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I’m still alive. Barely.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 -- 1:00 am


Seriously though?  The combination right now of school, homework, and working part-time is all kinds of unpleasant.

I spend my entire day walking around in a constant state of fretful anxiety, worrying and strategizing on how I'm going to get the current class assignment finished and how little time there is to finish all of the rest of the assignments following afterward.  It's not that I'm doing bad in my classes -- I am, in fact, doing pleasantly well grade-wise -- but trying to stay on top of my course load and maintain my marks while at the same time not completely neglect the rest of my life is becoming... problematic.  I think we can all agree that I hit an especially low point last week which involved me having a mini meltdown while cleaning the kitchen at 10 p.m.  Let me explain: in our house, the chores are split up and one of my jobs is washing the dishes.  It's pretty safe to say that for the past two months since I started school, the dishes have not been clean.

"Why can't I do the dishes?!" *Sob sob sob* "Why can't I even keep on top of something *sob sob* as simple as keeping the kitchen clean?!" *Sob hiccup sob*

True story.  Somewhat pathetic (and hilarious in hindsight,) but true.

I know I'm not the only one in my class suffering from a severe case of November burnout, and it's a little bittersweet to think that there's only nine days until I escape for a much-needed week away in the Caribbean.  On the one side, YAY VACATION YAY OMGINEEDTHISSOBAD.  On the other side, I now have even more assignments I need to get finished before next Thursday to make up for the time I'll be away.  As it stands, I will already be bringing a backpack full of school work with me on the ship.  Nothing dampens a day at port in the Bahamas like spending it in your stateroom doing homework.  :P

All right, no more whining now.  Suck it up, princess.  *Brushes the angst off her clothes*

In other somewhat belated news, Toby finally has his glass door!  It's fantastic.  Toby once again gets to see what's going on outside his room, we get some natural light in our hallway again, and Iroh gets hours of endless entertainment and frustration.  Everyone wins.

It is, at times, hard to physically pry the cat away from this spot now.

Careful, I think I’m contagious.

Sunday, March 27, 2011 -- 11:41 pm

Someone from on high atop the cosmic plain of germy doom has seen fit to ladle me up a helpful heaping of sickness this past week.  For the past four days I've been stumbling around the house in my pajamas in a zombie-like (and extremely sexy) state of non-stop sneezing, coughing, achy, shivering dizziness.  I've been popping Cold FX and the occasional Advil Cold & Sinus to make me coherent just long enough to finish up some contract work I had to do this weekend, but other than that I've been fairly horizontal.  My throat feels like a particularly vicious cat has clawed its way up out of it and taken a good chunk of my vocal cords along with it, and I've spent most of the last 96 hours curled up in a nest of blankets under the mistaken delusion that if I sleep long enough this cold bug will just get bored and leave me alone and find a different hapless victim.  (No luck so far with that.)

To make matters worse I think I've unintentionally passed my havoc-wreaking germs to Mason, a feat neither of us can comprehend, since it's been a long-standing ritual in our house that Mason refuses to come anywhere near me, much less touch me with a ten-foot pole when I'm sick with anything for fear of catching it.  Though personally I blame this plague on him in the first place -- he was the one that was sick a couple weeks ago.  His residual ninja-like germs must have been hiding somewhere in the house all this time, biding their time until they could let loose with their terror once more; and now the two of us will be forever cursed to pass them back and forth between one another again and again until we both finally succumb to sicky death and are buried side-by-side in matching antibacterial face masks; or until wild dogs break into the house while we are too weak to fend them off and are found by the authorities days later nibbling on the remains of our pale, pasty toes.  (Don't trust Iroh and Toby either -- their love only goes as far as their bellies.  Once they realized regular meals were no longer forthcoming, don't think they wouldn't join the dogs in picking the clammy flesh from our bones!)

I'm crossing my fingers that the worst is over and hoping tomorrow will finally mark a turn for the better.  I suppose it's a small blessing that we're both getting the whole cold thing done with and out of our systems now and not right before the wedding.  *Knock on wood*  Excuse me while I go swallow more drugs now and crash in my bed once again, but not before I board up all of the doors and windows against any roaming packs of savage canines.  ...And lock the cat and rabbit up in the bathroom.  ...Just as a precaution.  *Iroh and Toby exchange shifty glances.*

EHS Volunteering

Saturday, September 11, 2010 -- 2:11 pm
Mood: 07 Warm and fuzzy inside

This morning I attended a orientation session for new volunteers at the Edmonton Humane Society. It's actually the second one I've gone to in the last year or two, but after the first one I never heard anything back from them on how to proceed to the next step, so I'm not sure if I got lost in the fray some where down the line or what. Luckily this time around seemed much more organized and I walked out happily at the end with a yellow EHS volunteer shirt and everything~

The lady from the EHS (who has also served as an EMT) who headed the session started it off by talking a little about her time in New York several years back, and how she was there the day of and helped out during the events of 9/11. She showed us some of her own pictures that she'd taken during and after the attacks, as well spoke about and showed us photos of some of the animal rescue units that assisted in the aftermath; like how the search and rescue dogs were transported across the rubble and debris. Also how in addition to the typical medium to large sized breeds that you usually see with emergency crews, 9/11 had a lot of tiny miniature dogs like poodles and terriers working with the team as well since they could get into so many smaller spots than the rest of of the search and rescue animals. It was really interesting to hear about.

