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Okay, this is getting old.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 -- 10:05 am
Mood: 14 Still restless

Heading into my fourth week of being unemployed. I am so sick of not working and being poor, I can't even describe it. I'm waiting to hear back from an interview with their yay or nay verdict and we'll see how it goes from there I guess, but if I don't find something very soon I'm going to have to take a temporary grunt position or something and that definitely does not fill me with glee and happy sunshine. . .

We went camping at Pigeon Lake a couple weeks ago, and the weekend was pretty much on par with insanity as our other camping excursions; this time in the shape of Adam getting ridiculously tanked, going for a swim in the lake naked, and the rest of us deciding to steal his clothes and run away. We're not malicious, we tried to give his shorts back to him before we walked back to the site but Adam being naturally Adam, refused the clothes and proceeded to prance the entire ten minutes back to camp with his bits hanging out and swinging in the breeze. . .

Aaaaaand proceeded to promptly get arrested by the park rangers. The whole handcuffs, reading-you-your-rights dealy. All the while still being very naked. When the rest of us got over the initial "OMG, shit shit shit" type concern, it was really very funny watching him sway around in the flashing police lights. Instead of carting him off the night though, they dropped him back with us, which we all believe was a clever ploy to avoid getting the back seat of their truck covered in drunken vomit. Adam was pretty proud of himself the next morning, as only his warped little self could ever be.

Canada Day festivities were at Brock's this year. Good times filled with BBQing, football, Wii, guys getting tennis ball welts, croquetboccer, electrocution games, very bad sunburns, and pretty fireworks~ Apparently I can actually pull off the cowboy hat look, which both surprises me and fills me with glee since it's been a long-held belief that Brenna and hats are unfortunate non-mixy things. Muh ha ha ha, FUCK YOU, HAT DEMONS!

*Glee* Chelle and I went to IKEA this weekend, and my brain nearly exploded from so much exciting interior design ideas. Those Swedes really do know how to pluck a girl's heart strings with all of their sexy curtains and fabulous office furniture. I have a mental list a mile long all ready for when I finally have money again and move out.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is out next week. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is out the week after. I can't believe it's so close, it's officially time to start freaking out, people.

Countdown until Harry Potter book seven: OMG OMG OMG, only 17 days!

The very late post birthday post.

Thursday, April 19, 2007 -- 9:04 pm
Mood: 03 Freaking tired

I've been told that I've been neglecting my poor blog by becoming engrossed in Facebook, and now I feel all bad. I will henceforth try to find a happy medium where the two can live in harmony and Chelle will not kill me.

It was a good birthday~ I didn't get to see all of the people I hadn't seen in a long time, which was disappointing, and near the end of the evening I had to ditch early because my stomach decided to start crippling me with doomy pain; but those two points aside it was fun times. Some how my infamous laser tag skills failed me once more and landed me in third-last place. Hmm. Obviously my awesome power gets sucked dry when I'm under pressure.

For the first time in four months my bank account is back over $1000. It's a start. ;_;

LAWL. I heart you 300.

The same dude who read Harry Potter HBP and gave out early spoilers is back and is giving out DH spoilers now! He's currently my favorite man in the world, second obviously to Mason (can you imagine if Mason possessed HP spoiling qualities? My world would simply explode with love and awesomeness. :D *hearts*) Chelle came over and we spent three hours reading through the expansive list of awesomeness and squealing together. We're pleasantly excited to find that our Snape theory is still in the running, muh HA *steeples fingers*. The whole lame Snape-Lily thing looks like it's going to play a part in this book, but at least from what we can tell it'll be in a way that won't make me vomit and want to club Mrs. Rowling over the head with something heavy.

There was something else I was going to write about in this post but I didn't write about it first so of course now I've forgotten. :P

Countdown until Harry Potter book seven: 92 days!

How many men can you cram in a tiny basement with four TVs and four XBox’s?

Saturday, March 31, 2007 -- 1:14 pm
Mood: 10 Hungry, I had no breakfast

So far. . .seven. More are apparently on the way. It's Halo Party day and my house will be filled with gamer's with a love of aforementioned Halo. It's beyond me, frankly, how that many people can play video games for nine hours straight in such a cramped little room; but on the other hand, I suppose one may think the same in regards to how I can happily create M&M characters for hours and not have my brain melt out of my ears. And on that clever segue, OMG M&Ms!

