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March: In like a lamb, out like… uh, a different lamb.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 -- 7:54 pm

Poor March, no blog post for you.

Sorry for the long absence.  I'm not what really happened to March, it sort of just slipped in and then slipped right back out again like very sneaky, early spring ninja with nothing much of note to show for it other than my SHINY NEW iMAC OMG!  Yes, for anyone who has some how missed my fangirlish squeeing last month, I finally bit the bullet and retired my faithful old 2006 computer and its perpetual spinny beach ball of doom for the newest sleek model, complete with OS X Lion *rawr*.  It's fantastic to once again be able to run more than one program at the same time without my computer sputtering and coughing and wheezing like a 102-year-old man with asthma.

*Pats computer adoringly and spoils it with treats when no one is looking -- which really consists of force feeding Ghirardelli chocolates into its super drive while making disgusting cooing noises at it, and then a month later looking perplexed and distraught when her new computer dies on her without warning and only the curious, smoking smell of burning chocolate trailing from the CD slot.*

So April is here and with it promises a month full of exciting shinies~  Not only does it herald:

  1. the end of my first year of school (huzzuh!  Rejoice!  I get my life back!  ...Or at least I do for a couple of weeks before I start my two online spring classes... =_=;)
  2. my birthday (once again I am at a complete loss with remembering how old I'm turning unless I take the time to actually do the math, so I'm just going to refer to it as my 20-something birthday)

but it also marks...

  1. the start of the second season of Game of Thrones!  *Squee squee squee!*  I MUST FIND A TEAM TYRION SHIRT.
  2. the premiere of the new Avatar series, Legend of Korra!  *Even more fangirly squee-age!*
  3. the official (and long-awaited) Guild Wars 2 pre-order event (which just happens to fall on the same day as my birthday.  You can bet that the avid gamers in my life are far more excited for April 10th to arrive for this reason alone than they are for my birthday.)

And oh, I'm also going on a fabulous road trip this month to the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo!  Oh yeah, and did I mention that James Marsters and Patrick Stewart are going to be there?  And Stan Lee?  And Adam West?  And Wil Wheaton?  And hey, the rest of the entire Star Trek: Generations main cast (which conveniently is also half of the cast from Disney's Gargoyles, which I'm an even bigger fan of than Star Trek.)  This is going to be fabulously NERD-TACULAR.  :B

While we're down there we're going to visit the Calgary Zoo too, which I'm also excited about because I've heard it's awesome and I've never had the chance to go.  It seems like every time anyone I know plans a Calgary Zoo day trip, I'm always left behind.  (This makes Brenna a sad panda. A sad, adorable RED PANDA which I will see AT THE ZOO.)


Also, for anyone who's the least bit interested, I've added a new Twitter account (in addition to my personal one) that will be mostly centered around library and book/reading-related stuff that I find around the web and think is interesting.  I've set up an adjoining Tumblr account along the same theme.  FOLLOW ME AND LEARN LIBRARY-RELATED THINGS.  Or just laugh at amusing items like this.  That's cool too.

In which I shamelessly fangasm all over the “Song of Ice and Fire” series.

Sunday, February 12, 2012 -- 10:39 pm

It's been months since I last did a book recap, and in that time, many books have been read!  I haven't finished writing them all up yet, so I figured I'd pull the ol' "post some now and finish the rest later when you're not so lazy" deal.  God, I suck at this.