I chose to sign up for the EHS cat socialization volunteer program (you had the option between cats and dogs), so I'm going in for a mentoring session for that on Tuesday. In passing the staff also asked who of us had any experience with smaller mammals like rabbits (I think there was only two of us in the whole room), so I'm arranging another much smaller session to cover that so I can volunteer with both.

I love the EHS, they're such a wonderful organization with the nicest facility and staff. I've wanted to help out some way with them for the longest time. So excited~ :3

Update on kitty madness and Halloween preparations.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 -- 9:57 pm
Mood: 03 Sleepy. Mornings are coming way too early.

Update: I still love my kitty! X3 Iroh is so adorable. And sweet. And cuddly. And playful. And hilarious. And did I mention that he purrs ALL THE TIME? Seriously, it's non-stop, we call him the little motorboat. The vet couldn't even listen to his heart because he was purring too much, lulz. For the last few days we've been allowing him supervised exploration upstairs on the main floor, and he goes crazy with excitement and starts sticking his nose in everything. Very curious kitty. He seems to have a thing for my vase of fake plants in the living room so I have to continuously spray them down with Bitter Apple, but at least he's mostly staying away from the live plants. Unfortunately we have found that Iroh is becoming increasingly immune to the spray bottle -- he hops up on the table and we give him a spritz and he just sits there. We practically had to soak him the other night before he finally retreated. =_=; Maybe it's time to try the double-sided tape trick.

This weekend Iroh and Toby also met face-to-face for the first time after only glimpsing one another from opposite sides of the fence. Overall, it went reasonably well, if you define "reasonably well" as our 3 pound kitten being totally pwned by our tiny 2 pound bunny. :B OMG Toby's got spunk! Go Toby, go!

I brought Iroh in to the bunny room, holding him in my hands initially, and as soon as he got close Toby let out a cranky little grunt and did a little bunny charge at the cat! Who knew my timid little Netherland Dwarf had it in him -- he was all like "HMPH" and Iroh was like "GAAAH!" and Mason and I just stood there going "LOL LOL LOL LOL". It's a very positive start, and by that I don't mean that I'm a malicious jerk, I mean that it's good that Toby established his dominance right off the bat. The kitten needs a good bunny bop on the nose so he knows that messing with Toby is not allowed, and it worked -- Iroh was instantly more wary of the rabbit, exploring the room but staying far back along the walls or hiding behind my legs. For the most part Toby was very calm and laid back -- he just sort of went on with his own thing as Iroh checked out his room and only got cranky when the kitty came too close. Neither of them were hurt at all except maybe Iroh's pride, but deservedly so. *Kitten mews embarrassingly in protest.* We'll try a couple weeks of daily supervised interaction between the two of them and see how things progress.

(Adorably sweet video of cat-rabbit bonding because I'm an absolute sucker for cute videos like this. One can dream!)

We went out on the weekend and I found my costume for our Halloween Murder Mystery. I like it, except the skirt is *coughcough* a little shorter *coughcough* than was most likely appropriate for the year 1900, but for a steal at only $40 I'm not going to be picky. (I swear the skirt does not seem as short on me as it does in that picture! :x Depending on my comfort level I may or may not need to get some leggings...) But ooh, it's pretty and pink! I bought some gaudy gold necklaces to accessorize it with and will have to find something to do with my hair.

Edit: Okay so it turns out that I fucked up and the above costume is not so much 1900 as it is 1700ish. The girl at the store either lied to me or was as clueless as I was when I asked for something Victorian-esque -- though I guess this serves me right for not doing my own fashion era research beforehand so now I'm going to look stupid. *Sweatdrop*

Oh, October. I did not miss you.

Monday, October 5, 2009 -- 5:53 pm
Mood: 05 As good as I suppose one can be on a Monday

There never seems to be any sort of smooth transition from summer to autumn, one week it's +30 and then BAM! suddenly it's struggling to climb into the double digits. *Pulls out her gloves and hat to wait for the bus in the morning.* We officially turned on the heater for the first time since we moved in, and while it's very exciting to once more live in a home that has hot floor vents which I can cuddle around and warm my tootsies over, it also means that winter can't be that far around the corner. Witness my sad face.

