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Friday, January 30, 2015 -- 5:48 pm

"Can you be happy for a 100 days in a row?"

That's what we're going to find out. I'm taking the #100happydays challenge to post a photo each day of something that made me happy.

The premise is that people these days are too busy and don't "have the time" to be happy. My first thought was that this was a fairly depressing claim, but then it got me thinking and I could sort of see what they were angling at -- because while I don't doubt that I experience moments of happiness each day, sometimes at the end of a crappy, stressful day as you're laying there falling asleep it's hard to remember them.

When you sign up they ask you to rate your current level of happiness out of ten, and I started myself out with an 8/10. Overall I'm pretty happy with my life -- but I have shitty days like everyone else, and I'm hoping that this challenge will force me to focus on the happy parts of each day rather than the bad parts as we're all prone to doing. Admittedly I don't have a great track record of following through with photo challenges, but whether I finish or not hopefully I'll learn something about myself in the process and reflect on what it is that really makes me happy. (Plus, you know, who doesn't love a good excuse to flagrantly abuse Instagram filters?)

With that said. . . Day 1.

Blog dashboard has been fixed! (Thanks again, Andy!)

Blog dashboard has been fixed! (Thanks again, Andy!)

And because there's no rule saying I can't commemorate past Happy Days, I'm throwing in two more small pleasures from earlier these past couple of weeks.  Because that's the way I roll, yo.  #extrahappiness

First time making the 10k milestone since I started using my pedometer!

First time making the 10k milestone since I started using my pedometer!

1,000 followers on my Tumblr blog, Bucket List Lion. Admittedly most of them are probably there less for the lion conservation and more for the lion photos, but at least the information is getting out there.

1,000 followers on my Tumblr blog, Bucket List Lion. Admittedly most of them are probably there less for the lion conservation and more for the lion photos, but at least the information is getting out there.


Assume the dead squirrel position.

Sunday, June 12, 2011 -- 10:36 pm

Awesome news!

It's my day off tomorrow!  *Hand flail*  Sorry to everyone who felt like that piece of awesome news was anti-climactic, but for me it really is very exciting after working for six days, especially when today was all sorts of annoying at The Job.  *Vexed Brenna is vexed.*  Mason and I went out to dinner at Bonanza though when I got home from work and all of the tasty food in my belly was a fabulous cure for all of that horrible vexation.

So yes, Mondays are my free day so tomorrow I'm going to lay around my house in my pjs like a bum for the morning before heading off in the afternoon to a) volunteer at the library!, and b) go to yoga!  WHAAAAAT, you're saying?  Brenna is willingly engaging in a class that involves physical exercise?  It is my newest attempt at trying to steer myself away from an untimely end at the hands of diabetes, heart disease, or other gruesome fates people meet when they aren't active enough.  :P  I realize that yoga isn't on the same level at all as going to the gym five days a week or playing sports, but give me a little credit here at least.

I'm actually enjoying the experience though, I find yoga so far to be very relaxing (though surprisingly sweaty.)  Because my right wrist will forever be a tad gimpy from when I broke it this past winter I can't always do all of the positions where weight is put on the hands unfortunately, but the instructors have given me some good workarounds for those instances.  I'm determined to continue going to classes twice a week for at least the two months my Groupon deal entitles me to, and then after that it will depend on my money situation.  I even bought a yoga mat~!  It is pink and has flowers and now I won't have to use the sweaty second-hand rental mats, plus carrying it will make me look hardcore.

Oh god, our house is so dirty.  So so dirty.  >_<  Another result of being employed again, the dishes in the sink tend to pile up... for like, an entire week.  (Also on the to-do list tomorrow, before volunteering and yoga, though perhaps after laying around in pjs.)  We have officially run out of all plates, utensils, and appropriately sized tupperware.  We are horrible slobs.  When I scrounge around in the mountainous pile of dishes capsizing over in our sink for a half-decently clean fork to eat with, I can even feel the cat staring at me shamefully.

Obligatory (gimpy) Christmas blog post.

Friday, December 17, 2010 -- 2:02 pm
Mood: 07 Bouncing to Christmas music

I just couldn't leave poor December hanging there, gimped or not gimped.

So for anyone completely out of the loop, I broke my arm. Mason and I joined a beginners curling league back in the middle of November which I was pretty excited about, obviously not having any curling experience prior or even interest in the crazy sport whatsoever, but it seemed a fairly Brenna-friendly form of exercise. Or at least that's what I innocently thought. Leave it to any sport to be out for blood and make a liar out of me -- low and behold, half way through our first game I slipped on the ice and *SNAP!* there goes the right arm in a valiant effort to break my fall. =_=

Four weeks later, I'm now in my third cast (this one is purple) and have two more weeks to go until I can hopefully get this thing off. Needless to say, I have become pretty skilled in going about my day-to-day activities one-handed. Having to learn how to be a lefty has been awkward and downright annoying at times, and I've probably wasted way more time than is sanely needed to type this one single blog post.

In other news, I am thankfully 95% finished with my Christmas shopping with only a week to go. Yay me! I am, however, growing a little concerned that the 30% of my 95% worth of gifts that I bought online aren't going to arrive in time. :x I may have to end up stuffing printed out pictures of purchases into festive envelopes for family members to open up on Christmas morning in lieu of actual gifts.

