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March: In like a lamb, out like… uh, a different lamb.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 -- 7:54 pm

Poor March, no blog post for you.

Sorry for the long absence.  I'm not what really happened to March, it sort of just slipped in and then slipped right back out again like very sneaky, early spring ninja with nothing much of note to show for it other than my SHINY NEW iMAC OMG!  Yes, for anyone who has some how missed my fangirlish squeeing last month, I finally bit the bullet and retired my faithful old 2006 computer and its perpetual spinny beach ball of doom for the newest sleek model, complete with OS X Lion *rawr*.  It's fantastic to once again be able to run more than one program at the same time without my computer sputtering and coughing and wheezing like a 102-year-old man with asthma.

*Pats computer adoringly and spoils it with treats when no one is looking -- which really consists of force feeding Ghirardelli chocolates into its super drive while making disgusting cooing noises at it, and then a month later looking perplexed and distraught when her new computer dies on her without warning and only the curious, smoking smell of burning chocolate trailing from the CD slot.*

So April is here and with it promises a month full of exciting shinies~  Not only does it herald:

  1. the end of my first year of school (huzzuh!  Rejoice!  I get my life back!  ...Or at least I do for a couple of weeks before I start my two online spring classes... =_=;)
  2. my birthday (once again I am at a complete loss with remembering how old I'm turning unless I take the time to actually do the math, so I'm just going to refer to it as my 20-something birthday)

but it also marks...

  1. the start of the second season of Game of Thrones!  *Squee squee squee!*  I MUST FIND A TEAM TYRION SHIRT.
  2. the premiere of the new Avatar series, Legend of Korra!  *Even more fangirly squee-age!*
  3. the official (and long-awaited) Guild Wars 2 pre-order event (which just happens to fall on the same day as my birthday.  You can bet that the avid gamers in my life are far more excited for April 10th to arrive for this reason alone than they are for my birthday.)

And oh, I'm also going on a fabulous road trip this month to the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo!  Oh yeah, and did I mention that James Marsters and Patrick Stewart are going to be there?  And Stan Lee?  And Adam West?  And Wil Wheaton?  And hey, the rest of the entire Star Trek: Generations main cast (which conveniently is also half of the cast from Disney's Gargoyles, which I'm an even bigger fan of than Star Trek.)  This is going to be fabulously NERD-TACULAR.  :B

While we're down there we're going to visit the Calgary Zoo too, which I'm also excited about because I've heard it's awesome and I've never had the chance to go.  It seems like every time anyone I know plans a Calgary Zoo day trip, I'm always left behind.  (This makes Brenna a sad panda. A sad, adorable RED PANDA which I will see AT THE ZOO.)


Also, for anyone who's the least bit interested, I've added a new Twitter account (in addition to my personal one) that will be mostly centered around library and book/reading-related stuff that I find around the web and think is interesting.  I've set up an adjoining Tumblr account along the same theme.  FOLLOW ME AND LEARN LIBRARY-RELATED THINGS.  Or just laugh at amusing items like this.  That's cool too.

The two sides of The Last Airbender coin.

Saturday, February 13, 2010 -- 12:28 pm
Mood: 12 Torn!

Pretty sweet trailer for The Last Airbender is finally out! XD

I am so excited and at the same time so dreading this movie. Excited beyond all reason in the fact that they're bringing this wonderful series to the big screen; dread because they're already RUINING IT with all of the blatant whitewashing they've done to the cast. D:{ Instead of keeping with the original feeling of the show being richly multi-cultural, they've thrown Caucasian actors in all of the protagonist roles with the token stereotypical colored villain. The hell, Hollywood?

