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Fighting the good fight.

Thursday, September 12, 2013 -- 12:11 am

Update: I still hate tea.  But while Operation Tasty Tea failed utterly and horribly, I like to think I emerged from this experiment a better person.  At the very least, I now have a cupboard full of various fancy teas that I will probably never drink, as well as a small but very beloved assortment of library- and owl-themed tea mugs that I both love but have nothing to do with.  (No, you can't have my adorable owl mug.  What if I wake up tomorrow and suddenly crave tea?  It could happen.  DON'T TOUCH MY MUG.  *Hides away on the high shelf*)

It's okay though.  Who needs tea?  Stereotypes be damned, I will usher in a glorious new era of the 1% white milk-drinking librarian.  All of the tiny children will know me as the cool librarian who gives out stickers and advocates for strong bones (. . .or possibly diabetes, depending on whether I'm craving cherry koolaid that day.)

In other much more disturbing news, I've officially discovered how slugs have been getting their way into our house, and it is entirely 100% the fault of our dog.  Ezreal goes out to pee in the backyard and she's bringing slimy stowaways back inside with her.  In her fur.  Into the house.  And then proceeds to leave on the kitchen floor and basement carpet.  D:}  I literally just picked one off her ten minutes ago.  I HAVE HORRIFIC PHOTO EVIDENCE.

The puppy was in league with the enemy all along.

"OmgEW" does not even begin to describe it.  Slugs are a special brand of gross that soap and water and extra strength corrosive bleach just can't wash off your hands or your soul.  We now conduct mandatory in-depth slug checks every time Ezreal comes in from being outside at night or after it's rained.  If this persists too long I may be driven to bathing the puppy in beer and rolling her in salt to effectively create a bouncing, barking slug doomsday destroyer.  "Get them before they get you," and all that.  I'm not typically a genocide-loving individual -- except when things that are covered in slime cross the demilitarized buffer zone that is my door stoop.

Don’t move or make a sound or I will shoot you in the face.

Friday, September 21, 2012 -- 1:37 am

The puppy is sleeping.  More importantly, she is not barking.

This has been the first evening in almost a week that I've put her in her crate and left the room without her screaming like someone's torturing her with a knife or blunt object.

Wait!  Back this train the fuck up!  So yeah, we have a little miniature schnauzer puppy now: Ezreal (the Prodigal Explorer.)  We've had her for over a month, and she's adorable.


She's grown quite a lot since these pictures -- practically double in size, and her hair has grown somewhat long and bedraggled-looking like a hobo (we're going for our first grooming appointment tomorrow.)  I should really take some more photos of her, but it never occurs to me to keep the camera on hand until after the perfect Kodak moment has already passed.  *Staples camera to her forehead*  (My head, not the puppy's.  Pft, what kind of twisted monster do you take me for?)

But yes, we are absolutely in love with 99.9% of the puppy, the lacking 0.1% on account of the tiny matter of her barking a wee bit quite often all the fracking time.  Okay, no, that's not fair.  When she's in the same room as you she actually hardly barks at all and is quite pleasant.  It's when you take a step out of the room for even just a minute and she can't follow you that she stops everything she's doing and is all "WTF WHERE ARE YOU GOING DON'T LEAVE ME I LOVE YOU OH SWEET GOD WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?" and then proceeds to go a little apeshit.  I used to think one of the most annoying sounds on the planet was the agonizingly annoying wails of a human baby crying, but I've now developed a healthy respect for the ear-splitting and mind numbing screech of a distressed three month old puppy.

We've tried all the tricks from the dog forums: putting music on when we're not at home, saving special treats and toys specifically for when we leave the house, gradually moving further and further out of the room; they all work brilliantly the first half dozen times we try them and then she adapts to our sneaky ploys like the Borg and proceeds to shatter our eardrums with her high-pitched, shrill little puppy barks and howls for the next forty-five straight minutes.


Don't read into this blog post the wrong way.  We adore Ezreal, seriously.  I feel bad that I procrastinated so long to finally write this introductory puppy post, and now it's coming off very puppy-rant-filled instead of full of gushy puppy-owning love, but we've had her long enough now that almost everyone who reads this blog has already met her anyway and knows how sweet she is and how impossible it is to not explode with rainbows and sunshine when you see her, so give me a break when I say that despite how much I love her, there are times through out the day when I sometimes want to stuff a sock in her mouth and wrap her muzzle in duct tape.  (Because if MythBusters has taught me anything, it's that duct tape is FUCKING MAGICAL.)  But obviously I don't do this, because I love our puppy, and I fear a giant strapping Humane Society officer named Bertha knocking on our door one morning and serving me a court order.

And so in lieu of socks and duct tape we will be good puppy parents and continue to do the only thing left to us, which seems to be crossing our fingers and praying that this is just a "puppy thing" and that eventually she'll grow out of it, or maybe bark so much that her voice box will finally shrivel up and collapse from overuse.

But until then, if anyone wakes the puppy up right now and destroys this rare moment of blissful peace and quiet, don't take it the wrong way when I go and stab you in the face with something sharp.

In which I am determined to blog at least once before the end of June.

Saturday, June 30, 2012 -- 10:58 pm

Never in the entire nine years I've had this blog have I ever gone two whole months without updating until now.  Disgusting!  Shameful!  I entirely blame my lack of blogging these last two months on my severe under-estimation of the amount of time I would have to commit to my two online summer classes.  It's like I never even took a summer break from my full-time schooling.  Only these two particular classes haven't been library-related at all and have been the MOST BORING COURSES EVER.  And these textbooks. . . THEY JUST KEEP GOING.  D:}

Thankfully I just finished up the English 211 final exam (of which involved some Epic Fail that I prefer to pretend never happened) so I just have to tough out the rest of my Organizational Behaviour class until the end of July.  DID I MENTION THE DISTRESSINGLY MIND NUMBING AND NEVER ENDING TEXTBOOK READINGS?

