Shiny new bag of holding adds +10 to awesomeness!

Sunday, April 17, 2011 -- 3:19 pm

My Miche Bag arrived today!  XD  (I never expected the delivery man to arrive on a Sunday, but he must have known how excited I was for my package and made a special trip out on his day off just for me, what a guy.  That's service for you.)

I love my new pretty purse(s)!  It's just a tad larger than the purse I carry now, so it easily holds all of my stuff plus a book (or two) and I could probably even fit a laptop in if I needed to.  And it's so simple to change the skin on!  It's like "hey, I think I'd like to use my brown purse today, NO PROBLEM!" *Unclasp!  Pull off first skin!  Slip on second skin!  Clasp!  BAM BAM BAM!  Done!*

Never again will I have to dump the entire contents of my purse out to transfer it all over to a different bag!  Gone are the dark days!  I have evolved to a new state of superior pursedom! *Bright shimmery light falls down on Brenna and her purse from on high*

In other news, during a girly hanging out evening at Nickie's last night, we embarked on a hilariously fail-filled attempt at making paper flowers for the wedding ceremony.  The results were not exactly what I envisioned, and served to prove that I am not very adept at anything crafty.  =_=;  Also, OMG ONLY 20 DAYS TO GO!

Liz Harris says:
April 17th, 2011 -- 4:20 pm

That is very cool.

Brenna says:
April 17th, 2011 -- 5:23 pm

I know, right~? :D Very convenient, and they have different purse sizes and lots of different skins~

Amanda says:
April 24th, 2011 -- 6:51 pm

The speed at which you`re reading books is making me feel inadequate!

Love Amanda

Brenna says:
April 25th, 2011 -- 10:18 am

Gah, well the last one that was up there, "Alphabet", I didn't actually ever read. I went to the library to drop off some books and while I was there I found the book "Disgrace" that I wanted to read more so I scrapped the other one before I even started it. ^^;

It really depends on the book I'm reading at the time. I just finished Portia de Rossi's "Unbearable Lightness" and it was really good so I finished it in 24 hours, but if I'm not that into a book than it can take me weeks to finish.

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