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Tuesday, May 10, 2011 -- 12:33 am

It's official!  I'm an old married woman now!  \o/

What a week.  Epic wedding was epic!  The final seven days ramping up to the big day were full of running and lists and phone calls and driving and printing and cutting and folding and flailing and just a general boat load of frantic insanity.

Thankfully, said insanity was interspersed with evenings of awesome such as my stagette party.  Much love and thanks to my wonderful posse of bridesmaids that orchestrated the epic WEM photo scavenger hunt filled with hilarious bead games, 18" dildos, escalators, funny hats, edible panties, and many cupcakes~  XD  Also, singing!  Amid an evening filled with ringing renditions of "Soft Kitty", Nancy proved her epic improv prowess when she fearlessly went up to the stage during the open mic night at the pub and made a song up off the top of her head, which was frankly freaking amazing IMO and can be heard here on her YouTube channel.  I've never been serenaded before!  :3

For me, the wedding sort of officially started on Friday, since the entire day from when we woke up to when we went to sleep was pretty much devoted to final prep.  We picked up linens, practiced a ceremony walk through at the Citadel, followed by the rehearsal dinner and then the setting up and decoration of the reception hall in the evening, and finally us ladies proceeded to all go back to my parents house and wrap 400 sugared Timbit favors.  I had meant to write a quick entry here the night before the wedding, a "last single girl blog post" sort of deal, but I just didn't have time :P -- instead I crashed into bed and had a surprisingly good sleep considering how stressed I had started out earlier that day.

The morning of the wedding was more or less pretty relaxing.  Coleen and I swung by Timmies for a sausage-egg-muffin breakfast of champions before our hair appointment, and all went according to plan other than my elaborate little hair curlies went a little long (I loved my hair!  :3  I was so sad the next day when I had to shower and wash away all the beautiful bouncy curls.  I should really buy myself a hair curler and learn how to do it myself.) which cut down time for the makeup session and thus made us sort of frantically hurl myself into my dress to get out the door in time.  ^^;

It's strange, because I wasn't nervous at all leading up to the wedding or when I woke up that morning.  Excited, but not particularly nervous.  It wasn't until my sister began lacing up my dress that I began to get the stomach butterflies; then sitting in the car as we drove to the Citadel, I started feeling more nervous.  (BTW, climbing in and out of a van in a very form fitting mermaid skirt?  Not easy!)  By the time I was standing with my dad behind the curtain, the music playing while we waited to walk down the aisle, I think I looked like I was close to hyperventilating, leaving my father no choice but to whip out the big gun, our magic family word, to make me forget my nerves and break out laughing as we were walking out.  (I was totally all "AHHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHH!" and my dad was sort of *sweatdrop* but then he was all "BANANA!" and I LOLed.  True story.)

My brother Sean acted as our officiant and did a spectacular job (much love and hugs, Seanathan!), though admittedly I don't really have a clear memory of most of the ceremony because I was so busy trying to remember to breathe.  I remember my mom crying during the rose ceremony, and I remember feeling so worried I would jumble my words and fail-whale up the vows (I didn't though!  Go Team Me!), and I remember Mason looking smoking hot in his very sexy, Bond-like tux~  Seriously yummy. X3  I'm looking forward to seeing the video of the ceremony from start to finish.

(As for my dress, it was gorgeous, but was intent on trying to kill me before the day was out.  The bodice had these bones running vertically up the torso that dug right in under my breast bone that was particularly uncomfortable when I sat down.  We ended up loosening the corset a few times which helped, but it was still easier to just stand than sit at all.  It was worth it though!  I loved my dress despite its apparent hatred of me.)

Between the ceremony and reception was: a) fancy limos! b) photographs! c) ice cream!  Awesome sauce.  We managed to make it to all three of our picture locations, and the photographers from Scade were great.  They took soooooo many pictures, I'm so excited to see them!  *Perches on edge of seat waiting for previews to be posted on the Scade blog*

And then the reception!  XD  It was so perfect!  The hall looked fantastic, the fully Brenna-approved buffet was delicious, and the photo booth was the cherry on the fabulous wedding reception cake!  (Only not literally, since we had cupcakes, and the cake tier we did have was in fact pineapple and coconut and not at all in any way cherry, but still tasty.)  But yes, the photo booth seemed to be a hit -- almost everyone got some snapshots done and some guests really went to town fancying up their guestbook page.  It was so worth the extra investment.  It really made the guestbook unique.  Mason and I were flipping through it the following day and there's some especially hilarious photos and entries.  Eventually I'll try to get around to scanning some and post them up.