/end bitching and moaning

I don't have a lot of new news, since it's been so long since I last posted anything and any news that was shiny and new to begin with is now old and stale.

The exception to this, of course, is the exciting decision Husband and I made this past month of buying a puppy~  A miniature schnauzer puppy, to be precise.  We've both always been interested in the miniature schnauzer breed, and we've been contemplating doing the puppy thing for a while, so after some careful sleuthing we finally put a deposit down on a newborn female schnauzer puppy from a breeder up near Drayton Valley.  *Glee!*  She was born two weeks ago, she's white and black, and is adorable.  (Okay, admittedly she looks less like a cute puppy in this photo and more like a furry sausage.  I'll make sure to post a more endearing and puppy-looking photo at the three or four week mark.)

Needless to say, we're both very excited and any moment when I haven't been doing homework I've been reading puppy books and making notes and writing lists of all the things we have to purchase/fix/discuss/decide/prepare/learn/etc in the six remaining weeks until we can bring her home~

Also, in case you hadn't heard, this happened.  (Sure, the Calgary Expo may have been months ago and considered old news -- but the great Sir Patrick Stewart himself IS NEVER OLD NEWS.)  *Nerdgasm*

An emotional day.

Sunday, September 27, 2009 -- 4:52 pm
Mood: 11 Sad, disappointed, feeling like a failure.

This morning we made the very difficult decision to return Buddha to the shelter. :c It was a decision that neither Mason or I took lightly and were very torn about, but in the end decided it was best for both us and the dog.

Over the last week and a half, Buddha's behavior was becoming progressively worse each day and the more we tried to train him. He seemed to have some separation anxiety so he'd follow us every where we went, even if one of us just got up off the sofa and went across the room. He freaked out every time we'd leave the room or bar him from a certain part of the house for any reason, especially when we put him to bed in his crate for the night. He began chewing and destroying things while we were gone for the day and he was alone in the basement, which presented a significant problem because neither of us wanted to be forced to crate him during the nights as well as for the 8+ hours we were away at work.

He had also begun growling, barking, and acting a bit aggressively to get attention or when he was begging for table scraps. It wasn't outright hostility -- he wasn't baring his teeth or lunging but the growling still made me really nervous. He also snapped at Mason one night when we put him in a time-out for growling too much. Not to mention the way Buddha reacted when he saw wild rabbits outside during our walks made it fairly guaranteed that he never would have been able to be trusted for a moment around Toby's gated door.

The biggest issue was that Buddha was simply too active. He was going-going-going all the time. We took him for a walk or two a day, played with him constantly inside, and let him out in the backyard and nothing could tire him out. Neither Mason or I are extraordinarily active -- we enjoy computers and video games and movies. We just don't have the lifestyle or hobbies to have given him the proper care or exercise he needed. In the long run both us and the puppy would have ended up unhappy with the situation.

Mason and I talked about it late last week and decided to think about it over the weekend, but we both decided today that we just weren't the right home for him. It was really hard to bring him back. I cried in the car. He's already back up on the Humane Society website and I hope he gets adopted into the right family that can give him what he needs. We've concluded that it turns out neither of us are dog people, as much as we both tried and wanted to be, and donated all of Buddha's toys and belongings to the shelter as well. No more dogs for us.

We may try a more mellow sort of pet in the future (maybe a cat?) that's suited to our life, but nothing has been decided yet. All my love to Buddha, and I hope he finds his forever home.


Friday, September 18, 2009 -- 1:53 pm
Mood: 06 Puppified!

May I introduce the newest member of our household... BUDDHA!


Okay, so he's not really a puppy so much as a 2-year-old Beagle Cardigan Welsh Corgi cross, but he's only 25lbs so he kind of has that small dog perma-puppy look. He's adorable~ After a week of puppy hunting and many almost triumphs-turned-disappointments, we went down to the Edmonton Humane Society on Wednesday to actually look at a 4 month old black lab -- only the little lab had just been adopted barely a half hour before we arrived. Dejected and once again disappointed, we wandered through the other kennels and unexpectedly fell absolutely in love with this little guy (previously named Burt. I think Buddha fits him much better.)

He was apparently adopted once before us but was returned after less than a week because he was apparently too energetic and hyper. o_O We haven't noticed anything like that, at least not like collie-active, he seems pretty average on dog scale of activeness. He's surprisingly well behaved (just found dog borrowing through bathroom garbage pail, came around the corner with my old toothbrush in his mouth. Sigh.) too considering he has no training with basic commands yet -- he's housetrained already and doesn't bark often or chew on your slippers or anything. He's a little too large to be a lap dog, but boy does he try. He likes to cuddle with us on the couch. Buddha's very friendly with people but gets a little spaztastic around other dogs.

I have yet to introduce him to the smell of the bunny, so for now Toby's door is remaining closed. We're going to wait until the dog settles into the house and we really learn his personality and then we'll slowly start introducing the scent of the bunny to him. As for Toby himself, he was a little "WTF" the first time I came into his room covered in dog smell, but his twitchiness has mellowed considerably and he seems to be carrying on with life as usual.

With him being part beagle we're going to be extra careful with the training to ignore the rabbit, though to be completely honest we can't see where the beagle is in him. He looks a lot more like a lab-corgi cross than a beagle-corgi, but we'll see what the vet thinks when we bring him in next week. That appointment should be interesting considering it'll be the first time since the shelter he's been around other dogs, not to mention I think he already has a firm dislike of the vet. When they brought him out of his exit exam at the SPCA he looked like he'd just been violated in some awful way, which technically he probably was. A thermometer up the rear can't be fun. Poor puppy. *Hugs*