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The only thing better than camping is coming home from camping.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 -- 9:33 pm
Mood: 07 Reclines in the cool, bug-free comfort of home.

As enjoyable a time that you always have on a camping trip, as relaxing, and stress free, and wonderfully lazy and refreshing as they are, there's always this little inner breath of relief let out when you walk back in the door of your house afterward. I love camping, but I forget sometimes how much more I love indoor plumbing. Especially spider-free indoor plumbing. And the complete lack of irrational fear of being eaten by bears on your way to pee during the night. And the added bonus of a cool basement in which you can finally escape the scorching heat -- a new plus that I particularly welcomed after sweating my proverbial balls off outside all weekend.

Despite my earlier worries that my cat would disown me when we returned home after leaving him on his own for the first time, Iroh was so relieved to see us walk in the door and was so constantly underfoot that I was more afraid of accidentally stepping on him as we unpacked. The one whole day he spent alone seemed to have left him a little distraught and under the impression that he'd been abandoned, and more importantly, that he'd never be fed again (as I'm sadly sure his love for his breakfasts and dinners takes priority over both Mason and I.) Knowing him, he probably greedily gobbled down all of the extra helpings I food rations we left for him before Saturday morning even came and then spent the next twenty-four hours moping that his food bowl wasn't being refilled. In comparison, Toby is a pro at weekends alone now, he just looks up when we come in the door and is all "Oh, you're back. Splendid. Dinner time yet?"


Season finale of House on Monday was FABULOUS! XD For the last two minutes of the episode I was frozen in a position of wide-eyed, arm-raised, squealy triumphant rapture. It was like waiting for Josh and Donna through seven years of West Wing all over again. I'm as giddy as a school girl for the next season and what I hope will include lots of hot Huddy snogging (and oh yeah, probably some little side plot to do with Thirteen beginning her slow and sad decline with Huntington's disease as ambiguously implied at the end of the show, but I think we know which is the more enticing storyline. Or perhaps I'm just a horrible person...) In any event, depending on what they have planned it may end up being a fitting place to end the series, in my opinion.

Spasmy fangirly shout outs.

Thursday, April 9, 2009 -- 11:39 am
Mood: 06 Mood here.

Very good House this week~ The whole Kutner suicide thing came out of nowhere. Turns out Penn is leaving the show for greener pastures, or in this case, white pastures. Team Obama/Penn FTW!

Huddy romping! I was promised House-Cuddy shagging before this season was out and I didn't even know about it? So where was it in Monday's final episode? Wheeeeeeere?! D:

EDIT: I was lied to by the interwebs! Monday wasn't the season finale! We still have four episodes to go, plenty of time for long-awaited Huddy sex! X3

SO excited for new Doctor Who this weekend~ *SPOILER* Wilf is going to be the new official companion? I guess we won't have to worry about any hanky pankery in the Tardis. */SPOILER*

Mason bought me the first two Avatar season boxsets for my birthday and the tracking information says they should arrive todaaaaay! YAY YAY YAY! *Love*

Waiting for the day to end so I can crawl into my comfy bed.

Thursday, November 6, 2008 -- 4:57 pm
Mood: 13 So sleepy... stupid dark at 5:00...

We have these mini pizzas here at work and they are very possibly some of the tastiest mini pizzas I've ever had. I was a little discouraged the first few times I attempted to cook them. I would throw them in the toaster oven and go back to my desk to let them cook for 10 minutes -- then 20 minutes later I would be like "SHIT! Shitshitshitshitshit..." and my tasty pizzas would be shriveled black hockey pucks. I experienced this epic pizza failure three days in a row at first and was close to resolving myself to the apparent fact that BRENNA IS NOT DESTINED FOR TASTY PIZZA IN MINIATURE FORM, but then realized I actually was destined to eat pizza if I would just stop being lazy and set a 10 minute alarm on my phone. Lazy < Pizza.


As gleeful as I was to watch Obama get voted into office on Tuesday, I was also dismayed to see that the election coverage delayed a new episode of House. D: I must have flustered Gregorz! I must have more House-Cuddy kissage! *Rolls around in a pit of her own fangirly angst*

I saved a kitty last night~ Well, sort of. We got home from Brock's and this adorably friendly cat followed us to our building and up the stairs to the door. If Mason hadn't insisted on denying the kitty entrance, I most likely would have had a new furry house guest that evening. :c Instead I coaxed him away from the door with cuddles and went in search for poor kitty's home. Hopefully the little old lady who welcomed him back inside at the original house we saw him sitting on the stoop of is actually a kind old lady and not some creepy terrible woman looking for kitty meat pies. :x

I've decided I want to start taking piano lessons~ I love the piano and I think it would be so relaxing to just sit down and play (ENVY DAN, ENVY!) -- I regret not enrolling in some as a kid but I figure it's never too late to learn. (Besides, everyone always tells me I have piano fingers~) Dan says Innovations Music in St. Albert does lessons which are really good, but their next classes to enroll in don't start until next September... And I'm a little paranoid about having lessons at some Joe Shmoe's house who I don't know. Where to go?