Such a great day!  (Exhausting, but awesome.)  I couldn't even be bothered to try and pull out the hundred or so pins holding my hair up when we got home that night, I was so tired -- I just slept with them in and woke up the next morning in a what I'm sure many would call a very sexy state of dishevelment.  (On the bright side, I will never have to buy another bobby pin again ever, I'm set with a life time supply.)

Love, hugs, and hair ruffles to all of our friends and family who came out to celebrate with us on Saturday and helped make the day as fabulous and memorable as it was!  (Also thanks to everyone who's sending me their pictures from the day, there's some great shots, some of which I've used on this post.)  I would give you all extra cupcakes in thanks, but let's face it, I'm a big greedy cupcake hoarder and will probably stuff my face full of all of the left overs.  I have already eaten two today.  *OM NOM NOM NOM*

Next up... honeymoon cruise!  OMG only four more days!  *Glee*

Shiny new bag of holding adds +10 to awesomeness!

Sunday, April 17, 2011 -- 3:19 pm

My Miche Bag arrived today!  XD  (I never expected the delivery man to arrive on a Sunday, but he must have known how excited I was for my package and made a special trip out on his day off just for me, what a guy.  That's service for you.)

I love my new pretty purse(s)!  It's just a tad larger than the purse I carry now, so it easily holds all of my stuff plus a book (or two) and I could probably even fit a laptop in if I needed to.  And it's so simple to change the skin on!  It's like "hey, I think I'd like to use my brown purse today, NO PROBLEM!" *Unclasp!  Pull off first skin!  Slip on second skin!  Clasp!  BAM BAM BAM!  Done!*

Never again will I have to dump the entire contents of my purse out to transfer it all over to a different bag!  Gone are the dark days!  I have evolved to a new state of superior pursedom! *Bright shimmery light falls down on Brenna and her purse from on high*

In other news, during a girly hanging out evening at Nickie's last night, we embarked on a hilariously fail-filled attempt at making paper flowers for the wedding ceremony.  The results were not exactly what I envisioned, and served to prove that I am not very adept at anything crafty.  =_=;  Also, OMG ONLY 20 DAYS TO GO!

T-minus 33 days. Commencing freak out. Aaaaaand… GO.

Monday, April 4, 2011 -- 11:49 pm

There's only one month until the wedding!  One month! As in, the shiznit is going down next month!

*Hyperventilates into paper bag*

Realistically, I know I'm good on time.  I was good with the planning ahead, all the big glitzy stuff has been finished for a while, and really all that's left to do are small little details.  But I can't help but freak out a bit now that we've reached the 30-something day mark.  Every time I talk to anyone about the wedding I get reminded of something else that needs to be done still, just all those little things you don't think about.

I mean, when you're the bride there's very specific milestones your brain gets into gear for during the wedding planning process -- things like the venue, the dress, the photographer, the food, the invitations, (and for giant nerds like me, the seating chart is especially exciting.)  You simply don't spend all those months beforehand obsessing about things like who's making which speeches, or who you're designating to decorate the ceremony hall in the morning, or who's going to be there to open the reception hall doors for the caterer, or the order in which you want the MC to announce events, or when you need the hall rental insurance by, or whether or not the ceremony venue will let you do a sound check during the walk through, and oh a million other last minute details that catch you completely off guard and that you realize you haven't an earthly idea what you're going to do for -- because hey, let's face it, you didn't spend a lot of time day dreaming on the bus to work every morning about the logistics of the best way to keep 400 sugared snack favors fresh overnight from when you pick them up until the reception the following evening.

*Sharp crinkling sound from paper bag as it is used as a respirator*

But again, realistically, it's fine. I know this.  I'm on top of it.  Everything's cool.

Did I mention that we still currently have three feet of snow in our backyard and with the snail-like pace at which it's melting it probably won't be gone until August?  My pretty wedding dress and fancy shoes are NOT COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR GRIMEY, SLUSHY, LATE-LOITERING WINTER DOUCHERY, ALBERTA!  D:{

*Crinkle wheeze crinkle*

Careful, I think I’m contagious.

Sunday, March 27, 2011 -- 11:41 pm

Someone from on high atop the cosmic plain of germy doom has seen fit to ladle me up a helpful heaping of sickness this past week.  For the past four days I've been stumbling around the house in my pajamas in a zombie-like (and extremely sexy) state of non-stop sneezing, coughing, achy, shivering dizziness.  I've been popping Cold FX and the occasional Advil Cold & Sinus to make me coherent just long enough to finish up some contract work I had to do this weekend, but other than that I've been fairly horizontal.  My throat feels like a particularly vicious cat has clawed its way up out of it and taken a good chunk of my vocal cords along with it, and I've spent most of the last 96 hours curled up in a nest of blankets under the mistaken delusion that if I sleep long enough this cold bug will just get bored and leave me alone and find a different hapless victim.  (No luck so far with that.)

