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Ringing in the month of August, in all of its splendid but horribly busy and expensive DOOM.

Monday, August 15, 2005 -- 9:35 pm
Mood: S'right~

Haven't really gotten a chance to post for the last couple of weeks due to August being a rather heavily scheduled month of both the working and leisure variety. Last weekend was Animethon, and that was bloody awesome. I came home with a hundred dollars less but much the anime swag richer~ La la la, I got three Roy Mustang, Rock Lee, and Uchiha Itachi keychains; two Hatake Kakashi, and Maes Hughes pins; and five volumes of manga, Saiyuki, Naruto, Gravitation, Tramps Like Us, and Hot Gimmick. La la la la~! Once again, however, I didn't get my beloved Kakashi plushy. . .this is the second year in a row, last year they didn't have any and this year they didn't have the size I wanted. . .WHY DO YOU MOCK ME, PLUSHY VENDORS?! *Transforms into an enormous pink ferret mecha and rampages through the city, trampling buildings and disintegrating squealing civilians with her mighty ferrety eye lasers* I want a ferret. . .

I came home yesterday after a four-day camp out at Llama's house with everyone (and immediately showered. . .OMG, I'M CLEEEEAN!) We lounged, and ate, and played board games, took half and hour to build a fire in the fire pit (go us, TEAM FAILURE) and then lounged and ate some more, with particular emphasis on the lounging and the eating. Highlights included a three hour game of Killer Bunnies and drunken ninja battles; while downsides were getting horrendously lost in Edmonton (BUT CELEBRATORY DORITOS, YAY!), and obviously anything concerning pictures being taken of me asleep. *Glares at Amanda* YOU DIE NOW! And I have yet to decide whether or not seeing Tim Curry as an insane alien transvestite in Rocky Horror for the first time was a point of unbelievable awesome of the weekend or very possibly caused some mental trauma which I shall be paying for in therapy bills for the rest of my life. In any event, it was a nice way to round up the last of my two years as a lazy bum before I subject myself back to the diabolical clutches of post secondary.

And speaking of, I received my scary $11,000 NAIT tuition bill for my first year. :x *Sweatdrop* "The hell?! An extra $206 for medical and dental coverage that I already have?! YOU CAN STUFF THAT UP YOUR ASS!" If Tim Curry in fishnet stockings doesn't put me in therapy, the evil NAIT cash office of doom certainly will.

I like the part with the bunny.

Mystery Link. . .of Possible DOOM (What could it be, hmm? Perhaps something equally as amusing as punching bunnies. OR, perhaps it is actually in fact a picture of a t-shirt plastered with the biggest spoiler from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which I have deviously set here so as to test your curiosity for clicking links that you have no idea where they lead to, and punishing all those impulsive clicksters who do so by cruelly ruining the entire book for those who have not read it yet, all for the sake of finally being able to have openly in-depth conversations about book six with more people, hmm. . . (Or maybe this is just payback for taking pictures of me with messed up hair while I'm asleep! EAT THAT, HO HO!) What. Shall. YOU. DO?! Muh HA HA HA! I'm such an ass.)

Still alive. . .

Tuesday, April 5, 2005 -- 4:23 pm
Mood: Raging ball of gimpyness

You know, but just really really annoyed. My cracked elbow that was to have supposed to have healed up by March 26th and at that time was in a sling is now in a half cast and March is very much over. Apparently, hospital logic says that why heal an arm in one week when you can heal it in three weeks? *Flaps her heavy, plaster and tensor bandaged arm around and accidentally smokes an innocent passerby in the face and puts them in a coma.* I'm waking up early this Saturday to make it down to the hospital by 9:00 and hope to god that I'll be able to have the bloody thing off by party time later that evening. T-T

By some holy Satanic miracle I actually managed to finish all of my NAIT stuff and got it in on time for the deadline. I found out only two weeks before the deadline for applications that I also had to participate in the Student For a Day program as well as finish a two page career investigation report, not to mention finish my portfolio, which inevitably led to much scary running around and was not at all helped by my arm being in a cast and having to finish all of it one-handed. *Dies* Happiness upon finishing my report was short-lived when my dad the Nazi Editor brandished his scary red editing pen of doom and helped me look it over, and fifteen minutes into it he's like, "Ha ha ha. I'm only done the first paragraph!" *Holds up my paper to show the massive glob of red*

(And when I was at the NAIT campus, I ate at the cafeteria where I bought yummy rice and chicken for lunch. Rice and chicken! I can have one of my favorite non-pasta meals at school every day! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!)

