T-minus 33 days. Commencing freak out. Aaaaaand… GO.

Monday, April 4, 2011 -- 11:49 pm

There's only one month until the wedding!  One month! As in, the shiznit is going down next month!

*Hyperventilates into paper bag*

Realistically, I know I'm good on time.  I was good with the planning ahead, all the big glitzy stuff has been finished for a while, and really all that's left to do are small little details.  But I can't help but freak out a bit now that we've reached the 30-something day mark.  Every time I talk to anyone about the wedding I get reminded of something else that needs to be done still, just all those little things you don't think about.

I mean, when you're the bride there's very specific milestones your brain gets into gear for during the wedding planning process -- things like the venue, the dress, the photographer, the food, the invitations, (and for giant nerds like me, the seating chart is especially exciting.)  You simply don't spend all those months beforehand obsessing about things like who's making which speeches, or who you're designating to decorate the ceremony hall in the morning, or who's going to be there to open the reception hall doors for the caterer, or the order in which you want the MC to announce events, or when you need the hall rental insurance by, or whether or not the ceremony venue will let you do a sound check during the walk through, and oh a million other last minute details that catch you completely off guard and that you realize you haven't an earthly idea what you're going to do for -- because hey, let's face it, you didn't spend a lot of time day dreaming on the bus to work every morning about the logistics of the best way to keep 400 sugared snack favors fresh overnight from when you pick them up until the reception the following evening.

*Sharp crinkling sound from paper bag as it is used as a respirator*

But again, realistically, it's fine. I know this.  I'm on top of it.  Everything's cool.

Did I mention that we still currently have three feet of snow in our backyard and with the snail-like pace at which it's melting it probably won't be gone until August?  My pretty wedding dress and fancy shoes are NOT COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR GRIMEY, SLUSHY, LATE-LOITERING WINTER DOUCHERY, ALBERTA!  D:{

*Crinkle wheeze crinkle*

Amanda says:
April 5th, 2011 -- 1:27 am

Reading this makes me stressed for you! I'm totally going to elope!

Tawnie says:
April 5th, 2011 -- 5:33 am

That's why part of me just wants to get married in Decemeber... that way there are no surprises! Anyway... it'll be fine.

Tracy says:
April 5th, 2011 -- 11:46 am

Thank you for getting married first! That way when I'm freaking out you can tell me "Hey Trace.. it's all goooood"

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