To make matters worse I think I've unintentionally passed my havoc-wreaking germs to Mason, a feat neither of us can comprehend, since it's been a long-standing ritual in our house that Mason refuses to come anywhere near me, much less touch me with a ten-foot pole when I'm sick with anything for fear of catching it.  Though personally I blame this plague on him in the first place -- he was the one that was sick a couple weeks ago.  His residual ninja-like germs must have been hiding somewhere in the house all this time, biding their time until they could let loose with their terror once more; and now the two of us will be forever cursed to pass them back and forth between one another again and again until we both finally succumb to sicky death and are buried side-by-side in matching antibacterial face masks; or until wild dogs break into the house while we are too weak to fend them off and are found by the authorities days later nibbling on the remains of our pale, pasty toes.  (Don't trust Iroh and Toby either -- their love only goes as far as their bellies.  Once they realized regular meals were no longer forthcoming, don't think they wouldn't join the dogs in picking the clammy flesh from our bones!)

I'm crossing my fingers that the worst is over and hoping tomorrow will finally mark a turn for the better.  I suppose it's a small blessing that we're both getting the whole cold thing done with and out of our systems now and not right before the wedding.  *Knock on wood*  Excuse me while I go swallow more drugs now and crash in my bed once again, but not before I board up all of the doors and windows against any roaming packs of savage canines.  ...And lock the cat and rabbit up in the bathroom.  ...Just as a precaution.  *Iroh and Toby exchange shifty glances.*

This blog post is simply a prelude to eating cake.

Monday, January 31, 2011 -- 11:02 pm
Mood: 07 Mmmm... cake...

Tonight was my first St. Albert Library volunteer shift upstairs shelving magazines. I know that sounds really very "big deal, so what", but it was very exciting. When you've previously spent all your time working on the main floor sorting paperbacks and DVDs the second floor feels like a significant promotion for some reason. (It's where all the big boy books live! First the hardcovers... THEN THE WORLD, MUH HA HA HA! Yeah, I don't know.) I also spoke to the volunteer coordinator regarding if there were any job openings coming down the pipeline, and apparently they may have a casual page position opening up some time soon that current volunteers will get first crack at. The hours wouldn't even really qualify as part-time, but it's still the most positive news I've received yet in my job hunt and getting in just a couple of paid hours here and there would at least put me in the running finally for when a more substantial position opens up.

This past week I've been doing some pro bono work designing a site for a LAN party startup company Mason and I are helping out with, and it's the first time I've actually enjoyed doing web design in almost two years. This is probably directly related to the fact that: a) I have 100% free reign over the whole thing and am not dealing with frustrating clients, and b) the design is centered around one particularly rad velociraptor motif. Everyone knows it's a proven fact that raptors make everything more awesome!

Other than that, I've been spending a lot of time arranging appointments for wedding related to-do's and passing any spare moment anxiously awaiting more RSVPs to come in. It's taking an excruciatingly slow time. Everyone should have received their invite by now! Why do I only have 54 replies so far? T-T Let's go, people! Don't you know there are very important seating charts to be mapped out?!

Finally, since it's become increasingly clear that my chances of scoring an entry-level library job without a proper education is not very high, I may or may not be applying back to school this fall for the Library and Information Technology program. At the very least it's been taken under serious consideration and I'm planning on attending another information session at Grant MacEwan later this month to ask some questions and smooth out some details. It's kind of exciting but also very daunting at the same time... :x More info on that once I know more.

And now... to eat cake.

Another belated book agglomeration.

Saturday, September 25, 2010 -- 11:15 pm
Mood: 10 Craving chocolate cake (but then, when am I NOT craving cake?)

Latest books struck off the ol' list:

  • Icy Sparks by Gwyn Hyman Rubio

    A coming-of-age story of a young girl named Icy Sparks as she grows up in her small Kentucky town in the 1950's, detailing her experiences and isolation over the years as she begins exhibiting uncontrollable twitches, jerks, and spasms. This book originally piqued my interest specifically due to it's exploration of Tourett's -- I know a couple of people who have mild cases of Tourette Syndrome, and it's one of those bizarre disorders that are interesting to read and learn more about. I have to admit though, for an Oprah's Club book pick this one disappointed. It was pretty dull over all, and didn't delve into the Tourette aspect itself in as much detail as I would have liked. Also -- and this is going to sound profoundly stupid and shallow of me -- for some reason I can't get into stories that are set in the Upland South area of the U.S. That whole culture in that area just doesn't appeal to me, and I'll admit it, the whole southern drawl dialect drives me nuts. I'm a horrible person, I can't help it. *Shame cloud*

  • Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See

    In nineteenth-century China, two seven-year-old Hunan girls' lives are forever bound together when they are paired with one another in a "laotong" match. The book chronicles one of the girls, Lily, as she grows from a small child to a young woman and beyond, as both her and her laotong, Snow Flower, share and reflect the joy and pain of growing up -- from the horrible tradition of foot binding to reflecting on each of their arranged marriages and the experience of raising a family.