Other than school-related stresses, I haven't done tons of particularly anything lately, partly because I'm lazy and partly because I'm a big chicken and am terrified about driving any significant distance one-handed for fear of crashing and burning horribly in a ball of firey death, despite what my family assures me of otherwise. I saw Bride and Prejudice with Amanda and Lance and that rocked awesome to degrees I never thought sexy Naveen Andrews singing and dancing and just generally being hot could possibly be. Then last week Brock, Vance, and I watched Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle which was also pretty awesome but in a completely different, stoned-off-your-face sort of way. Then Sin City on Saturday fucked up, kicked, cannibalized, mauled, decapitated, and did a considerable amount of other gruesome things to my soul, but all the sick bone-crunching was evened out by Elijah Wood kicking up some sweet kung fu fighting, and gun-toting, trigger-happy prostitutes.

And on a completely different note, "Ninja Burger" rocks my face off. And I can win at it without realizing I'm doing it. . .when Melissa isn't foiling me with her whole devilish swooping in under the radar strategy. . . She's my board game arch nemisis. *Nobody realizes that they've been in cahoots the whole time. . .palming zombies, using loaded dice, and hiding ninja cards up their sleeves* (We're evil geniuses that way.)

*Munches on the last chunck of her chocolate bunny's foot* Mmmm. . .yummy Easter swag. . .the best of all holiday swag~

I just read in the newspaper today that Andy Dick bombed bad at his Friday night gig at YukYuks, so much that they fired him and cancelled his Saturday show. Apparently he didn't have anything even prepared and just goobed around on stage making out with people in the crowd and waving his ass. Crazy. @_o I'm glad I didn't end up buying tickets. Andy Dick kissage = screaming and running away.

Righty, off I scurry now. This has taken me a year and two days longer than it should have to write with one hand.

(Muh HA HA HA! And I've gotten Chelle hooked on Fullmetal Alchemist and Naruto, so now I have someone at home I can crow fangirlishly to about my shows which is cool. . .except that she calls Orochimaru "Ookie". . .and I want to beat her with a lead pipe.)


Thursday, February 17, 2005 -- 1:55 am
Mood: Meh

This week has been tiring for stupid reasons that shouldn't be, in turn making me feel equally stupid, thus provoking probably too much chocolate than is most likely healthy for one human body, and hours of Cardcaptor Sakura. Last couple of days work has been draaaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaaging, and I'm not looking forward to going back in tomorrow and standing for another seven hours that will seem like seven YEARS. *Falls off chair in a congealed mess on floor*

Seanathan sent me this link, and I was distracted from stupidness by better stupidness that made me gafaw (I don't think anyone has ever actually "gafaw"-ed, but it's a fun word so let's go with it.)

Had my first crash course in Macromedia Flash on the weekend. Flash eats my soul. It's simpler than I thought it would be, the basics anyway, but in a very loooooong, drawn out, time-consuming sort of way. A three minute flash movie like on Albino Blacksheep -- I would DIE before I can imagine making and finishing one of those.

Inane is getting sloppy on their Naruto translations. . .this saddens me. The news that Naruto has been licensed also aggravates me to a degree, for the sole reason that I fear having to be forced to resort to IRC to download episodes if bittorrent downloads become unavailable. I'll have to rage. Just a bit.

More links that have been compiling in my mailbox:

This happies me. Especially the dragging the mouse through the wood shavings part.

While this disturbs me.


Gafaw! Matrix cow.

citroen_C4.wmv (You have to right-click and save this one to watch it, or you get a 404 error.)