  • Taliesin (The Pendragon Cycle, #1) by Stephen R. Lawhead
    A retelling of the Arthur Pendragon and Merlin legend, this first book in the series is the first I've read that delves deep into Merlin's parents, their lineage, and the events that unfold to bring about the conception of the great wizard.  It was interesting in the sense that this version weaves the mythos of the lost city of Atlantis and its mysterious destruction in with the famous Arthurian saga, but if you're only in it for the Arthurian side of things then it's a rather disappointing start to the series; don't expect Merlin or Arthur to be popping up in any significant way here yet.  I struggled to connect with the characters and plot in this book, and while the story was decent, I found myself wishing I could just skip over it and get to the good stuff later on in the series with characters I actually recognized and cared about.  3/5
  • Be Ready When the Shit Goes Down by Forrest Griffin
    Sometimes you just need a completely ridiculous, nonsensical read, and that's where UFC light heavyweight champion, Forrest Griffin, comes in with his apocalypse survival manual.  Occasionally laugh-out-loud hilarious, often offensive, and even a bit genuinely informative at times, this book is a good in-between book reader, as long as you're not immediately turned off by Griffin's blunt, crude humor and can take the shit he says for a grain of salt and recognize most of it as the satire it really is.  My suggestion is to avoid trying to read this book in one sitting; take breaks, read something else, and come back to it now and then -- because a third of the way through, the poop and sex jokes, the macho man preaching, and the general buffoonery will begin to get old.  3/5
  • The Wise Man's Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #2) by Patrick Rothfuss
    The second highly-anticipated book in the Kingkiller Chronicle fantasy trilogy, continuing Kvothe's story both in and out of the University.  It was a great follow-up to The Name of the Wind; the characters are great, the story is fantastic.  Similar to its predecessor, there are a few lulls here and there (I personally could have done with about 50% less Fae-filled sexcipades,) but nothing unforgivable.  I eagerly await Rothfuss' completion of book three, where Kvothe will hopefully come into his prime and unleash his utter awesomeness and badassness to the world at large. 4/5
  • Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman
    Can't help but enjoy anything Gaiman writes, even if it is usually a bit of a crackfest half the time.  Similar to American Gods, Gaiman introduces a pinch of fantasy-filled, supernatural hijinks into the mundane life of Joe Shmoe -- in this case, good-intentioned Fat Charlie discovers both that he's the son of a god, and that he has a brother he's never met who's coming home to make his life considerably stranger.  The title alone of this book was enough to catch my eye.  My limited knowledge of various God mythology consists of a rickety foundation of what I learned in elementary school and from watching Disney's Gargoyles; however, coincidentally, one of the episodes of Gargoyles just happened to be based around the spider and trickster god, Anansi.  (See?!  Cartoons were always teaching me something.)  Gaiman spins a web that is high entertaining and engaging.  (See the pun there?  Yeah, sometimes I do that.  *Flicks her shirt collar up in a "too cool for school" move*)  4/5
  • A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2) by George R.R. Martin
    Okay, so even after my lacklustre review of book one, A Game of Thrones, I decided what the hell, and plunged into the second book -- and a good thing too, because holy crap, the story starts getting amazing!  *Wild and violent flailing of the fangirlish variety*  Seriously.  Book one was tedious at times, but by book two, I was hooked.  Tyrion, Jon, and Dany are still my favorite characters, but the Arya and Sansa chapters even started getting interesting; Theon I could take or leave, and Joffrey is still a rotten little maggot that I want to punch in the face, but overall this sequel was vastly more entertaining than the first (even despite disturbing scenes depicting shadow demons clawing forth from bloody wombes which may or may not have damaged me permanently on some psychological level.)  D:}  I think it helped this time around that I had recently finished watching the HBO Game of Thrones series, so all of the plot stuff and countless characters that overwhelmed me from book one was conveniently condensed and solidified down for my poor brain.  Next time I get all snotty and turn my nose up at a series like this, I give you permission to smack me upside the head with something hard and heavy.  4/5
  • Merlin (The Pendragon Cycle, #2) by Stephen R. Lawhead
    The sequel to Taliesin, this book picks up where the first left off, and tells the story of young Merlin's years growing up.  I don't have much to say about this one since I didn't actually finish it...  *Shame clouds rain down shamey-filled rain*  I couldn't help it.  I had just finished reading A Clash of Kings, and I found myself in withdrawl; faced with the decision between the exciting prospect of plunging into the third Song of Ice and Fire novel or continuing to plod through a somewhat lacklustre retelling of Merlin's pubescence, I broke down and abandoned it for more epic fantasy, George R.R. Martin style.  While I don't regret my decision one bit (OMG THE THIRD SoIaF WAS SO AWESOME!), it was a little disappointing to leave Lawhead's series hanging like that.  Let's be honest though, the book wasn't really holding my attention.  This is probably due in no little part to both the fact that Lawhead's writing so far is pretty dry, as well as the simple truth that after reading Mary Stewart's Arthurian Saga a while back, other versions just can't hold a candle to it.  2/5

I think it’s worth mentioning one more time how much I hate this season.

Monday, November 26, 2007 -- 9:20 pm
Mood: 08 COLD! >_<

OMFG. Winter is here, fellow Albertans, and like always it ain't pretty sunshine and lollipops. *mumble grumble grumble* It doesn't help that 1) my car starter has gone on the fritz this year and refuses to work, so that means cold driving for me; and 2) I think the heat in our apartment is busted too... It's freezing in here and pumping up the thermostat doesn't seem to change it any. Thankfully Mason hooked up his smarmy electric blanket this evening so by the time I tuck in for the night it should be all warm and toasty~ XD YAY electric blankets! (Sans potential fiery death obviously...the nagging little paranoia in the back of head will nag me to check that it's turned off every morning.)

