Jot note July.

Sunday, July 31, 2011 -- 4:22 pm

Haven't posted in a while.  July in a nutshell:

  • We suffered a minor crisis as an indirect result of installing our new dishwasher, when we woke up the following morning to discover that we had sprung a rather frightening leak in our basement ceiling from a pipe under our kitchen floor.  Luckily Mason and his father Bob the Builder'ed it up and managed to patch up the pipe within the day, and we spent the next week with fans cranked up full force up in the roof and on the floor to avoid any possible mold or water damage.  Things are now more or less fixed and back to normal other than the giant three foot hole still in our ceiling.
  • Last weekend we had an unexpected kitty-shaped visitor camp out with us for an evening.  We found the young cat out in our backyard, unneutured, with no collar or tattoos, so I set him up with some food and water, a bed, and litterbox in the garage over night until the Humane Society opened up the next day.  I figure he was a house escapee rather than a stray, considering how openly friendly and affectionate he was, but I went around ringing doorbells that morning and no one recognized his photo.  He was so sweet, he liked to headbutt and nuzzle you in the face, being all "LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE I AM! SUBMIT ALL YOUR LOVES TO ME, MUH HA HA!"  I hope he was claimed by his family, if he had one, or gets adopted by someone nice.  *Hugs him*
  • Sister and I had a Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows 2 movie date!  Both halves of this last movie were surprisingly awesome for a change, a really nice wrap up to a sadly lackluster movie franchise (with the exception of the epilogue which, trust me, is just as awful in movie form as it was in the book, only now you actually get too see Ron's thirty-year-old beer gut and Malfoy's hilarious facial hair.)  I liked that they ramped up the castle battle to be a bit more epic, though I was pretty choked that they cut out Fred's death scene; also sad that they hardly touched at all on Dumbledore's backstory.  On the other hand, as much as I've been a long time hater of Alan Rickman's portrayal of Snape, he really redeemed himself a bit in this one.  He finally abandoned the whole campy Capt Kirk line delivery and the over-the-top billow genie moves for some actual acting in parts for a change.  I've never been a fan at all of the Snape/Lily ship, but I gotta say that I sobbed like a giant goober during the scene where he finds her dead in Godric's Hollow, and afterward when he's lamenting to Albus.  ;_;  Oh yeah, and btw, McGonagall?  She's hilarious.  Trust me.
  • Only one month until I go back to school.  It's a little pathetic how even at the age I am now that one of the parts I get most excited for about returning to college university (MacEwan would insist on accuracy) is the prospect of new school supplies, especially when you consider that school supplies for my program pretty much consist of maybe a binder, paper, and a handful of pens.  Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to the classes themselves, and the concept of graduating in two years and being able to secure a career I'm actually passionate about is obviously appealing, but some how that package of brand new blue Bic ballpoints makes me positively squirm with glee every time I walk by the office supply aisle at work.  Yes, it's absurd, I know.
  • On the note of school and library careers, I applied for a (very) part-time page position at the St. Albert Public Library this week which I'm hoping my volunteer cred will score me first dibs at.  Even a few hours a week of legitimate library work would be great for my resume and maybe open up some opportunities for something full-time.  Please cross your fingers for me!  >_<
Coleen says:
August 2nd, 2011 -- 8:42 am

Ohhh I left a comment then it deleted it cause I didn't fill in the e-mail. Epic fail.

Anyways. I made a comment on how I was surprised that you were reading a Throne of Jade. I read 4 of the series books after the books club and you know in retrospect I did not like many key aspects of the books. Primarily, the relationship between the dragon and the main guy. Mostly because its creepy and too emotional and lovey dovey. Blllllaaarrrgggggghhhhhhh. That is me vomiting up the abridged version of all the sappy lovely dovey in the book. I also disagree that she did not stop after the third book. Book writers really need to get out of this whole writing for the sake of writing. Have a definitive end in mind for your series prior to starting.

Moving along. I hope you get the page job. If you need some help I can send some Ninja's to intimidate some people. Do you think you will be able to handle all the volunteering, working, and schooling? Cause I remember that for that decade or so that I was in university that the combinations of sports, school, work, and social life made me super crazy banana's. You remember don't you? Craaaazzzzy crazy. Lock me away crazy. I slept on the floor per the stress. Anyways. Hope it works out, don’t put too much on your plate.

Brenna says:
August 2nd, 2011 -- 7:57 pm

It's funny you mentioned how you aren't a fan of the relationship between Laurance and Temeraire, because I just re-read my review of the first book that I posted last year and I really enjoyed their dynamic in that book. And yet I'm finding in this second novel that I'm becoming turned off from the whole thing for some reason, and when I read you comment I was like "Yeah actually, that's it. It's is too lovey dovey." It's weird. It feels less like a close friendship and more like Laurance wants to get in his dragon's metaphorical pants. o_O

And thanks for the well wishes for the library job. The cutoff for applications was today so I'm really praying that I get a call for an interview over the next week. >_< (Any ninja intimidation would be welcome, but you didn't hear that from me...) *Shifty eyes*

If I were to get the page job I most likely wouldn't go in to volunteer anymore, but yeah, two part-time jobs and school will be a lot to handle, though I don't have a lot of choice unfortunately. I obviously can't cut back on school; I need to keep the stocking job because it pays the most and we need the money; and I have to take whatever opportunity I can with the library to help break me into library work. The page position is only 8 hours/week though, so if I do get it I'll drop one shift per week at my regular job to make room for it.

I'm also trying to make sure I keep Sundays free from any work shifts. I know myself well enough to know that if I don't have at least one day free for myself a week I'll probably pull a nutty.

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