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Shiny April is shiny.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 -- 11:58 pm


The past week, and today specifically, has been extra awesome:

  • I finished my last exam today, officially marking the successful end of my first year of school!  AWESOME.
  • I received my rocking new retro Batman tee from ThinkGeek today in the mail!  AWESOME.
  • I'm going to the dentist on Thursday to have a root canal done!  AWESOME.  Not awesome.  Not awesome at all.  }:[  (But don't worry, the next two items make up for any dentist-related lack of awesomeness.)
  • I got an email from Grant MacEwan saying that I'm being awarded a $1,000 scholarship for academic excellence!  AWESOME FREE MONEY IS AWESOME.
  • I also received a call from my hometown library where I currently work as a page -- and recently applied for a higher-level temp position as a library assistant -- and I got the job!  ABSOLUTELY.  100%.  AWESOME.

I realize this post has an obnoxious over abundance of all-caps, but I am of the opinion that the caps are justified in this case (except, obviously, in the instance of the root canal.)  I am also aware that for anyone reading this, the word "awesome" has most likely lost all semblance of meaning -- for that, I apologize.  I do not, however, apologize or feel shame at all for the ridiculous and incredibly undignified happy dance I'm performing in my chair right now.

Shine on, April.  Shine on.

A most cuddleable psychopath.

Monday, February 13, 2012 -- 8:26 pm

Sometimes I have crazy, fucked up dreams.  Sometimes they are scary (being stalked by dinosaurs or chased cross country by creepy zombie bears,) sometimes they are awesome (dating a very charming, dancing-loving Sean Bean,) and sometimes they're just plain weird.  I try to post about any of my more particularly memorable dreams, because I have a sad tendency to immediately forget most of my dreams when I wake up and I really think some of them need to be immortalized in writing somewhere.  Other times though, even after waking my dreams remain very vivid, and I can recall with perfect clarity the crackfest that is my sleeping mind.

What follows is a dream I had a couple of weeks ago, co-starring my sister and a certain clinically insane Batman villain.

Okay, so my sister and I are highly skilled, top secret agents for some random, un-specified government organization.  I know we were highly skilled and top secret because we were both wearing snazzy black suits and sunglasses, and everyone knows that's the mark of a very highly skilled and top secret agents.  Unfortunately, I don't think we had any sort of top secret code names, so for the purposes of this blog post I will call us Agent Chelle and Agent Brenna.

So we're given the very dangerous but important assignment of infiltrating the hideout of the infamous Joker, the clown prince of crime, though for what purposes I couldn't tell you.  I remember there being a distinct air of anxiety surrounding our mission, due to not only the common sense knowledge that getting on the bad side of the Joker in any way is extremely hazardous for your health, but also the extra caution and care needed on our parts to ensure that Agent Chelle was never spotted by J or his goons or else he'd recognize her (for reasons unknown to me -- my dream self is obviously not high enough in the secret dream agent pecking order for the people in charge to tell me anything.)  In any event, we were dropped off in the middle of a suburban street, and due to our extra caution to remain hidden we spent a lot of time hiding behind giant piles of plowed snow along the side of the road.  I don't believe either of us were wearing sensible enough shoes to be doing so, either.

So anyway, in that unexplainably convenient way dreams have of moving you seamlessly from one scene to another, we magically go from snow dune diving outside to suddenly successfully having snuck into the Joker's factory-type lair -- we also seem to have superb timing, as Mr. J is just arriving back from some nefarious criminal doings.  We're hiding around the corner of a wall as he walks in, flanked with henchmen, but (here comes the plot twist!) for some reason beyond my understanding (probably because my brain is on crack... or in the throes of crack withdrawal... I'm not sure which) the Joker who walks into the room is in fact a Joker-shaped teddy bear.  He's two feet tall, brown, fluffy, and bear-shaped, only he's got the Joker's creepy grin and is wearing his trademark purple suit.  (The closest comparison I can make it to think of Lotso from Toy Story 3, but a much snappier dresser and about a hundred times more psychotic.)  But of course, being a dream, this all seems completely normal and comes to no surprise to either of us.

