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Merry Ho Ho~

Sunday, December 25, 2005 -- 10:52 pm
Mood: Full of turkey

Merry Christmas, all! I have to agree with other people that Christmas didn't really feel much like Christmas this year, but it was still a good day. I got a two-button, scrolly mouse; a 1GB USB stick; a pair of heavy duty winter gloves, Tigger socks (OMG CUTE *wiggles feet*), the new Sarah McLachlan remix album, and bunch of assorted gift certificates for West Ed, Chapters, and the movies; and also the three Lord of the Rings movies (unfortunately, they're not the extended editions. . .so I'm going to trade them all in at the store and get me the boxset, yay!) Then from 11:00 to 9:00 we trooped around to different family gatherings, which is always. . .you know. . .less than awesome fun. And then it all carries over to tomorrow when we go to another family gathering. Christmas isn't actually very relaxing for our family; it's more like a two-day mass extended-family orgy of boredom. =_= Oh well.

OMGOMG, during my last minute Christmas shopping I found out that they've released the first 26 episodes of Gargoyles season two! XD TOTALLY BUYING THIS WEEK!!!

YAY, Orochimaru's finally back in the Naruto manga! Prepare to witness my Orochimaru-fangirl-craze resume very strongly in the coming weeks. You have been warned.

Lance and I watched American Beauty on Friday, which was INSANE and also AWESOME at the same time. I totally called that the psycho father was going to think his son was all cute and gay and flip out!

We also had our Christmas dinner extravaganza on Thursday, although half of the group didn't show up which saddened me. . .so it was more like a half-extravaganza. But the restaurant was freaking tasty, and King Kong totally kick the ass out of three T-Rex's; and the writer with the dark hair and the hooked nose reminded me of Snape, except that he smiled far too much and didn't have nearly as much bitter angst.

Mwa. . .I have to work at 9:15 tomorrow. T-T I book off Boxing Day every single year, and I never get it off. It fills me with a tiny, horrible rage. Maybe next year I'll try not booking it off, and then maybe I'll get it. We'll have to see.

Ringing in the month of August, in all of its splendid but horribly busy and expensive DOOM.

Monday, August 15, 2005 -- 9:35 pm
Mood: S'right~

Haven't really gotten a chance to post for the last couple of weeks due to August being a rather heavily scheduled month of both the working and leisure variety. Last weekend was Animethon, and that was bloody awesome. I came home with a hundred dollars less but much the anime swag richer~ La la la, I got three Roy Mustang, Rock Lee, and Uchiha Itachi keychains; two Hatake Kakashi, and Maes Hughes pins; and five volumes of manga, Saiyuki, Naruto, Gravitation, Tramps Like Us, and Hot Gimmick. La la la la~! Once again, however, I didn't get my beloved Kakashi plushy. . .this is the second year in a row, last year they didn't have any and this year they didn't have the size I wanted. . .WHY DO YOU MOCK ME, PLUSHY VENDORS?! *Transforms into an enormous pink ferret mecha and rampages through the city, trampling buildings and disintegrating squealing civilians with her mighty ferrety eye lasers* I want a ferret. . .

I came home yesterday after a four-day camp out at Llama's house with everyone (and immediately showered. . .OMG, I'M CLEEEEAN!) We lounged, and ate, and played board games, took half and hour to build a fire in the fire pit (go us, TEAM FAILURE) and then lounged and ate some more, with particular emphasis on the lounging and the eating. Highlights included a three hour game of Killer Bunnies and drunken ninja battles; while downsides were getting horrendously lost in Edmonton (BUT CELEBRATORY DORITOS, YAY!), and obviously anything concerning pictures being taken of me asleep. *Glares at Amanda* YOU DIE NOW! And I have yet to decide whether or not seeing Tim Curry as an insane alien transvestite in Rocky Horror for the first time was a point of unbelievable awesome of the weekend or very possibly caused some mental trauma which I shall be paying for in therapy bills for the rest of my life. In any event, it was a nice way to round up the last of my two years as a lazy bum before I subject myself back to the diabolical clutches of post secondary.

And speaking of, I received my scary $11,000 NAIT tuition bill for my first year. :x *Sweatdrop* "The hell?! An extra $206 for medical and dental coverage that I already have?! YOU CAN STUFF THAT UP YOUR ASS!" If Tim Curry in fishnet stockings doesn't put me in therapy, the evil NAIT cash office of doom certainly will.

I like the part with the bunny.

Mystery Link. . .of Possible DOOM (What could it be, hmm? Perhaps something equally as amusing as punching bunnies. OR, perhaps it is actually in fact a picture of a t-shirt plastered with the biggest spoiler from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which I have deviously set here so as to test your curiosity for clicking links that you have no idea where they lead to, and punishing all those impulsive clicksters who do so by cruelly ruining the entire book for those who have not read it yet, all for the sake of finally being able to have openly in-depth conversations about book six with more people, hmm. . . (Or maybe this is just payback for taking pictures of me with messed up hair while I'm asleep! EAT THAT, HO HO!) What. Shall. YOU. DO?! Muh HA HA HA! I'm such an ass.)

