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Wednesday, August 10, 2011 -- 8:17 pm

This past weekend a Shaw rep came and hooked up our brand spankin' new PVR!  When we changed up some of our Shaw cable/internet plans we were pleasantly surprised when we found out a free PVR was built in to the new cable box, and let me tell you, I love the this magical box!  The ability to pause live television is ingenious.  "OOH OOH, LOOKIT ME!  THERE GOES THE DOORBELL, NO WORRIES, I'LL JUST PAUSE MY SHOW LA LA LA LA!"  *Happy armflail*

You know what else was happy armflaily-filled?  Cowboys vs Aliens!  I don't care who they are, those movie critics are crazy -- CvA was awesome.  I mean, come on.  It has cowboys.  And it has aliens.  There are no surprises in this movie and no disappointments.  The movie delivers 100% on everything the trailer promises, (plus with the perk of sexy Daniel Craig in a cowboy hat!)

In comparison, you know which movie wasn't awesome?  Captain America.  I went in looking for the same radness that Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. delivered; instead I got a two-hour long American propaganda-filled battle scene with bad acting and a bad script.  Maybe the Marvel magic lies entirely with the wonderful Mr. Downey Jr?  Or maybe Iron Man just has a way cooler costume.

Coleen says:
August 11th, 2011 -- 11:05 am

If you ever read the comic you would know that Captain America is nothing but "American propaganda-filled battle scene[s] with bad acting and a bad script". That’s just how the Cap'N works.

The thing about these comic book moves is you got to go in with the right expectation. You see Iron Man 1 was an revolutionary idea, it took Marvels most enigmatic superhero assigned an awesome actor to the lead (I do not and will never think Gwyneth Paltrow or any woman in the Iron Man series is good choice because they purposely choose women that I will hate because they are nothing but sex objects, which I will not get into right now). It was also the first in whole superhero movie fad. Has any superhero movie since been as awesome? No. I personally think Edward Norton did a fantastic job in Hulk, but not one but me liked that movie apparently. Let recap Marvel movies:
Thor was horrible.
Fantastic Four--WTF Jessica Alba is not Caucasian?
Green Lantern--bllllarrggggghhhhh I am glad I downloaded you and didn't waste money on your horridness.
Iron Man 2-- if not for nostalgia for the 1st movie, it was pretty bad.
Spider Man-- was a parody of itself.
Capitan America was some bland times.

But I go and I see these movies cause I am a) a nerd, and b) have appropriate expectations when I see the movie. I will let you know what my expectations are, really hot men. That’s how I roll and you should too. If the movie has some scantily clad and really hot men in it, then it was a win for me. The only real looser in that list above was Spider Man, no one was worth seeing in that movie and the 3rd movie made me want to suffocate myself.

But these expectations of mine are probably why I didn't mind Clash of the Titans or X-Men (though X Men: First Class was actually really good in my opinion, and Magneto was hawwwwttt). I don't expect it to be a good movie; I reserve my need for an awesome story line, acting, and plot for Batman movies.

What you should take away from this rant is that you need to appreciate the hotness of Captain America and that in the Avengers movie, if Joss Weadon does it right, will have some awesome clashes between the Captain and Tony Stark. Let the fantasies begin.

Brenna says:
August 11th, 2011 -- 11:07 pm

I enjoyed Edward Norton's Hulk. I never saw the first Hulk movie but I hear it was awful; Ed's version I definitely enjoyed though. Obviously I love Iron Man (both the first and second actually, I thought the sequel was almost as enjoyable as the first IMO), and HELLO...? NOLAN'S BATMAN MOVIES HAVE BEEN AWESOME! As for the other ones you listed I haven't seen any of them. I heard from other people that Thor was great though... you didn't like?

My problem with your hot man movie motivation is that even if Robert Downey Jr just stood on screen for two hours with his shirt off, after the first amazing fifteen minutes of gushing over him I'd still need to fill the remaining hour and forty-five minutes with entertaining story. The Captain didn't even fill my fifteen minute hotness quota either as I unfortunately simply did not find whatzizname very attractive. *Ducks as Coleen throws things at her.*

Thankfully with Joss Whedon heading up the Avengers script we should at least be able to expect some good writing. (Hopefully... Like I've said before, I remain somewhat dubious since reading the latest volumes of Buffy season 8...)

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