    This was a pretty good book, albeit a bit slow in some parts, and I'm always a sucker for reading novels set in places like Japan or China. I just find the cultures very interesting and rich to learn about. For example, something new I learned all about in this book: the horrible and agonizing Chinese tradition of foot binding! D:} Oh my god. Some how I've managed to go all this time without ever hearing about the concept of foot binding until now, and a part of me wishes I was still blissfully ignorant. I especially wish that I could wipe the horrifying Google images and YouTube videos I made the mistake of looking up for more details as a result. OMG OW and SWEET JEEZES and THE HELL? Reading historic books like this set before most women in these cultures had anything in the way of equal rights at all always makes me extra appreciative that I live in the generation and country that I do.

  • The Birth House by Ami McKay

    Set in a small, isolated village in Nova Scotia, Canada (go Canada!) amid the first world war, The Birth House follows the story of a young woman named Dora as she befriends and trains under an eccentric midwife; learning the uses of herbs and folk medicines to heal and help the women of Scots Bay. When a new doctor brings his new methods to the fishing village, Dora has to fight to protect the old traditions and wisdom against a community slowly being turned against her. With all the rave reviews I heard about this book, I expected something a little different -- more, in some way? I can't really pinpoint it exactly. It was still an interesting read, it just wasn't what I thought it would be for whatever reason. I also thought the whole last bit of the book where Dora leaves the Bay for a while was pretty dry. *Shrug* It was all right. Warnings of some douchfuckery fraught male characters.

  • Evolution Man: Or, How I Ate My Father by Roy Lewis

    This was a short, quirky little novel I picked up from one of my recent library volunteering sessions, giving voice to a family of ape-men during the Pleistocene era. Told through the eyes of one of the sons, Ernest, he recounts his family's hilarious turmoils and triumphs as his eccentric father goes about determined to give evolution a kick start and establish his fellow cave men as the dominant species. This book was a laugh and a half, and the fact that the author voices this horde of generally un-civilized neanderthals in a very distinctly -- even stereotypically snooty at times -- English accent just makes it that more wonderfully absurd. If you're looking for a quick, humorous read, I'd recommend giving it a go.

  • Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult

    Like I've said before, Jodi Picoult's books are often hit or miss, this one being an example of the latter. In Vanishing Acts, the author tackles the subject of a father being arrested for stealing away his daughter almost thirty years ago from his alcoholic ex-wife. The concept, like most of Picoult's story plots, is automatically provoking; she specializes in painting moral dilemmas such as this that even the most black and white reader can't help but contemplate all those tricky gray areas. Those are the parts of her novels that I always love.

    That's kind of where the love ended for me though. I can't really pinpoint it exactly, but something about the pacing and the story telling in this one jarred me. The whole first half of the book seemed rushed to me, from Delia out of the blue suddenly recalling memories from her childhood, to Andrew getting arrested (the actual trial itself near the end of the book was not one of Picoult's better ones either), to the emotions Delia ricochets back and forth between regarding each of her parents and impulsiveness of some of the things she does. I don't know. Obviously who am I to say what goes through the head of a person who just discovered they have a whole second life they've never known about, but Delia just didn't come off very realistic to me. (There were points where she seemed just downright childish and whiny in my opinion.) I couldn't connect emotionally with her and what she was going through, something which I usually slip very easily into with many of her other books. Picoult's stuff usually tugs at my heartstrings, but not this time. *Shrug*

I also went to my first official (well, sort of) book club meeting with some friends this past week. I heard they were discussing Still Alice -- one of my favoritest books! -- so since I'd already read it a while ago I figured I'd tag along. My problem with book clubs is that I don't enjoy being assigned a book that I have to read, especially when it's a book that I don't immediately have any interest in. Reading is a hobby, and having to read a book by a certain time makes it feel like work. It takes all the fun out of it. :P The next book on the list, The Hunger Games, is one already on my to-read list however, so if I can get my hands on a copy sooner than later I may attend the next meet up as well.

In other news, we had our engagement photos taken today! It was a lot of fun, and I'm super excited to see some teasers from it over the next week hopefully~ *Glee!* Copies of some of the pics will be posted when I get them.