Careful, I think I’m contagious.

Sunday, March 27, 2011 -- 11:41 pm

Someone from on high atop the cosmic plain of germy doom has seen fit to ladle me up a helpful heaping of sickness this past week.  For the past four days I've been stumbling around the house in my pajamas in a zombie-like (and extremely sexy) state of non-stop sneezing, coughing, achy, shivering dizziness.  I've been popping Cold FX and the occasional Advil Cold & Sinus to make me coherent just long enough to finish up some contract work I had to do this weekend, but other than that I've been fairly horizontal.  My throat feels like a particularly vicious cat has clawed its way up out of it and taken a good chunk of my vocal cords along with it, and I've spent most of the last 96 hours curled up in a nest of blankets under the mistaken delusion that if I sleep long enough this cold bug will just get bored and leave me alone and find a different hapless victim.  (No luck so far with that.)

To make matters worse I think I've unintentionally passed my havoc-wreaking germs to Mason, a feat neither of us can comprehend, since it's been a long-standing ritual in our house that Mason refuses to come anywhere near me, much less touch me with a ten-foot pole when I'm sick with anything for fear of catching it.  Though personally I blame this plague on him in the first place -- he was the one that was sick a couple weeks ago.  His residual ninja-like germs must have been hiding somewhere in the house all this time, biding their time until they could let loose with their terror once more; and now the two of us will be forever cursed to pass them back and forth between one another again and again until we both finally succumb to sicky death and are buried side-by-side in matching antibacterial face masks; or until wild dogs break into the house while we are too weak to fend them off and are found by the authorities days later nibbling on the remains of our pale, pasty toes.  (Don't trust Iroh and Toby either -- their love only goes as far as their bellies.  Once they realized regular meals were no longer forthcoming, don't think they wouldn't join the dogs in picking the clammy flesh from our bones!)

I'm crossing my fingers that the worst is over and hoping tomorrow will finally mark a turn for the better.  I suppose it's a small blessing that we're both getting the whole cold thing done with and out of our systems now and not right before the wedding.  *Knock on wood*  Excuse me while I go swallow more drugs now and crash in my bed once again, but not before I board up all of the doors and windows against any roaming packs of savage canines.  ...And lock the cat and rabbit up in the bathroom.  ...Just as a precaution.  *Iroh and Toby exchange shifty glances.*

Tawnie says:
March 28th, 2011 -- 12:28 am

Oh man, that sickness sounds truly unfortunate.

Just be thankful that you live in Canada, where the air is relatively clean and colds don't automatically go right for your lungs and linger for months. Seriously, I had a sickness that stuck around for almost two months! I was, like you, hoping it would eventually just run its course. It didn't, until I took a pack of anti biotics!

HI-YAH! That's what you need to karate chop those ninja-germs into oblivion.

Coleen says:
March 28th, 2011 -- 9:13 am

A bunch of people at my work have the same illness as you, one girl even lost her voice. She told me to be carful but since I am taking penecillin for my post op I am pretty sure I am invincible.

Coleen says:
March 28th, 2011 -- 9:15 am

*Proceedes to walk into resitricted biohazard outbreak area* wa ha ha, give me your best nature I have mold in my veins!!!!

Brenna says:
March 31st, 2011 -- 12:38 am

@Tawnie: Do you mean compared to China? Jenny's told me a few stories about the level of air pollution in China, it sounds disgusting. It doesn't surprise me that you were sick for so long! D:

@Coleen: Sickness levels may actually be on the way back down for me finally! My throat doesn't hurt as much today and I even managed to do the dishes. Go Team Me! BTW, how did your operation go? CAN YOU BREATH FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS?!

Tawnie says:
March 31st, 2011 -- 3:28 am

Well, it's no where near as bad as China, but sometimes I can't tell if it's cloudy of if it's just smoggy. Something like 1100 people a year die from the pollution in HK. It's crazy! I can't imagine living in a factory town/city in China. You would blow black out of your nostrils I bet!

Coleen says:
March 31st, 2011 -- 1:29 pm

Actually as of yet I cannot breath better then I was pre-surgery. The nostril I had surgery on is between for sure but the one that use to work ... has pretty much stopped working. Its worse when I sleep, both nostril close up almost all the way and my unconscious body is resilient in not breathing out of my mouth so my breathing is haggard and a struggle. Honestly it sounds like I am on death door. It's been bugging Glen too, apparently he is woken up a few times a night by my sad attempts to breath. To the point of frustration. This morning he told me that when he woke he found his hand on his pillow and the thought: "should I put her out of her misery?" in his mind.

So if I "die accidentally" it was Glen. Please inact revenge on my behalf.

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