That’s the last time I buy you a Cookie Monster comic book, you scaley fucker.

Sunday, May 8, 2005 -- 3:46 pm
Mood: Peachy~

OMG, Naruto episode 133 was AWESOME! The drawing was freaking amazing and the used this flipping new awesome animation and it completely ROCKED MY FACE OFF! Forget the Rock Lee x Gaara fight, pssh, they're cut, 133 totally takes my new number one favorite battle of all Naruto time.

I also watched the Naruto movie. My review is meh. Lots of eye candy as far as animation goes, but story-wise it was just one long episode. The ending was laaaaaame.

Last night I went and saw Kingdom of Heaven with Brock and Dan. It was pretty good, but not Gladiator good. Mr. Bloom really beefed up for this role, it was probably best "least elvish" attempt of anything he's done post LotR. Liam Neeson was his usual Irish wonderfulness and Jeremy Irons is always sexy with his sexy voice and all around old man sexyness. Meow~ *Paw paw*

I've started watching the series, Firefly, by Joss Whedon. It's better than I thought it would be, with all of its crazy space-age, gun-slinging action, and schemey old religious men, and flesh-eating space men. It also has the same guy who played Caleb in Buffy as the lead. Joss is like. . .God. . .or something. You know, just without the long white beard and shimmery robes and stuff. I wish he'd written the bible. It would be full of clever, witty one-liners and zany plot twists about Moses and Jesus that would make you gawk and go "OHMAGAWD!" right before the black screen of doom appears. Ah yes, Joss would totally "Joss Whedon Effect-ify" that book off it's face.

Speaking of good books, Practical Demonkeeping by Christopher Moore is very very good. (That's where the title of this post is from. . .because I have the imagination of an amoeba today and couldn't think of anything to put instead.) I want a Catch plushy. I would set him loose upon the neighborhood and he would eat the annoying, obnoxious children that skateboard around our street. Muh HA HA HA HA HA! *Chases all the tiny screaming ten-year-olds around the lawn, waving a lizard plushy over her head maniacally*

We're taking Mom out tonight for dinner at the cute Italian place on Perron. There shall be outrageously expensive pasta. This excites me. (The pasta, obviously not the outrageously expensiveness.) On a completely un-pasta-related tangent, suit-a-fied Topher Grace also excites me. We were supposed to watch him tonight but things got postponed. *Sad* To tomorrow! YAYAYAY!

We can rebuild her!

Sunday, April 10, 2005 -- 12:27 pm
Mood: Happy~

We have the technology. . . We can make you stronger, type faster, drive better, tie your shoes more efficiently~ Deliver us from the shackles of the cast and be REBORN!

*Runs around flailing her arm about* MUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! *So happy*

What a splendid birthday present on this birthday-est days of birthdays. DOUBLE DECADE BIRTHDAY, that is! I don't feel twenty. Or if I do, it feels a lot like nineteen, and the same as eighteen, and seventeen. . . And I know that despite the fact that the "teen" bit is officially dropped now it will not stop my mom from still calling me "kiddo." So yeah, not much new for the big 2 - 0.

Since my entire family abandoned me today for assorted work, bowling, or Arrogant Worms concert related activities, I did all my birthday celebrations yesterday. Chelley got me a FREAKING CHIBI GAARA PHONESTRAP and it's so freaking cute I think I'm going to DIE. *Jingles her cellphone back and forth where Gaara dances in all of his chibified glory and explodes the world* She also gave me a $40.00 gift certificate to Warp 1, which I am trying to muster up the energy today to drive down to to buy manga love. And Mom and Dad bought me my drawing tablet, so now I can draw and color on the computer without being burdened by archaic utensils like pencils and paper! Maybe I might even try Oekaki now~ *Claws at all the pretty drawings online* Yesterday was also Yuk Yuks with the gang, which was freaking awesome, and full of dirty sex jokes that made me laugh my ass off. Yuk Yuks is definitely going to be something I try to make a more regular thing because it happies me. Then we all went back to amass like an amoeba-like clump in my basement for chocolate cake shaped things and games. Chris gave me two more Christopher Moore books that I've wanted, The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove and Practical Demonkeeping that I've heard are as awesome as Lamb; I got the first manga volumes of both Othello and Girl Got Game from Jenny, as well as a funky bracelet, and of course chocolate which I can always count on my James-kun to fill my addiction for; and Brock gave me a mooshie like the snowman I love to death so much at his house, and it sits on my bed and is splendid and so very mooshable while I'm watching TV, muh HA.

I engaged in all manner of birthday festivities yesterday and thus have diddily to do today, so in honor of my turning one year older today, I slept in late and made myself a gigantanormous breakfast with hashbrowns and bacon and eggs all wrapped in together in a tortilla-shell of happy. I haven't decided what to do for the rest of the day, like mused before, maybe I'll head to Warp 1, or maybe just watch lots of Invader Zim. "ZIIIIM! Don't use the time machine, love ZIIIIM!"