Don't get me wrong, I think it's unfair for people to say that twelve-year-old Noah Ringer is not deserving of the role of Aang. I'm sure he'll be great, but I'd just like to know what put Ringer's audition tape over and above someone like this kid who actually IS Asian and has some amazing skills (I swear, he copies some of the exact moves Aang does in the show.) Admittedly, the white cast all look better once you see them in costume, but they're still very obviously white -- most noticeably I find in Katara and Sokka. It's jarring. The guy they have playing Zuko (who I'm sure will still make a very good Zuko, all you need to play Zuko is BUCKETS OF ANGSTY LULZ) would have made an amazing Sokka appearance-wise, in my opinion. For different non-race themed reasons, I'm also disappointed at the change to Iroh's character who's gone from the jolly old fat man we loved so much to a slim, if not sinister-looking soldier (...with dreadlocks...?) I just can't imagine Uncle Iroh's obsession of tea and evening sing-a-longs coming out of this guy. It makes me sad. ;_;

I would promise that I'd boycott the film by not watching it... but that would be a horrible filthy lie, because just as with the horrific HP movie adaptations, despite how awful they are, I watch them each time anyway because I am an obsessive fangirl and my fandoms demand no less of me. I can't help it, the trailer looks so good! >_< (Damn you conniving Hollywood production studios and your sexy special effects!) I may, however, scowl furiously when I see Shyamalan and his casting director's names scroll across the screen.

Weekendy reflections.

Monday, April 27, 2009 -- 11:42 pm
Mood: 03 There are not enough hours in the day. Must go to bed now.

Monday always arrives way too fast. I didn't get to do nearly enough napping on the weekend, and I nearly fell asleep at my desk at work today again. =_=; I need to start taking a break half way through the day and go for a walk or something, because this is becoming an alarming mid-afternoon trend.

On Friday I went on a hot girly movie date to see 17 Again with Nickie and Swoo, and it was surprisingly entertaining (extra points for teenage heart throb Zac Efron looking plenty fine in a button up~) Ten extra points to the ridiculously hilarious nerdism-filled love of Guy I Forget The Name Of and Closeted Geeky Principal Lady.

I also finally got my fabulously pretty Coach purse (knock off obviously, but still extremely pretty) repaired~ The cheapy leather straps were tearing off so I took them down to the mall to get them repaired/reinforced, and the man behind the counter seemed offended that I'd bought a fake designer bag and had the gall to want it repaired. He went so far as to try to convince me that the $20 he was charging me wasn't worth it. WTF. D:< Dude, I just gave you money! Shut your mouth and do your job! *Scowl* *Hugs pretty purse* I watched Disney's Earth on Sunday! You can download the BBC version of the film already, and the only difference is the narration -- which as opposed to James Earl Jones, this one is done by sexy Patrick Stewart! Captain Picard makes everything better! (Yes that's right, I like my men old and English and who have boldly gone where no one has gone before~) The movie had some sad parts in it, but was mostly filled with adorable animals and a scene or two with some baby polar bears that Sarah Woo will probably have a massive heart attack from the sheer amount of cuteness. We also now have copies of every major Disney animated film *hearts* and the first season of Batman Beyond which I'm very excited to watch because besides the Return of the Joker movie, I've only seen one or two episodes of it.

Hahahaha, I'm working my way through a Zhao fan comic by legit Avatar storyboard artist, rufftoon. (Alternate universe: Zhao was spared by the ocean spirit at the end of the first season, loses his memories, and is taken in by the Northern Water Tribe. Hilarious Zhao facial expressions and general awesomeness ensues.) If you're an Admiral Zhao nut or just an Avatar art fan you should check it out.

I've been sort of... kind of... toying with the idea of starting a fan comic project of my own -- only obviously not nearly as amazingly detailed or shaded or awesome as rufftoon. T-T I'm too lazy to write the oodles of fanfiction that pile up and lay around doing backstrokes in my head, but it would be nice to at least get bits of the stories on paper of some medium. It's really intimidating though because of the sheer size of a project like that... I don't really have the piles of free time I'd need. And I have zero experience with comic layout and backgrounds and type. And that's a lot of freaking drawing... :x Knowing me it very well may never even be started let alone finished. Though I'm serious enough about the idea that I've at least randomly found myself instinctively going into fandomy research mode and jotting down notes and mapping out key scenes during my morning commute. We'll have to see if anything comes of it.

Mother eff. The lady living above us is vacuuming again. She vacuumes at the weirdest times of the night, last week she was up pushing that thing around at 1:30 in the morning. I've narrowed it down to either crazy double work shift mother, or deranged OCD psychopath. *Suspicious*

Spasmy fangirly shout outs.