Beowulf was awesome! I'm not actually sure if I'd say that the 3D-ness made it better or not, I mean after the first twenty minutes of being all "WOW HOLY SHIT IT'S COMING OUT AT MY FACE!" you kind of forget it's there and it's like you're just watching a regular movie again. It was entertaining though, full of bloody fighting and slinky Angelina Jolie demons and naked Beowulf~ I also got done almost half of my Christmas shopping! Look at me, I'm totally on schedule!

In the spirit of the consumer-filled holidays, here's some shameless promotional plugging of things that you should really be interested if you're not already:

1) Gargoyles season 3 comics! Chelle received the first five available issues in the mail and like the greedy moocher I am I read them all in one night. Being a long time die-hard fan I feel the need to lend my hand in the loyal promotion of Greg Weisman's baby in hopes that Disney will some day pick it back up or at the very least sell the rest of the series on DVD. So buy season one and the first part of season two on DVD at Amazon! Buy the comics! Help Gargoyles live again! (Past nerdy now, I am aware.)

2) IconBuffet! Dammit, Sarah got me all hooked on this site again. *shakes fist* It's like trading and collecting stamps, only they're cute icons that you can use on websites and anything you make. I sent out invites to all the designer type people I know who may be interested and only two signed up. Come on, people. I get 50 points for every person I refer! It's fun! It's addicting! (And remember, I get POINTS.)

I was all excited this past weekend to go on a special outing and now I have to wait for another whole week because our silly tank isn't warm enough and the silly water isn't finished doing all it's chemical balancing hoo ha. In any event this upcoming weekend if all goes according to previous plans there will be pictures posted -- I won't tell you of what but I'll give you the subtle hint that it may or may not be fish shaped. *glee*

(Chelle, I'm very very tempted to steal Gale's absolutely perfect name, for lack of anything as so absolutely perfect and fitting. I'm afraid what ever I choose just wouldn't compare. Other ideas? Suggestions?)

Damn you Shaw, you lied to us!

Monday, November 19, 2007 -- 8:51 pm
Mood: 08 Bitter

You said you were fast! You boasted of unmatchable high speed intrawebbing! Now on a Monday evening I'm sitting here waiting for blogger to load for five minutes. I can't even play Guild Wars it's lagging so much. A pox on your money grubbing lying corporation! *shakes fist*

We went to the Taboo Sex Show on Saturday at Northlands, a giant romp through one gigantanormous sex shop. Ashley and I watched the male strippers and I bought a chocolate penis and ate it while I mosied through the dildos and fuzzy handcuffs. It was rather tasty~ My only regret is that I bought tickets beforehand online -- we ended up entering in through the exit doors unknowingly so we bypassed the entire ticket process at the front gates thus negating my $20.00 worth of online transactions. *Feels ripped*

Yay, I finally got my necklace de-knot-afied~ Never again will I put you in my purse all tangled. *hearts* Thanks to the nice and only slightly patronizing woman at Peoples Jewelry who fixed it for me.

I lurk a bit around some of the Nexopia Harry Potter forums and like the big geek that I am I joined a thread where you answer a list of questions and the other forum members sort you into a Hogwarts House. They all put me into Hufflepuff! T-T People I don't even know are sorting me into Hufflepuff. And by unanimous decision! (Well...aside from the one vote to make me a squib and/or muggle...what a burn to me, lol.) *Sweatdrop*

OMG OMG OMG, Chelle found out that Greg Weisman is continuing season 3 of Gargoyles in comic form! XD They're already on Amazon! I want to leech them off you so bad, Chelle! *flails* SO EXCITED.

I'm reading Hush again, the sexy Batman comic with the equally sexy art simply because it's that gorgeous~ Jim Lee is my comic book artist hero. *Has his prettily-drawn comic babies*

We're seeing Beowulf on Saturday in IMAX 3D, and even if the movie itself sucks it's going to be awesome anyway! There's going to be dragons and crazy giant ass birds and other insanely sweet things jumping out from the screen at my face! It's going to rock!

I notice my blogs are less of entries about one subject or story, but more of a jumbled confusing mess of rambling thoughts. This is my mind, people. It's not so much linear as it is one of the crazy spirographs that you used to play with as a kid. :D

School has sprung, January must be here. . .

