I’ve gone over to the dark side.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 -- 11:45 pm

Well no, that's not really true.  It's not so much as the "dark" side as the "less tangibly pleasing, however much more convenient at times" side, and by that what I really mean to say is that I got a Kobo Glo e-reader for Christmas from Husband and I sort of. . . really quite like it.  :x

Come to the dark side, we have cookies! (And "Seraphina" for only $3.99!)

True, the process of equiping the e-reader to borrow library books is frustrating and overly complicated, and the selection of books actually offered through the library due to either publisher availability or ridiculous lending restrictions is depressingly limited.  I miss holding up a book up after every reading session and comparing the satisfying thicknesses of paper on either side to see how far I've read.  And I will always prefer the tactile experience of a paper book and love the look of them all lined up on my bookshelf with their differently colored and sizes of spines.

On the other hand. . . my Kobo freaking glows.  The built-in adjustable booklight is possibly the most awesome thing to happen to my reading experience since Harry Potter (or perhaps those rad moving hologram bookmarks we all had as kids.  Those are wild.)  I love being able to read in bed again late at night~  There is also the undeniable perk of being able to tote around the content of a giant hardcover novel in nothing more than the size of a small paperback that easily slips into my purse and doesn't dislocate my shoulder, not to mention the concept of going on vacation without reserving half of my luggage space just for books.

I hemmed and hawed for a long time about whether I wanted an e-reader or not, and to satisfy both of the obnoxious little bookworm-ish angels on my shoulders now that I have one I've decided to compromise and continue reading both print and e-books depending on library availability and physical size/practicality.  When it comes to purchasing must-have books for my personal collection though, print is still a must, even if it means buying secondary copies.  *Puts foot down.  FOOT IS DOWN, ARMS ARE CROSSED, STERN FACE ENGAGED.*

Oh, and on a slightly unrelated note, for Christmas I also got this:

I don't think I've ever held 10 lbs of chocolate in my hands before.  It weighs more than our dog.  I've been driving it around to all of our assorted holiday get-togethers to share, and between two family dinners, one UFC fight night, and one New Years Eve gathering, I think we've only been able to finish off three pieces.  I have so much glorious chocolate in my house right now from the past week that it might very well last me until 2014.  Maybe.

Vance says:
January 2nd, 2013 -- 8:21 am

I've had a Kobo for a couple of years now, and it has quickly become a good friend of mine. It slides perfectly into the inside pocket of my favourite coat, and it remembers my pages for me, especially when I do that thing where I start reading 3 or 4 books at once.

Once we've settled in a place, though, I'm going nutso on book-buying. I'll look around on my kobo, and any books that I loved on there, I'll just snap right up and pile on my many bookshelves that I'll presumably have. I'm basically compiling a shopping list of book perfection without the clutter. In 3 years or so, my house is going to rule.

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