We watch unseen as Joker-teddy's goons lift him up to sit on this disturbingly violent looking spike-covered chair, and then they hoist the chair up like a tiny elevator to the floor above; all the while Joker-teddy is very angry and complaining that he needs to change his clothes because his suit got all wet.  I don't remember how we end up getting to the upstairs floor of the factory without being seen (though I'm confident it involved some very clever and tech gadgety-filled 007 hijinks on our part), but magically we do, and as we're sneaking around we're confronted by Joker-teddy henchmen.  GASP!  OH NOES!  CUE EPIC BRAWL MUSIC?  No, not at all, actually.  Instead of bashing our Secret Agenty faces in with lead pipes and brass knuckles, these poor goons catch us sneaking around in their hideout and their first priority is cajoling us into helping them pick out a new outfit for Joker-teddy to wear.

And so with that, we are escorted to another room where we proceed to shift through piles of tiny sets of jeans, leather pants, dress shirts, and fuzzy sweaters, trying to find something Joker-teddy would like to wear.  Selection is crucial, since presenting a crazy homicidal clown with the wrong ensemble will end with him becoming cranky and most likely shooting all of us in the face, so it goes without saying we were all feeling a little pressure at that point.

While we continue to argue amongst ourselves about which outfit would be best, I remember asking a goon if they had any nice teddy-sized dress slacks available (since we all know Joker-teddy does not typically wear jeans,) and then remarking to Agent Chelle about how badly I wished we had brought all of the Cabbage Patch Kids clothes along with us that we used to use to dress up our toys in when we were kids, because I was so sure we could have found something suitable in there.  The most amusing aspect of this thought process was me very clearly thinking to myself how, in particular, I wish we'd brought along a specific dress we used to put on one of my stuffed toys; it was red with little white flowers on it (and to be honest it was, in fact, an apron and not a dress at all, as it tied around the neck and waist but had no back to hide my doll's shame at all.)  However, despite that, I remember thinking perfectly rationally, "Yes, of course, that would be the most sensible choice."

Unfortunately, I woke up at that point and was never able to find out which outfit we ended up choosing and nervously presenting to the psychotic plush teddy bear in the next room.  Kind of disappointing, actually.  I would have liked my dream self to make an emergency call on my secret agent shoe phone (because all secret agents have shoe phones) and request HQ to chopper in the garbage bag of Cabbage Patch Clothes sitting down in my basement storage room.  I probably would have pulled rank somewhere during the conversation and started shouting at my superior on the other end of the phone and calling him a maggot, and how GOD DAMN IT, MAN, THE WORLD DEPENDS ON YOU GETTING US THAT FLOWERY APRON.

It was one of those absurd dreams where I woke up and just laid there giggling and smiling idiotically to myself.  Sometimes those are the best kind.

We have enough left over turkey and chocolate in our house to last us well through the coming zombie apocalypse.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 -- 3:05 am

Christmas has come and gone, and remarkably, somehow our tree has remained in one piece this year.  I think my brilliant tactic of spritzing the tree down with smelly perfume each day helped convince Iroh that maybe he'd forgo climbing through the branches and breaking all of my pretty ornaments this holiday season.  *Gives kitty a warning look*

I hope Santa was good to everyone.  I, for one, must have made it somewhere on that nice list, as I received all sorts of shinies, such as a very badly desired clothes steamer (no more ironing, hurrah!); several awesome paintings commissioned by Sister, courtesy of her lovely friend, Jill; and a wonderfully obscene amount of chocolate.  Also, wonderful husband is wonderful -- he ordered me my perfectly perfect new Miche purse, as well as set me up with a year-long subscription to both Batman and Detective Comics~  X3  The timing couldn't be more perfect, what with the whole DC reboot, which I've been meaning to give a try; admittedly, I'm not thrilled from the snippits of Harley Quinn's head-to-toe revamp I've seen floating around online -- and when I say "not thrilled", I actually mean a little piece of my fangirly soul has been ripped out, gored to death, and left to shrivel up and be picked at by scavenging wild dogs *twitch twitch*  D:{ -- but aside from that, I've been told that it's still more-or-less the same Batman I've come to know and love.  I eagerly anticipate glossy pages chock full of caped crusaderdome to begin arriving monthly in my mailbox~  *Squee!*