All in all, not much else is new in my life, other than I finally received my DC Universe Online beta key. I was all excited and whipped up a pretty cool looking superhero of my very own, only to realize as I actually began playing the game itself that trying to play a two-handed computer game is exceedingly difficult with a gimpy arm. I managed to finally figure out a rather uncomfortable but do-able way of holding the mouse with my right hand and leaving my good left hand free to handle the multitude of buttons on the keyboard. It's not ideal, but it gets the job done. Now if only I could actually figure out all of the controls and stop running my character around uselessly in the same room.

This will probably be the only post I make until my cast is off, so a Merry Ho Ho to all next week, and here's hoping no one else gets their car stuck in the massive snow dunes accumulated at the end of their driveways like we did the other night.

Here, there be cute lovable dragons who chase laser pointers.

Thursday, April 22, 2010 -- 1:05 pm
Mood: 03 Lazy Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Yesterday I finally got a chance to see How to Train Your Dragon, and I loved it~
It was such a sweet story and the characters were all so enjoyable and endearing, with emphasis on Hiccup and Toothless in particular. Toothless is by far the most adorable dragon in the history of ever -- it's like they took this cute little chibi-deformed looking dragon body and stuffed the soul of an oversized house cat into it. While browsing DeviantArt, I came across this quick scribble that made me laugh because it so accurately portrayed my own experience in the theatre with my big soppy tears the instant the dragon-befriending montage began. (Art by BehindtheVeil.) It's been a while since I've seen an animated movie that I've enjoyed so thoroughly, much less a 3D animated film whose computer sculpted characters I've instantly loved and wanted to see more of. It makes me want to draw fan art! :B

I have a confession. Over the last week or so I've sort of, um, stopped doing my exercise regiment... I was doing really good for a couple of weeks and then I shirked my workout one day due to a headache and then never picked it up again. I'm a slave to habit, but I break it once and can't ever get it back afterwards. ^^; So yeah, a little ashamed at how pathetic I am at keeping any type of fitness goal. Maybe it's a sign of some sort that I'm forever destined for limp, weak, noodley arms.

The journal of a twenty-something unemployed bum.

Friday, April 9, 2010 -- 11:14 am
Mood: 03 Full of garlic cheese buns!

Thanks, April, for once more conspiring with Mother Nature to shit all over my birthday weekend. *Looks at snow and cries*

No luck yet on the job front. I'm hoping that before the end of the month I find something I would really like, because I don't want to have to resort to the alternative of getting an easy-to-find-but-I'll-hate job. ;_;

On the upside, I haven't had so much free time in years. With that in mind, I'm trying not to become a complete bum -- I'm making sure to still wake up at a reasonable time each morning (usually 8 a.m.) and every day I try to strike off some items from my ever expanding to-do list of stuff, because it keeps up the feeling that I'm being productive and not wasting all of this extra time I suddenly have. There are errands to run and appointments to make and chores around the house to do, among my copious baking of home made garlic cheese buns and slow but steady work through Mists of Avalon.

Since I have time to fill, I've also been working out a lot more again finally. I've gone for a couple of good walks during the afternoons and I've restarted my Wii EA Sports Active exercise regiment again four times a week. My latest one yesterday introduced the horrible, evil concept of crunches that practically killed me, my abdomen is super sore this morning; there's also another one where you have to reach your arms straight out behind you while stretching the resistance band is also really surprisingly hard. T-T And then it goes and makes me sprint and run right as I'm already already wheezing and cramping, and I end up flopping around and flailing there in agony screaming profanities at my television.

On the topic of my sporadic attempts to be healthier, we're probably going to start up a curling team in the fall. I went and watched Mason and a couple of the guys play in their first bonspiel the other week and, much like golf, it looked like a very Brenna-friendly sport. There's no running involved or scary objects being thrown at me. WIN. \o/


Saturday, January 23, 2010 -- 2:16 pm
Mood: 05 Determination!

For Mason's birthday this past Tuesday a bunch of us piled our collective monies together and bought him a Nintendo Wii, and among the games he has currently *cough*obtainedbyquestionablemeans*cough* includes EA Sports Active. The few reviews I've heard of the game make it sound pretty reputable, and the concept of being able to start an actual exercise regiment of some sort right at home and without paying for classes or gym memberships is pretty appealing. Thus, I'm determined to at least try and make use of EA Sports and get into a four day a week workout session in the comforts of my own basement. :D POOF! Wobbly flab to toned muscle, here I come! Hoo! Ha! *wheeze*

EDIT: We bought the little active accessory kit for the game (includes leg strap for Wii nunchuck and resistance band) and both Mason and I each began our own "6 Week Challenge" this morning (though Mason has his workouts set to either medium or hard, and I'm sticking to easy to start off with.) I did a 20ish minute full body work out, and was so proud of myself as it ended and was about to start my cool down stretches -- and then Iroh chose that moment to walk across the powerbar and turn off the Wii. NOOOOO! I didn't even get to save my first day! D:{ So after angrily locking the kitty upstairs, I did the whole workout over a second time just so it would be able to record my progress for this morning. (Does that mean I can be proud of myself x2?)

Obviously I'm starting off slow and the first workout wasn't that hard, but overall it was actually more fun than I thought it would be! The fact that I ended up having to do it twice made me extra tired at the end and my legs felt a bit jellylicious, but I'm determined to keep up with it! Go Team Me! Really, any amount of fitness more than the zero amount I had been doing before has got to be some sort of improvement, right? ^^;