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Complete lack of witty school-starting related title.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006 -- 2:39 pm
Mood: Lounging~

Long time no write. My bad. *Flogs herself* I shall proceed to shower my blog with interesting news, or at the least my inane ramblings, which may or may not be interesting to people who are not me.


School started up yesterday, and as it turns out I only have classes on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8:30 to 11:45. That's a big ol' lotta zilch for Wednesday to Friday, which I personally think is fab because it leaves me more free time and allows me to work more this term so I won't end up in the poorhouse. HUZZUH! I also won't have to spend money on lunches at school or run around making them in the morning before I leave. The bad end of the mossy covered stick is that I won't get to see my school friends nearly as much this year. :c So yeah, now I have the rest of this week completely off and I don't have to go to school until next Monday again~

For anyone who doesn't already know, I've started dating Mason~ He's really nice, and he's funny, and he's got some splendid geeky quirks to him, and together we make up Team Snazzy at board game nights where we pwn everyone, or in the case of last night, screw everyone over with clever subterfuge or as some people would call it, outright lies. Muh ha.

I was paid $200 for all the garden watering I did over the summer at my neighbor's, so I went out and treated myself to $200 worth of pretty clothes and equally pretty accessories~ Pant suits, shirts, shoes, purses, necklaces, oh MY! *dances*

I finished reading the final volume of Hot Gimmick and it was. . .strange. *Spoilers ahead* I was all for Ryoki and Hatsumi to end up together, but. . .but. . .I thought that if they did, it would end with Hatsumi finally getting some guts and smacking Ryoki around and giving the ol' "SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT, JERKWAD!" and turning him around just a bit. But he's still an ass. . . What kind of messed up moral is the author trying to give everyone? GIRLS! DON'T STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, THAT'S LAME! RUN OFF AND BE HAPPY WITH THE VERBALLY AND PHYSICALLY ABUSIVE FUCKER WITH CUTE HAIR! YAAAAAAY! wtf? :x *End spoilers*

Argh. On a side note, deviantART is so excruciatingly slow tonight. . . *so much rage for dA*

Two links of awesome:
VG Cats comic #209 "Oh, I'm going to liberate the SHIT out of you." LAWL
And omg! Teenage Mutant Ninja Fucking Turtles! XD *so excited* It'll be like reliving my childhood, but in 3D animation and SO MUCH BETTER.

School has sprung, January must be here. . .

Tuesday, January 10, 2006 -- 8:46 pm
Mood: Content~

I meant to write all these posts during Christmas break to satisfy my poor blog, and it just never happened. I was kind of preoccupied during the holiday with work and spending lots of splendid time with my Aryan Ninja. :3 Things are going really well, and that fills me with happy~ Last night we saw Brokeback Mountain and it was good. (A little less hot cowboy love than I was hoping for, but still very good. But their love was so VIOLENT! :x)

Unfortunately, yesterday school started all up again, so now I'm going to go back to having very little time for anything except bloody homework which I'm sure they're just waiting to pile on us in the next couple of days. *Cries* I miss my free time already! Good news though, I got my marks back from first semester, and I finished with 90s in almost everything, except 3D and video, but I was expecting as much so it's no real letdown there. I was really surprised that I ended up with a 79% on my flash animation, since I handed it in far from finished. That blew me away. Maybe he just mixed my mark up with someone else's. . . I'm not saying anything though. ¬__¬

Let's see, what else since I last posted. We went to The Globe the other night to celebrate Vance's birthday. None of my dancing dancing buddies were there though, so it was a lot of sitting and trying to shout conversations over the noise. New Years was awesome, however! I actually finished an entire cooler in the course of the night, so it didn't end up getting me drunk, but it's a record for me in any event. (I'm such a lightweight, ho ho. . . *sweatdrop*) It was nice just hanging with a bunch of people all night, even though some didn't come or couldn't make it. I'm not seeing everyone as much as I used to, and that's making me a little depressed. It's hard to get everyone together anymore.

I bought the first volume of the Gargoyles second season, and it rocks my face off as only one of the best parts of my childhood possibly can. I also ordered Hot Gimmick 10 off the Chapters website, because I have all of this pretty Chapters money from Christmas just begging to be used up, and this way I get the thrill of having something arrive in the mail for me that isn't a bill.

OOH! And while on my periodic Grievous web-surfing excursions, I discovered that they're coming out with a Grievous short story in the next issue of Star Wars Insider, which obviously thrills me to death on many different fangirly levels. They're also doing a companion piece to it that's going up on the starwars.com, but you have to be a freaking Hyperspace member to see it. Which I am not. . . And membership for Canada costs $50.00. Which I do not want to spend. . . It fills me with terrible rage. *Twitch* Terrible. Rage.