Further poking with sharp sticks.

Thursday, October 23, 2008 -- 12:50 pm
Mood: 09 Lunch time. Craving my Oreo Cakesters.

If you're like me and after reading Twilight now refuse to touch the rest of the series that follows (for fear of brain melting), check out these recaps of books 2, 3, and 4's fuckwittery, simply to justify that you're not missing anything remotely worth while. In the words of the reviewer, they're LOLarious. *Steals fabulous word* You will blanch with horror at the so-extra-special badness of Breaking Dawn chapter 18. "THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR THIS" indeed.

Also a concise and amusing catalog of Twilight FAILS, funny because it's so true.

On a different note, I am so excited for next week's episode of House. Gregorz and Cuddy, getting it on~ I demand hot Hugh Laurie face-suckage. :3

Okay and I occasionally venture into the User Art forum here at work, and I've got to say... Kids have a weird impression of art these days -- it's very disturbing. No lie, most of the things in there scare the shit out of me. Then again these are the same individuals who are calling chapter 18 of Breaking Dawn "beautiful". D:

My rabbit, the escape artist.

Monday, August 11, 2008 -- 12:10 pm
Mood: 13 Hungry for lunch

Toby has shown himself to be a little Houdini in the making. This morning while I was getting ready for work and Toby was enjoying his morning exercise in his playpen, he leaped clear over the fence! I came into check on him after hearing a loud *THUMP!* and found him staring up at me innocently on the wrong side of the pen! So tricksy... Priority one tonight: increase the panel height. T_T

This past week I also introduced Toby to his first treat of vegetable~ I was so excited, I decided to start off with the classic carrot; I had my camera all ready to snap this bunny's-first Kodak moment... Only Toby refused to touch the carrot. Turns out he doesn't like them at all, or at the very least objects to the stereotype. Thankfully the next night we tried a bit of romaine lettuce and he happily chowed down on that~ *SO CUTE*

For anyone who doesn't know, I just came back from a vacation to B.C. with my sister to visit our brother and sister-in-law~ I don't really see any point in retailing every point of the holiday here since Chelle summarized it pretty well on her blog here; but a long story short, we had great fun times with the exception of the driving parts.

Mason and I went out to Jubilations with Dan and Ash last night to see Grey's House of Anatomy, and it was awesome. Probably up in my top list of Jubilation shows we've seen~ I probably didn't catch all the Grey's Anatomy inside jokes, but the actor who played House was spot-on! I practically wanted to run up and hug him while he beats me off with his cane as much as I want to corner Hugh Laurie himself. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it~ Speaking of which, man do I want to see season three! >_< Someone needs to buy the DVD's so I can mooch off them to watch! I'm thinking of maybe volunteering once a week at the new Edmonton SPCA on 137th Ave when they finish building it and get it opened, whether it be in the form of walking dogs or cleaning out cages. Would anyone else be interested?

*Singing the Friday song* “Friiiiiiiiiday!”

Friday, September 21, 2007 -- 8:56 am
Mood: 08 Cold. *grumble grumble*

Oh god, why does it have to be so bleeding cold in this office? I think my fingers are about to fall off. *Holds them up for observation* Do they look white to you? Is this color healthy? Can I get worker's compensation if my fingers freeze into little finger popsicles? Do they cover that in my benefits?

*Trudges off to get the blanket from the next room*

Yesterday I went shopping with Mom and I got all the things left over on my moving out list that I didn't have the money to buy yet, like an ice cream scoop~! And an electric kettle! *hugs electric kettle* And a pretty new shower curtain, and bakeware, and hooky things, and a peeler, and a drying rack, and bulletin board, and a white board, and towels, and face cloths, and bath mats... *continues to blabber on and on and on about splendid new household items until no one is actually reading anymore* In any event, THANK YOU MOMMY~! :D *hearts you*

*Scooshes her toes gleefully in her new bathmat*

*Scoosh scoosh scoosh*

I'm working my way through House season three, kindly loaned to me by Dan. I'm really liking this season, with the exception of Detective Trigger himself, whome I find oddly annoying. The scene where Cuddy is slumped in the shower holding the little girl in her arms then House comes and barks at her was heart wrenching. D: *tear* This is the only season where I've really wanted to punch Gregorz in his cute British face.

Gaah, the back door to our apartment building is covered in moths! They're just lining the door and the walls and the stairs, and it's disgusting and provokes the Brenna squishy face and lots of hand flailing. I don't know why they like to swarm by the back door and not the front as much, but if they don't all die by our first big cold snap then I'll be walking around to the front of the building when ever I come home.

Things to accomplish this weekend:

-- For sure 100% complete finish unpacking.
-- Clean apartment.
-- Play D&D!
-- Party down with Mandi's at birthday extravaganza!
-- Buy remaining shopping list items at Safeway.
-- Buy new shopping list.
-- Fix Boot Camp. *crosses fingers* >_<
-- Laundry. Oh god, laundry...