I went to see the movie 9 this weekend. It was surprisingly creepy, with evil scrap metal, robo-doll-from-hell monsters that will probably come back to haunt me in some horrible nightmare. D: The movie itself was okay but something was just... missing. It's hard to explain exactly what, but I left the movie feeling disappointed and not really knowing why. It was a bit like you were always waiting for The Big Explanation that never came. I can't say it was really anti-climactic... it just fell very short of what I was expecting; kinda like the writer had all of this extensive and detailed backstory and plot all planned out, but it all just got glossed over in the film. I dunno. It was weird.

This upcoming Friday is going to be a very exciting day, because in case you hadn't already heard... I'm adopting a kitten! *Flail flail flail!* XD After -- and admittedly a little during -- our experience with Buddha when we realized we weren't fully "dog people" like we wanted to be, I went back to secretly contemplating a cat. With Mason firmly being of the anti-cat camp for years (much to my sadness), I was not very optimistic when I broached the subject with him this time, but he actually said YES! Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod. I've only wanted a kitty since, oh, I don't know -- like since I was ten. I tried really hard to be a dog person, I did, but I've always known I was a cat lover at heart. *Loves loves loves wonderful boyfriend~*

My plan is to go down to the SPCA this Friday to pick out a kitten so then I have the whole Thanksgiving long weekend to be with him while he gets settled in~ For the past two weeks, meanwhile, I've been crazily doing cat research and reading anything I can find about kitten care; as well as joining a very popular cat forum where I've found a wealth of answers and help from some very experienced cat owners. This weekend I went out and bought most of my kitten supplies, and I'll have a kitten safe room all set up for when I bring home our new addition on Friday evening~

Among the long list of reasons why I think a cat will be a much better fit into our household, one of them is Toby. I knew beforehand with the dog that the rule was that canines and rabbits do not usually mix (it can definitely be done, yes, but usually requires some very cautious, extensive training and does not help when your dog has an insanely high prey drive...) By comparison, cats and rabbits are apparently easy. I've read almost nothing but positive experiences when it comes to living in a cat-rabbit home -- the introduction still has to be slow and carefully done, but apparently ends often in either both parties completely ignoring each other (which I'd be fine with); or in some cases even bond (which would be an extra perk.) I have high hopes, and I'm holding out that in getting a tiny kitten that more or less matches Toby in size, my timid little bun will toughen up a bit and lay down some much-needed law with the cat when they first meet.

Very very excited for Friday~ :3

An emotional day.

Sunday, September 27, 2009 -- 4:52 pm
Mood: 11 Sad, disappointed, feeling like a failure.

This morning we made the very difficult decision to return Buddha to the shelter. :c It was a decision that neither Mason or I took lightly and were very torn about, but in the end decided it was best for both us and the dog.

Over the last week and a half, Buddha's behavior was becoming progressively worse each day and the more we tried to train him. He seemed to have some separation anxiety so he'd follow us every where we went, even if one of us just got up off the sofa and went across the room. He freaked out every time we'd leave the room or bar him from a certain part of the house for any reason, especially when we put him to bed in his crate for the night. He began chewing and destroying things while we were gone for the day and he was alone in the basement, which presented a significant problem because neither of us wanted to be forced to crate him during the nights as well as for the 8+ hours we were away at work.

He had also begun growling, barking, and acting a bit aggressively to get attention or when he was begging for table scraps. It wasn't outright hostility -- he wasn't baring his teeth or lunging but the growling still made me really nervous. He also snapped at Mason one night when we put him in a time-out for growling too much. Not to mention the way Buddha reacted when he saw wild rabbits outside during our walks made it fairly guaranteed that he never would have been able to be trusted for a moment around Toby's gated door.

The biggest issue was that Buddha was simply too active. He was going-going-going all the time. We took him for a walk or two a day, played with him constantly inside, and let him out in the backyard and nothing could tire him out. Neither Mason or I are extraordinarily active -- we enjoy computers and video games and movies. We just don't have the lifestyle or hobbies to have given him the proper care or exercise he needed. In the long run both us and the puppy would have ended up unhappy with the situation.

Mason and I talked about it late last week and decided to think about it over the weekend, but we both decided today that we just weren't the right home for him. It was really hard to bring him back. I cried in the car. He's already back up on the Humane Society website and I hope he gets adopted into the right family that can give him what he needs. We've concluded that it turns out neither of us are dog people, as much as we both tried and wanted to be, and donated all of Buddha's toys and belongings to the shelter as well. No more dogs for us.

We may try a more mellow sort of pet in the future (maybe a cat?) that's suited to our life, but nothing has been decided yet. All my love to Buddha, and I hope he finds his forever home.