Gwaaa. . .and I just realized Carolina booked me for a supervisor shift on Tuesday the same time as one of my Grant MacEwan classes. . . *Flail* I need the money so bad but I've also already paid for this class. . . *Anguish. So torn.* T-T


Thursday, April 7, 2005 -- 8:58 pm
Mood: Mellow

Going to the hospital for x-rays tomorrow and hopefully getting my cast off! *Shrill, rising high-pitched noise of excitement. Windows and expensive glass china crack and shatter.* I hope I hope I hope I hope. . .

Yesterday I bussed it back down to NAIT for the program information session, and another of the girls who came walked in with a Chouji keychain on her purse and made me gawk.

Me: *GASP!* *Whisper* "You like Naruto?"
Her: *GASP!* "YOU know Naruto?"
Me: *Point* "You have Chouji,"
Her: "I didn't think anyone would even know what this was!"
*Fangirlish giggling and general raving about Naruto*
Her: "So who's your favorite character?"
Me: *Grin* "Orochimaru. And then Kakashi and Gaara."
Her: "Oh I hate them. They're all so over-rated."
*Brenna bombs the room with nuclear missiles*


Oh, and I found out that this year they decided no one even needed to turn in a career investigation report. AFTER I SPENT ALL THAT FUCKING TIME ON IT! *Falls over* YOU ALL DIE!!!

Jacked from Seanathan's blog. . .links in your fucking face!

Still alive. . .

Tuesday, April 5, 2005 -- 4:23 pm
Mood: Raging ball of gimpyness

You know, but just really really annoyed. My cracked elbow that was to have supposed to have healed up by March 26th and at that time was in a sling is now in a half cast and March is very much over. Apparently, hospital logic says that why heal an arm in one week when you can heal it in three weeks? *Flaps her heavy, plaster and tensor bandaged arm around and accidentally smokes an innocent passerby in the face and puts them in a coma.* I'm waking up early this Saturday to make it down to the hospital by 9:00 and hope to god that I'll be able to have the bloody thing off by party time later that evening. T-T

By some holy Satanic miracle I actually managed to finish all of my NAIT stuff and got it in on time for the deadline. I found out only two weeks before the deadline for applications that I also had to participate in the Student For a Day program as well as finish a two page career investigation report, not to mention finish my portfolio, which inevitably led to much scary running around and was not at all helped by my arm being in a cast and having to finish all of it one-handed. *Dies* Happiness upon finishing my report was short-lived when my dad the Nazi Editor brandished his scary red editing pen of doom and helped me look it over, and fifteen minutes into it he's like, "Ha ha ha. I'm only done the first paragraph!" *Holds up my paper to show the massive glob of red*

(And when I was at the NAIT campus, I ate at the cafeteria where I bought yummy rice and chicken for lunch. Rice and chicken! I can have one of my favorite non-pasta meals at school every day! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!)

Other than school-related stresses, I haven't done tons of particularly anything lately, partly because I'm lazy and partly because I'm a big chicken and am terrified about driving any significant distance one-handed for fear of crashing and burning horribly in a ball of firey death, despite what my family assures me of otherwise. I saw Bride and Prejudice with Amanda and Lance and that rocked awesome to degrees I never thought sexy Naveen Andrews singing and dancing and just generally being hot could possibly be. Then last week Brock, Vance, and I watched Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle which was also pretty awesome but in a completely different, stoned-off-your-face sort of way. Then Sin City on Saturday fucked up, kicked, cannibalized, mauled, decapitated, and did a considerable amount of other gruesome things to my soul, but all the sick bone-crunching was evened out by Elijah Wood kicking up some sweet kung fu fighting, and gun-toting, trigger-happy prostitutes.

And on a completely different note, "Ninja Burger" rocks my face off. And I can win at it without realizing I'm doing it. . .when Melissa isn't foiling me with her whole devilish swooping in under the radar strategy. . . She's my board game arch nemisis. *Nobody realizes that they've been in cahoots the whole time. . .palming zombies, using loaded dice, and hiding ninja cards up their sleeves* (We're evil geniuses that way.)

*Munches on the last chunck of her chocolate bunny's foot* Mmmm. . .yummy Easter swag. . .the best of all holiday swag~

I just read in the newspaper today that Andy Dick bombed bad at his Friday night gig at YukYuks, so much that they fired him and cancelled his Saturday show. Apparently he didn't have anything even prepared and just goobed around on stage making out with people in the crowd and waving his ass. Crazy. @_o I'm glad I didn't end up buying tickets. Andy Dick kissage = screaming and running away.

Righty, off I scurry now. This has taken me a year and two days longer than it should have to write with one hand.

(Muh HA HA HA! And I've gotten Chelle hooked on Fullmetal Alchemist and Naruto, so now I have someone at home I can crow fangirlishly to about my shows which is cool. . .except that she calls Orochimaru "Ookie". . .and I want to beat her with a lead pipe.)