Me and Mason~! Omg we're just so cute it's unbelievable.

Aaaaaaand. . .Severus M&M! Simply because it was too good to pass up. Oh, LAWL.

I've created a bunch more of my friends because I'm a giant nerd and they'll most likely be posted later. For now I believe I shall bake some cookies because all this lack of gaming on my part is making me crave chocolate chip Betty Crocker-ness.

Countdown until Harry Potter book seven: 111 days!

Dear Mrs. Rowling,

Wednesday, March 7, 2007 -- 1:26 pm
Mood: 03 Not working

Not trying to sound pushy or anything, but you really need to get Harry Potter book seven out now so I can get on with my life. It is getting to the point where I can no longer function. With an avid HP crazed sister who daily provokes HP discussions and musings, combined with me already having an overactive imagination on steroids, I’m not getting anything done at work and have several times almost missed my bus stop because my mind is simply overrun with the palpable excitement for Deathly Hallows, and there is just not enough room in my brain for both that as well as day-to-day running of my life for the next four and half months.

Seriously. Please pick up the pace.

Or send the complete unedited manuscript to my home address.

You know, whatever.


PS: please do not cop out on this one by making Snape and Lily *airquote* a thing *airquote* or I will hunt you down beat you with a paddle and not in a sexy way. Mmkaythnx.


Smote this candy.

Thursday, February 15, 2007 -- 8:19 pm
Mood: 14 Rueing the candy gods

Don't you hate it when you have a really awesome cherry red sucker and when you try to rip it from it's childproof little plastic wrap prison the stick comes out of the sucker part? Now it's not even a sucker but just some lame red candy. This has been another disappointing sucker adventure. I should know better by now. *Pops it in her mouth anyway, doomed to repeat her past candy-filled mistakes*


I'm reading Harry Potter 1 - 6 once more. Hopefully despite the severe lack of reading time I have these days I will be finished the first six books in time for the July release date and my brain will be simply brimming over will HP knowledge and thus will amplify the splendid, impending glee that shall ensue.

The following are rad:

It's like a giant IKEA slinky!
What the employees at Club Fit do after closing.
LAWLomgLAWL *Going to hell*

Happy belated Valentines Day to everyone, even those who think of it as nothing more than a corporate exploitation of affection in order to turn a profit. Shut up and eat chocolate.

“Beauty often seduces us on the road to truth.””And triteness kicks us in the nads.”

Sunday, February 4, 2007 -- 3:58 pm
Mood: 12 Pending implosion-y

I'm not even going to try to upstage my sister in her excitement for the July 21st release announcement for Harry Potter 7, Deathly Hallows, because to do so would mean writing in size 20, bold, capslock font, with abounding exclamation points, and maybe the odd animated gif of exploding stars and hearts. Which would make my blog cry, and in the end wouldn't really even convey the actual level of excitement that courses through my veins like chocolate infused with crack cocaine. All I can say is that I am very excited, and by comparison, I don't believe any of my friends are nearly excited enough. (There was a disappointing lack of squealing from Daniel at the news. I mean, wtf, man? WTF? *cries*) There will be a countdown, mark your ass. Starting. . .now.

I've been watching glorious gobs of House M.D. lately. I'm currently watching my way through the season one DVD box set and Hugh Laurie has very quickly nestled himself a little nook of his own in the twisted, insane little part of my heart reserved for angry, bitter, lovable male characters that I go gaga over. It hasn't helped any when I found out that the spot-on American accent is completely fake and that Mr. Laurie is actually sexy British~ He's like an adorable Simon Cowell with a limp. :B

Lawl. Yay for breaking out in random choreographed dance routines.

I need to make a new blog layout. :P This one is more than a year old and is in need of a face lift. The trouble is, when you do web design everyday from 9 - 4, five days a week, the last thing you're really in the mood to do when you get home is more web design. =_= Maybe I'll do some layout sketches tonight. . .while watching more House. . . ¬_¬

Countdown until Harry Potter book seven: 166 days!

Curses! I've already used my Snape avatar already! Good thing I have a spare!