Oh, and the last frame in VG Cats comic 184 made me laugh my ass off today in Design class. That is gold.

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These are terrible results because half of them are true, and the other half of them are just horrible! :x

Merry Ho Ho~

Sunday, December 25, 2005 -- 10:52 pm
Mood: Full of turkey

Merry Christmas, all! I have to agree with other people that Christmas didn't really feel much like Christmas this year, but it was still a good day. I got a two-button, scrolly mouse; a 1GB USB stick; a pair of heavy duty winter gloves, Tigger socks (OMG CUTE *wiggles feet*), the new Sarah McLachlan remix album, and bunch of assorted gift certificates for West Ed, Chapters, and the movies; and also the three Lord of the Rings movies (unfortunately, they're not the extended editions. . .so I'm going to trade them all in at the store and get me the boxset, yay!) Then from 11:00 to 9:00 we trooped around to different family gatherings, which is always. . .you know. . .less than awesome fun. And then it all carries over to tomorrow when we go to another family gathering. Christmas isn't actually very relaxing for our family; it's more like a two-day mass extended-family orgy of boredom. =_= Oh well.

OMGOMG, during my last minute Christmas shopping I found out that they've released the first 26 episodes of Gargoyles season two! XD TOTALLY BUYING THIS WEEK!!!

YAY, Orochimaru's finally back in the Naruto manga! Prepare to witness my Orochimaru-fangirl-craze resume very strongly in the coming weeks. You have been warned.

Lance and I watched American Beauty on Friday, which was INSANE and also AWESOME at the same time. I totally called that the psycho father was going to think his son was all cute and gay and flip out!

We also had our Christmas dinner extravaganza on Thursday, although half of the group didn't show up which saddened me. . .so it was more like a half-extravaganza. But the restaurant was freaking tasty, and King Kong totally kick the ass out of three T-Rex's; and the writer with the dark hair and the hooked nose reminded me of Snape, except that he smiled far too much and didn't have nearly as much bitter angst.

Mwa. . .I have to work at 9:15 tomorrow. T-T I book off Boxing Day every single year, and I never get it off. It fills me with a tiny, horrible rage. Maybe next year I'll try not booking it off, and then maybe I'll get it. We'll have to see.

The amount of homework is directly related to the amount of free time you thought you had.

Sunday, November 13, 2005 -- 10:41 pm
Mood: Tired of homeworking. . .

I'm packing away the homework early tonight because I've been working on it practically non stop this weekend and I JUST DON'T CARE ANYMORE TONIGHT, DAMNIT. *Twitch spasm twitch* I wish for an entire day to watch catch up on my anime. . . *Sob* I can't wait until Christmas break.

On the upside, I finally finished my 3D watch of DOOM. Actually, I'm rather proud of it, despite it almost destroying me in the three weeks it took me to make it. (Do not be impressed by the lighting and shadows, the program pretty much does it all for you after you enter some values, and a guy in my class pretty much entered all those values for me. . .*sweatdrop*) I'm much happier to finally have that project out of the way though. (You know, so I can have more time to do MORE homework. . . =_=) On Thursday we had our Programming midterm and it was evil. . . It was a practical test, so he basically gave us three things we had to make by the end of class and they were worth fifteen marks each. I know I aced the first one, and I just barely got the third one done, but the second one ate my soul for stupid, ridiculous reasons that fill me with rage even now just thinking about it. It was all drag and drop menus and the like, stuff we've done since the beginning of the year, I KNOW IT. . .but IT WOULDN'T WORK FOR ME. So after a minor melt down trying to figure out what the hell could be wrong with it and having to hand it in without it being finished, I went up to my instructor and was like, "Okay, WTF?" And the stupid part is that it ended up being a stupidly minor mistake of my own with my freaking frames that cost me almost a third of my mark. *Flames erupt in eyes* SO. MUCH. RAGE.

I bought the first volume of the Samurai Champloo manga the other day. It's not as good as the anime (Jin's personality is completely off, but I'm not sure whether that's due to the author or the translators) but still enjoyable, and I particularly enjoy the chapter with the incompetent ninjas. They happy me to great extents. And obviously I always love Mugen. Who doesn't love Mugen?

YAY! Harry Potter Extravaganza on Saturday!

YAY! We had Swiss Chalet tonight and I have chocolate cake that I can either A) eat now, or B) eat tomorrow for lunch! WHAT SHALL I DO?! *Torn* TO BED NOW I GO! (With or without a detour to eat cake, yet to be determined.)

Ringing in the month of August, in all of its splendid but horribly busy and expensive DOOM.