Speaking of a certain Dark Knight, what's with DC's complete lack of officially licensed Batman art?  In an attempt to spruce up the walls of our depressingly bare basement, I geeked out and ordered a couple of great Doctor Who prints to hang up -- namely, this one and this one -- and have also been trying, without success, to find something awesome and Batman-themed to hang over our shuffleboard table.  Unfortunately, it seems that when you do a search for Batman wall art, all you get is the same dozen poster prints over and over again.  Don't get me wrong -- I schmooze over Jim Lee's sexy drawings as much as the next comic book fan, but is it too much to ask for a little variety?  You'd think with all of the different artists that DC enlists, they would release a steady stream of for-sale prints for fans to plaster their homes with, but there's really not much to speak of at all.  ;_;

Ideally, I would pee rainbows of joy to have a copy of this magnificent canvas print mounted on my wall:

Sadly, it is a tad more ridiculously expensive than I'm willing to pay, so unless an unlikely $20 clearlance copy pops up on eBay, I'm out of luck.  Like all *coughcough* highly illegal *coughcough* fan produced prints, they're hard to find copies of in the first place -- and when you do find a nice one, they're usually pricey.  It's so very unfair that finding pretty Batman art for sale should be harder than going out and purchasing a bag of crack cocaine (this is a guess, obviously, as I actually have no idea how hard it is or isn't to buy crack, or any type of drug, really -- however, I stand by my assumption, as evidenced by the fact that I have met a depressing amount of people who seem to walk around permanently stoned, yet I have met a total of zero people who sport any type of fashionable Batman artwork on their walls.)  Sigh.

Sad fangirl is sad.

A brief interlude.

Monday, December 19, 2011 -- 11:18 pm

Oh, my poor, poor neglected blog.  What has full-time schooling done to you?

No fear though, I have successfully survived my first semester!  Bring on the Christmas holidays, coo coo ca choo~  I'll try to give my blog a little more love during my two weeks off, maybe post some more book reviews -- but for now, here's the entirety of what little you've missed of my life for November and December:

  • Exams are finished!  Grades are in!  I finished my classes with three A+'s and one A so far (though we haven't officially received our final grade for English, but based on my prior assignment marks and the final exam, I'm going to go ahead and assume I'll end up with an A for that class as well.)  I'm looking forward to the start of second semester with its early morning classes (leaving more time to spare in the afternoons and evenings) and having one less class in my course load; I opted to drop a class in both second and third semester, in favor of taking them during the summer and hopefully lessening my stress over the next two terms.  *Crosses fingers*
  • I'm a mere hairs-breadth away from finishing my Christmas shopping!  This is an improvement over last year, considering I only began my shopping two days ago; however, once again my procrastination when it comes to ordering gifts online has left me fretting if any of them will even arrive before the 25th...  =_=;
  • My temporary four month page position at SAPL has been extended to a permanent one!  Hallelujah!  It's still only one day a week, but it'll be on Thursdays instead of Saturdays which will free up my weekends nicely to breath a little and keep up with homework.  Besides, a tiny one-day-a-week library position looks better on a resume than no library position at all.
  • After exercising a considerable amount of will power for the last two months, I've finally broken open my copy of Batman: Arkham City!  *Gibbers excitedly with fangirlish glee*  So far, the sequel is just as much fun as its predecessor -- though I hate the new take on Harley, and for whatever reason I'm feeling much more inept this time around when it comes to executing all of the different button combinations...  There has been a frustrating increase in accidentally falling off roofs when I'm trying to ground pound goons, and inadvertently exposing myself headlong into enemy fire when I'm trying to sneak around all ninja stealthy-like.  I'm a sorry excuse for a gamer, but it's Batman and so I shall persevere.  *DETERMINED FACE*

Oh yeah, and obviously I'm back from our cruise!  I kind of forgot to get around to writing up a whole vacation recap post in the midst of looming project deadlines and exam havoc.  Rest assured though that the vacation was very awesome, despite this Carnival ship being especially rocky for whatever reason -- we heard someone say that the Carnival Dream didn't have "stabilizers" or whatever the crazy boat magic is that's supposed to keep the ship from pitching back and forth wildly under your feet in crazy 16 foot swells.  So a slightly dizzying trip, yes, but still awesome.