Amanda-chan, you must show me this HP badger flash movie. It haunts my dreams at night. "Snaaaaaaape. Snaaaaaaape."

On with the quizes. For each of your fandoms, list:

Fandom: Escaflowne
1. A character you absolutely worship: Dilandau
2. A character you like: Folken
3. A character you could give or take: Allen
4. A character you don't really care for: Hitomi
5. A character you'd like to stab: Millerna

Fandom: Naruto
1. A character you absolutely worship: Orochimaru
2. A character you like: Gaara and Kakashi (so torn. . .)
3. A character you could give or take: Naruto
4. A character you don't really care for: Neji
5. A character you'd like to stab: Sakura

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
1. A character you absolutely worship: Roy
2. A character you like: Hughes
3. A character you could give or take: Winry
4. A character you don't really care for: Tucker
5. A character you'd like to stab: Rose

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
1. A character you absolutely worship: Spike
2. A character you like: Practically every other character EVER.
3. A character you could give or take: Dawn
4. A character you don't really care for: Riley
5. A character you'd like to stab: Kenedy

Looking forward to next week on West Wing -- Josh and Toby, THROW DOWN! Be there next Wednesday! *Girly cat fight ensues* I want Josh and Donna to snog. It would happy me. (Lack of grammer also happies me. And lack of spell check.)

Okay, I'm out.

Merry slightly-belated Christmas to my computer~

Thursday, December 30, 2004 -- 3:03 am
Mood: S'right

That's right, baby. We are now OS X-ified. Mmm, sexy. Rarw~ *Showers her Macintosh with love. It purrs.* The poor thing still has a bit of a head cold from all of this scary operating system upgrading, and in the mean time I'm deprived from my usual dual monitor set up, and Photoshop hasn't been loaded yet, the scanner isn't working, I've discovered that the new Safari web browser is a whore and I need to recode lots of websites to work in it, and there's tons of things I haven't figured out yet, but nevertheless OS X rocks my face off for the most part.

I've gone shopping twice in the last week and have bought an over-abundance of wonderful things, among them being many pretty shirts, volume seven of the Evangelion manga, volumes one to four of Hot Gimmick, season six of Buffy, two FMA posters, Romeo and Juliett DVD, lots of La Senza pretty things, the first Bridget Jones Diary book, and. . .*drumroll*. . .A NEW CELLPHONE! It's a cute little Samsung flip phone, and I bought a red cover for it, and I loooooove it.

My car starter is being installed on Friday morning! Which also means I have to wake up at 6:00 in the morning in order to have it in by 7:00. . . =__=; Good news is that I'll have the two or three hour wait while it's being done to read my new mangas. *Reads her shoujo in the waiting room and begins giggling and rolling around in her chair. All the other customers look scared.*

Hmm, out of things to say again. . . Dodgeball is freaking hilarious, and the montage scene with people getting hit in the face with wrenches practically killed me, holy shit, I couldn't stop laughing. Ben Stiller rocks my world. Seriously. I'm just kidding though. But not really.

Things. . .

. . .you shouldn't do with glue.

The happy anime gods are planting flowers of love in my garden. (Dirty innuendo not implied.)
(Well. . .maybe a little.)

Tuesday, August 17, 2004 -- 3:53 am
Mood: Doing the happy geek thing.

Warning now -- nothing but anime nattering at four in the morning before I go to bed. Anyone who's not interested in my babbling can kiss my ass.

YAY YAY YAY. Spoon is BACK! *Runs around in circles* After suddenly disappearing for more than a month they've started releasing Full Metal Alchemist episodes again, no more crappy subs for ME.

YAY YAY YAY. Sucessfully downloaded the entire season of Sailor Moon Super that I've never seen. Go team Amanda for giving me the bittorrent links!

YAY YAY YAY. AF-F released episode 10 of Samurai Champloo, and Mugen rocks my socks off.

