have given me some good workarounds for those instances.  I'm determined to continue going to classes twice a week for at least the two months my Groupon deal entitles me to, and then after that it will depend on my money situation.  I even bought a yoga mat~!  It is pink and has flowers and now I won't have to use the sweaty second-hand rental mats, plus carrying it will make me look hardcore.

Oh god, our house is so dirty.  So so dirty.  >_<  Another result of being employed again, the dishes in the sink tend to pile up... for like, an entire week.  (Also on the to-do list tomorrow, before volunteering and yoga, though perhaps after laying around in pjs.)  We have officially run out of all plates, utensils, and appropriately sized tupperware.  We are horrible slobs.  When I scrounge around in the mountainous pile of dishes capsizing over in our sink for a half-decently clean fork to eat with, I can even feel the cat staring at me shamefully.

Shiny new bag of holding adds +10 to awesomeness!

Sunday, April 17, 2011 -- 3:19 pm

My Miche Bag arrived today!  XD  (I never expected the delivery man to arrive on a Sunday, but he must have known how excited I was for my package and made a special trip out on his day off just for me, what a guy.  That's service for you.)

I love my new pretty purse(s)!  It's just a tad larger than the purse I carry now, so it easily holds all of my stuff plus a book (or two) and I could probably even fit a laptop in if I needed to.  And it's so simple to change the skin on!  It's like "hey, I think I'd like to use my brown purse today, NO PROBLEM!" *Unclasp!  Pull off first skin!  Slip on second skin!  Clasp!  BAM BAM BAM!  Done!*

Never again will I have to dump the entire contents of my purse out to transfer it all over to a different bag!  Gone are the dark days!  I have evolved to a new state of superior pursedom! *Bright shimmery light falls down on Brenna and her purse from on high*

In other news, during a girly hanging out evening at Nickie's last night, we embarked on a hilariously fail-filled attempt at making paper flowers for the wedding ceremony.  The results were not exactly what I envisioned, and served to prove that I am not very adept at anything crafty.  =_=;  Also, OMG ONLY 20 DAYS TO GO!