Thursday, April 9, 2009 -- 11:39 am
Mood: 06 Mood here.

Very good House this week~ The whole Kutner suicide thing came out of nowhere. Turns out Penn is leaving the show for greener pastures, or in this case, white pastures. Team Obama/Penn FTW!

Huddy romping! I was promised House-Cuddy shagging before this season was out and I didn't even know about it? So where was it in Monday's final episode? Wheeeeeeere?! D:

EDIT: I was lied to by the interwebs! Monday wasn't the season finale! We still have four episodes to go, plenty of time for long-awaited Huddy sex! X3

SO excited for new Doctor Who this weekend~ *SPOILER* Wilf is going to be the new official companion? I guess we won't have to worry about any hanky pankery in the Tardis. */SPOILER*

Mason bought me the first two Avatar season boxsets for my birthday and the tracking information says they should arrive todaaaaay! YAY YAY YAY! *Love*

The giant, long-awaited rocket shoes finale.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 -- 11:06 pm
Mood: 12 Post-Avatar high

The final episodes of Avatar were AWESOME! XD Sure, "The Ember Island Players" wasn't so much of an episode as it was a series recap, but it made me giggle to alarming extents. *LOLz at Zuko's ever-changing hair* *Giggle giggle snort* The first two episodes of the four-part finale were good, but nothing compared to the last two eps. I'd even read all the spoilers beforehand from the book but these episodes were so gorgeously animated and the fight scenes were so kick ass! I freaking LOVE firebending, seriously. I am a giant geek but I don't care, I tell you I want to shoot fire out of my palms and do crazy spinning fiery back kick shit. :B

I'd have to say that aside from the fight scenes themselves, my favorite part of the finale was seeing Azula transition from the perfect, put-together (and horrifyingly boring) character she's been all this time to stark raving insane. Finally, Azula got interesting. That girl got her crazy on and it fits her like a glove.

But OH GOD, THE ROCKET SHOES. WHY DOES EVERYONE SUDDENLY HAVE ROCKET SHOES?! How can I keep a straight face while Ozai is tripping on his murderous rampage when he suddenly blasts off into the sky like a space shuttle? Zuko can hold his own (well, when he's not busy being lightening pwnzored by his crazy sister) without flying around like a prat, why can't the rest of his family?! Was there some special fire-flying class that Zuko missed out on as a child? Was he home sick from school that day? D: Speaking of Zuko, an interesting little scene at the end of the finale raises possible spin-off possibilities~ VERY EXCITING.

Okay guys, when does the who giant series boxset of awesome dealio come out now~? Gimme gimme gimme.

Who needs competitors when you have brilliant minds like these working for you?

Sunday, May 11, 2008 -- 6:54 pm
Mood: 13 LOLz

I am seriously calling into question the staff whome make up Nickelodeon's marketing and strategy department. The ramp up they're doing for the final episodes of Avatar is intense and all so secretly guarded, they've practically been making fans trip over themselves in hysterics with this crazy six month hiatus between new episodes. It's working, don't get me wrong, fans are psyched, they're vibrating off their chairs waiting for any new whisper of new episodes.

But then Nick goes and does something stupid like release the latest DVD containing the next two newest episodes before they even get a chance to air on television. Well, there goes their viewer numbers for the big "Boiling Rock" two-parter set to air in July, because now everyone and their dog has seen them pirated online.

No worries, they still have six entire episodes no one has any access to, they're keeping them under wraps, the grand 2-hour series finale is kept under lock and key.

...Except that some retard forgot that the series finale in children's book form just went on sale up on Amazon this week -- Avatar: Sozin's Comet is the last book in a set which adapts the episodes into narrative for children, and it only took five seconds of the first person to receive their Amazon order to post all of the series ending spoilers on every Avatar themed forum and LiveJournal community.

Kudos to you, Nick. You deserve some a Darwin award, but the guy who strapped a rocket engine to his car and drove into the side of a mountain just narrowly beat you to it. *Rolls eyes*