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That’s our Gregory, taking one for the team.

Friday, February 16, 2007 -- 10:04 pm
Mood: 09 LOL-ing

Cranky Drug-Addicted Doctor: "I know you quit your job because I refused to date you, but now I want you to come back even though I still don't want to date you."

Irritating Care Bear Female Doctor: "Nevar!" *Heart bubbles*

Cranky Drug-Addicted Doctor: "I will give you gold, I will give you pretty cars, I will let you park in the handicapped parking spaces right by the doors. What reasonable bargaining will it take? Please bare in mind that I still do not want to date you in any way."

Irritating Care Bear Female Doctor: "Date me! I don't care care if you don't like me for who I am and will never love me in return, fool! I'm desperate! Self-respect is highly over-rated! Now take me out to a romantic dinner and let me hump your sexy sexy crippled leg!"

Cranky Drug-Addicted Doctor: ". . . . ."

Cranky Drug-Addicted Doctor: "These are acceptable terms."

Irritating Care Bear Female Doctor: *HUMP HUMP HUMP HUMP*

Most. Ridiculous. Episode. Ending. Ever.

As sexy as the concept is of House getting sweaty and naked and kissy with anyone -- and hilarious as the concept is of the possible restaurant scenes to follow in which I can only hope House will be appear adorably awkward and out of his element -- that anyone being Cameron is just weird, and I hope this whole absurd and slightly teeth-grating subplot doesn't carry over into season two.

If he's shagging anyone it should be Cuddy, god dammit. At least she dislikes him as much as he dislikes the rest of the world.


Sorry, I lied. Simply have to point out that this avatar almost makes me pee myself laughing. LAWLAWL

“Beauty often seduces us on the road to truth.””And triteness kicks us in the nads.”

Sunday, February 4, 2007 -- 3:58 pm
Mood: 12 Pending implosion-y

I'm not even going to try to upstage my sister in her excitement for the July 21st release announcement for Harry Potter 7, Deathly Hallows, because to do so would mean writing in size 20, bold, capslock font, with abounding exclamation points, and maybe the odd animated gif of exploding stars and hearts. Which would make my blog cry, and in the end wouldn't really even convey the actual level of excitement that courses through my veins like chocolate infused with crack cocaine. All I can say is that I am very excited, and by comparison, I don't believe any of my friends are nearly excited enough. (There was a disappointing lack of squealing from Daniel at the news. I mean, wtf, man? WTF? *cries*) There will be a countdown, mark your ass. Starting. . .now.

I've been watching glorious gobs of House M.D. lately. I'm currently watching my way through the season one DVD box set and Hugh Laurie has very quickly nestled himself a little nook of his own in the twisted, insane little part of my heart reserved for angry, bitter, lovable male characters that I go gaga over. It hasn't helped any when I found out that the spot-on American accent is completely fake and that Mr. Laurie is actually sexy British~ He's like an adorable Simon Cowell with a limp. :B

Lawl. Yay for breaking out in random choreographed dance routines.

I need to make a new blog layout. :P This one is more than a year old and is in need of a face lift. The trouble is, when you do web design everyday from 9 - 4, five days a week, the last thing you're really in the mood to do when you get home is more web design. =_= Maybe I'll do some layout sketches tonight. . .while watching more House. . . ¬_¬

Countdown until Harry Potter book seven: 166 days!

Curses! I've already used my Snape avatar already! Good thing I have a spare!