Tuesday, January 10, 2006 -- 8:46 pm
Mood: Content~

I meant to write all these posts during Christmas break to satisfy my poor blog, and it just never happened. I was kind of preoccupied during the holiday with work and spending lots of splendid time with my Aryan Ninja. :3 Things are going really well, and that fills me with happy~ Last night we saw Brokeback Mountain and it was good. (A little less hot cowboy love than I was hoping for, but still very good. But their love was so VIOLENT! :x)

Unfortunately, yesterday school started all up again, so now I'm going to go back to having very little time for anything except bloody homework which I'm sure they're just waiting to pile on us in the next couple of days. *Cries* I miss my free time already! Good news though, I got my marks back from first semester, and I finished with 90s in almost everything, except 3D and video, but I was expecting as much so it's no real letdown there. I was really surprised that I ended up with a 79% on my flash animation, since I handed it in far from finished. That blew me away. Maybe he just mixed my mark up with someone else's. . . I'm not saying anything though. ¬__¬

Let's see, what else since I last posted. We went to The Globe the other night to celebrate Vance's birthday. None of my dancing dancing buddies were there though, so it was a lot of sitting and trying to shout conversations over the noise. New Years was awesome, however! I actually finished an entire cooler in the course of the night, so it didn't end up getting me drunk, but it's a record for me in any event. (I'm such a lightweight, ho ho. . . *sweatdrop*) It was nice just hanging with a bunch of people all night, even though some didn't come or couldn't make it. I'm not seeing everyone as much as I used to, and that's making me a little depressed. It's hard to get everyone together anymore.

I bought the first volume of the Gargoyles second season, and it rocks my face off as only one of the best parts of my childhood possibly can. I also ordered Hot Gimmick 10 off the Chapters website, because I have all of this pretty Chapters money from Christmas just begging to be used up, and this way I get the thrill of having something arrive in the mail for me that isn't a bill.

OOH! And while on my periodic Grievous web-surfing excursions, I discovered that they're coming out with a Grievous short story in the next issue of Star Wars Insider, which obviously thrills me to death on many different fangirly levels. They're also doing a companion piece to it that's going up on the starwars.com, but you have to be a freaking Hyperspace member to see it. Which I am not. . . And membership for Canada costs $50.00. Which I do not want to spend. . . It fills me with terrible rage. *Twitch* Terrible. Rage.

Oh, and the last frame in VG Cats comic 184 made me laugh my ass off today in Design class. That is gold.

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These are terrible results because half of them are true, and the other half of them are just horrible! :x

Merry Ho Ho~

Sunday, December 25, 2005 -- 10:52 pm
Mood: Full of turkey

Merry Christmas, all! I have to agree with other people that Christmas didn't really feel much like Christmas this year, but it was still a good day. I got a two-button, scrolly mouse; a 1GB USB stick; a pair of heavy duty winter gloves, Tigger socks (OMG CUTE *wiggles feet*), the new Sarah McLachlan remix album, and bunch of assorted gift certificates for West Ed, Chapters, and the movies; and also the three Lord of the Rings movies (unfortunately, they're not the extended editions. . .so I'm going to trade them all in at the store and get me the boxset, yay!) Then from 11:00 to 9:00 we trooped around to different family gatherings, which is always. . .you know. . .less than awesome fun. And then it all carries over to tomorrow when we go to another family gathering. Christmas isn't actually very relaxing for our family; it's more like a two-day mass extended-family orgy of boredom. =_= Oh well.

OMGOMG, during my last minute Christmas shopping I found out that they've released the first 26 episodes of Gargoyles season two! XD TOTALLY BUYING THIS WEEK!!!

YAY, Orochimaru's finally back in the Naruto manga! Prepare to witness my Orochimaru-fangirl-craze resume very strongly in the coming weeks. You have been warned.

Lance and I watched American Beauty on Friday, which was INSANE and also AWESOME at the same time. I totally called that the psycho father was going to think his son was all cute and gay and flip out!

We also had our Christmas dinner extravaganza on Thursday, although half of the group didn't show up which saddened me. . .so it was more like a half-extravaganza. But the restaurant was freaking tasty, and King Kong totally kick the ass out of three T-Rex's; and the writer with the dark hair and the hooked nose reminded me of Snape, except that he smiled far too much and didn't have nearly as much bitter angst.

Mwa. . .I have to work at 9:15 tomorrow. T-T I book off Boxing Day every single year, and I never get it off. It fills me with a tiny, horrible rage. Maybe next year I'll try not booking it off, and then maybe I'll get it. We'll have to see.