Monday, August 15, 2005 -- 9:35 pm
Mood: S'right~

Haven't really gotten a chance to post for the last couple of weeks due to August being a rather heavily scheduled month of both the working and leisure variety. Last weekend was Animethon, and that was bloody awesome. I came home with a hundred dollars less but much the anime swag richer~ La la la, I got three Roy Mustang, Rock Lee, and Uchiha Itachi keychains; two Hatake Kakashi, and Maes Hughes pins; and five volumes of manga, Saiyuki, Naruto, Gravitation, Tramps Like Us, and Hot Gimmick. La la la la~! Once again, however, I didn't get my beloved Kakashi plushy. . .this is the second year in a row, last year they didn't have any and this year they didn't have the size I wanted. . .WHY DO YOU MOCK ME, PLUSHY VENDORS?! *Transforms into an enormous pink ferret mecha and rampages through the city, trampling buildings and disintegrating squealing civilians with her mighty ferrety eye lasers* I want a ferret. . .

I came home yesterday after a four-day camp out at Llama's house with everyone (and immediately showered. . .OMG, I'M CLEEEEAN!) We lounged, and ate, and played board games, took half and hour to build a fire in the fire pit (go us, TEAM FAILURE) and then lounged and ate some more, with particular emphasis on the lounging and the eating. Highlights included a three hour game of Killer Bunnies and drunken ninja battles; while downsides were getting horrendously lost in Edmonton (BUT CELEBRATORY DORITOS, YAY!), and obviously anything concerning pictures being taken of me asleep. *Glares at Amanda* YOU DIE NOW! And I have yet to decide whether or not seeing Tim Curry as an insane alien transvestite in Rocky Horror for the first time was a point of unbelievable awesome of the weekend or very possibly caused some mental trauma which I shall be paying for in therapy bills for the rest of my life. In any event, it was a nice way to round up the last of my two years as a lazy bum before I subject myself back to the diabolical clutches of post secondary.

And speaking of, I received my scary $11,000 NAIT tuition bill for my first year. :x *Sweatdrop* "The hell?! An extra $206 for medical and dental coverage that I already have?! YOU CAN STUFF THAT UP YOUR ASS!" If Tim Curry in fishnet stockings doesn't put me in therapy, the evil NAIT cash office of doom certainly will.

I like the part with the bunny.

Mystery Link. . .of Possible DOOM (What could it be, hmm? Perhaps something equally as amusing as punching bunnies. OR, perhaps it is actually in fact a picture of a t-shirt plastered with the biggest spoiler from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which I have deviously set here so as to test your curiosity for clicking links that you have no idea where they lead to, and punishing all those impulsive clicksters who do so by cruelly ruining the entire book for those who have not read it yet, all for the sake of finally being able to have openly in-depth conversations about book six with more people, hmm. . . (Or maybe this is just payback for taking pictures of me with messed up hair while I'm asleep! EAT THAT, HO HO!) What. Shall. YOU. DO?! Muh HA HA HA! I'm such an ass.)

Grant MacEwan is a stupid dillhole.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005 -- 7:40 pm
Mood: Mildly annoyed

I was supposed to start three weeks of a part-time Flash course at Grant MacEwan tonight, so I drove all the way to the bloody Arts Campus just to find the class room locked up tight and no sign on the door. Turns out they bloody CANCELED the whole course and then the jerks neglected to give me a courtesy call about it. Bleaaaarrrrgggghhh! *Much irritation* On the other hand, looking at this in a Ms. Brightside frame-of-mind, I now have $399 more dollars that have been credited back to my bank account just ripe for the eventual spending. *Eyes light up with shiny dollar signs* This is especially convenient right now considering all the money I totally haven't been receiving due my lack of paychecks in the last month.

La la la la la. . .I went to Warp 1 yesterday to spend my fat Warp birthday money and bought four new manga. Amanda and Lance also bought me two Stikfas as my birthday present, the blue samurai of AWESOME DOOM, as well as the pirate and skeleton duo pack of EVEN AWESOMER DOOM. They're pretty rockin'. >^^< And I finally found things to put on that empty shelf above my window -- now all I need is my phantom and I shall destroy the world with the impending AWESOMENESS. We also stopped for colossal ice cream goodness at the Marble Slab Creamery and I had a gigantanormous bowl of cookie dough ice cream that, once again, I couldn't finish. I wanted to go see The Killers at Reds on the 26th, but then I found out that their show got moved to the Shaw because it was bigger and there was a crazy mad rush for sold out tickets, but then that apparently got sold out so now I'm rather sad because on the 26th it looks like I'm going to be Killer-less. *Tear*

I have nothing to do tomorrow again, so I may go down to West Ed and spend the last bit of my birthday money on a new pretty thumb ring at Silversence. Some one should come with me so I'm not a big lonely going-shopping-alone loser. Eh? Eh?