YAY YAY YAY. The new trailor for the Naruto movie shows teenage Anbu Kakashi! And his voice over sounds angsty! And he's riding on a dogsled! Muh ha ha ha ha! *Falls off chair*

And color me sad how episode 96 of Naruto did little less than rape Orochimaru's ass just for the sake of filler. What the hell was up with Tsunade beating the shit-kicking tar out of Oro? She punches him once in the manga, and all of a sudden in the anime she's nailing him over and over for five minutes straight. "Hmm, Mr. Producer, this episode is too short for our time slot. I know, let's KICK OROCHIMARU'S ASS!" Right up there with Kakashi and Gaara, Orochimaru is one my favorite characters in the manga at least; he's awesome and he looks so badass, but he's drawn terrible in the anime and they keep degrading his all-around cool factor. BOO~ All right, that was my rant and now it's over. Let's wrap this up with a freshy drawn piccy since I'm all fangirly right now anyway:

YAY YAY YAY. Orochimaru chibi!

Damn snakes, it's like trying to train a long, slithery cat. (Sure, so now maybe I'm degrading him -- but it's a chibi Oro-chan. He just begs to be degraded in cute, helpless, puppy dog ways. I should have drawn him wearing bunny slippers.) Like always, I wish I could color it, but I already tried, and I failed, so then I gave up. *Teardrop*

Bacon Bites. They’re like licorice Nibs . . . except bacon.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004 -- 2:29 am
Mood: Yay! Writers block is starting to go away! I should be writing, not blogging!

Haven't posted in a while, one third due to my internet being a whore over the past week and randomly melting down on my ass when ever it pleases; one third being because I'm lazy; and the last third because my eye is twitching right now and is driving me insane, and I actually can't remember what the real final reason was. So ignore that last one third of a fraction. I would try to spin a pun involving fractions and math at this point but I don't remember anything from Math30 Pure. I hereby appoint this task to Brock.

The new opening theme for FMA, "Rewrite", is awesome. It's like . . . FREEZE FRAME! Head bob-age. GROOVE. Yeeee~~~~aah.

We had an Alien and Predator -athon for Chris's birthday on Saturday. That's all three Alien movies -- because according to the angry mob that are my friends, "Resurrection" doesn't count -- and two Predator movies. Put them together and they ultimately combine to form the Brenna Doomsday Device decked out in scary monster costumes. I used to be a horror nut back in the day, but then the Gremlins movies ate my soul, and now I'm very much not. But I watched them anyway, because I'm stupid. Alien was all right, I felt good; after Predator I was still going strong; Aliens left me in not so fine shape; then Predator 2 punched me in the fucking face. By the time we were about to finally stick in the third Alien installment, I whipped the blanket off my head and firmly declared that enough was enough and that I was going home for fear that the final movie would send me into another Gremlins relapse where I refuse to sleep in a room alone or walk around my house without every single light on for a full week. So I drove home ALONE, in the DARK, swearing at myself for being so STUPID, then RAN into my house and stayed up watching two hours of Sailor Moon before I decided I could go to sleep.

I've been invited to the Alien vs. Predator movie. Call me crazy, but I don't think I'm going to go.

In other news, I'm very sad that the fansubbing group, Spoon, seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet without little as a word and have forced me to finally pick up where they left off and begin watching SS and Sonchou fansubs of Full Metal Alchemist. I don't like having to switch subs mid-series, and Sonchou quality is not Spoon quality. Emphasis on the sadness.

And god damnit, they killed off Kimbley. I cried, I raged, I was very close to writing angry letters. At this time, I wish to take a moment to fondly remember Kimbley, in all of his gleeful bomb crazy glory. Even so close to death he looks so happy. ♥ That aside, this is really becoming an alarming trend in FMA; first Hughes, then Greed, now Kimbley. . . Eventually they're going to continue smoking off characters until they kill off every single living person on the face of the Earth except for Ed, Al, and Roy; and Ed and Roy are just going to stand there glowering at each other and Ed going to be like, "I hate you," and Roy will be like, "I hate you," and Al's going to have no choice but to just sit there on a little dune of sand brooding about how he got stuck with the two most gloomy, angry, and bitter people on the planet. He'll probably wish somebody had killed him off too.