Did I mention that we swam with sea turtles?   WILD SEA TURTLES.  They swam up for air right next to you!  If not for the strict rule we were given beforehand of "no touching, no hugging, no licking" (no lie)  of the wild life, I could have kissed those sea turtles right on the nose -- that's how close they came!  So amazing~


It’s been a good day.

Friday, August 5, 2011 -- 10:23 pm

Awesome thing one:

Omigod omigod omigod I've been offered an interview at the St. Albert Public Library next week!  *Ecstatic hand flail*  This time next week, after almost two years of standing outside with my face smooshed up unflatteringly against the window, I may finally have a job at a library.  (Knock on wood.)  Granted, when I said before that it was very part-time, it really is -- we're talking only several hours per week, but damnit I'd take it!  I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high obviously yet before I even go into the interview (because that always just calls upon lots of horrid, heart crushing wrath from high atop somewhere), but I'd like to think I have a pretty good chance.  (Knock knock knock.)

Any contributions to Team Brenna in the form of good wishes and heaping buckets of telepathic lucky vibes would be appreciated and encouraged.  X3

Awesome thing two:

Once again I was fortunate to experience the Box Of Fun today at work!  What is the Box Of Fun, you ask?  Simply put, it is a box that contains unparalleled happiness, joy, and downright silliness.  Imagine, if you will: a random cardboard box on a random cage cart of stock that by all means appears completely unremarkable and boring on the outside... but then you slowly cut through the packing tape... and pull open the cardboard flaps... and suddenly you are assaulted by a RAINBOW OF COLOR and SPROINGY SPRINGS and FUZZY POM POMS all exploding in your face like Fourth of July fireworks!  OMG SO MUCH FUN!  :D  IT CANNOT BE CONTAINED!

Basically it's a box of brightly colored cat scratching posts, but I'm serious, after hour upon hour of unpacking boxes full of duct tape and Lysol bathroom cleaner, there is nothing more surprising and exciting then to open a box and have a bunch of furry pom poms pop up in the air like hilarious and adorable Jack-in-the-boxes.  It's pretty much the next best thing to opening a box full of actual real life frolicking kittens.  This is the third time I've been assigned a stock cart with this particular product on it and every time I squee and giggle and just like that my day always becomes significantly more cheery.  No one else really seems to understand the full entertainment value of it though.  You really have to be there to fully experience The Fun.

Awesome thing three:

Guess what finally arrived in the mail today?  That's right.

Fuck yeah.

A perfect, geektastic Sunday.

Sunday, July 3, 2011 -- 3:29 pm

A friend on Facebook posted this morning that Sunday mornings should always consist of tea and video games; in my case, however, I prefer to take my lazy Sunday mornings with a good helping of chocolate and a giant stack of Batman comics.

I just finished reading Batman: Long Shadows, and while I haven't actually gotten the chance to read the precursor events that lead up to it after R.I.P. and during Final Crisis (still trying to get my hands on a copy of these ones!), I've patched together a somewhat muddled grasp of the whole Batman-is-all-dead plot and what went down.  Even not having read the material leading up to Long Shadows, it was still so good!  And sad!

For the love of god, WILL SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ALFRED A HUG?  D:}  Watching Alfred Pennyworth mourn for the loss of Bruce Wayne is like having all of the happiness in the world shrivel up, blacken, and die.  *Sobs hysterically*  For anyone who is a West Wing fan, you know how your heart feels like it's been ripped out of your chest when you watch Donna get the news that Josh has been shot?  That gut wrenching feeling when Jed hears that Mrs. Landingham has died?  Or when you watch Buffy, how your heart flutters all sad and painful any time you see Willow crying?  It's like that.

He's so sad!  I just want to reach into the pages and hug the stuffing out of him until there's no more bad to possibly squeeze out anymore!  ;_;

As for another of the Batman graphic novels I've read this week, Lovers and Madmen is also a fantastic Batman story, though less in the heart wrenching, soul crushing sort of way and much more in the insane sociopath with a gun way.  L&M is another different take on the Joker's origin story, and it's awesome.  The writing is top notch and the art style fits the story perfectly.  I personally sort of like my Joker background-story-less because the ambiguity is part of what makes him interesting, but canon or not, this version of things fits him to a T.

Two five-star Batman tales in one week!  EPIC GEEK WIN.