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Monday, January 31, 2011 -- 11:02 pm
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Tonight was my first St. Albert Library volunteer shift upstairs shelving magazines. I know that sounds really very "big deal, so what", but it was very exciting. When you've previously spent all your time working on the main floor sorting paperbacks and DVDs the second floor feels like a significant promotion for some reason. (It's where all the big boy books live! First the hardcovers... THEN THE WORLD, MUH HA HA HA! Yeah, I don't know.) I also spoke to the volunteer coordinator regarding if there were any job openings coming down the pipeline, and apparently they may have a casual page position opening up some time soon that current volunteers will get first crack at. The hours wouldn't even really qualify as part-time, but it's still the most positive news I've received yet in my job hunt and getting in just a couple of paid hours here and there would at least put me in the running finally for when a more substantial position opens up.

This past week I've been doing some pro bono work designing a site for a LAN party startup company Mason and I are helping out with, and it's the first time I've actually enjoyed doing web design in almost two years. This is probably directly related to the fact that: a) I have 100% free reign over the whole thing and am not dealing with frustrating clients, and b) the design is centered around one particularly rad velociraptor motif. Everyone knows it's a proven fact that raptors make everything more awesome!

Other than that, I've been spending a lot of time arranging appointments for wedding related to-do's and passing any spare moment anxiously awaiting more RSVPs to come in. It's taking an excruciatingly slow time. Everyone should have received their invite by now! Why do I only have 54 replies so far? T-T Let's go, people! Don't you know there are very important seating charts to be mapped out?!

Finally, since it's become increasingly clear that my chances of scoring an entry-level library job without a proper education is not very high, I may or may not be applying back to school this fall for the Library and Information Technology program. At the very least it's been taken under serious consideration and I'm planning on attending another information session at Grant MacEwan later this month to ask some questions and smooth out some details. It's kind of exciting but also very daunting at the same time... :x More info on that once I know more.

And now... to eat cake.

Amanda Properzi says:
February 1st, 2011 -- 12:49 am

I was accepted into that program - but I turned it down for Japan. Honestly - if you're serious about working for a library and don't want to spend 6 years getting your bachelors and the masters - I'd just do it. You'll be a shoe in with your volunteer work, computer skills and diploma.

Brenna says:
February 1st, 2011 -- 10:43 am

That's what I'm hoping, yeah. I don't need the Masters unless I want to start doing management stuff, so I'm just focused on the diploma that I can thrust in front of potential employers' faces and be all "LOOK! LOOK! I OFFICIALLY HAVE THE SKILLLLLLLS!"

One of the things I'm more worried about is that Mason and I are already booked to go on a family reunion cruise in November. :x I'm going to inquire about that at the info session and see if it's possible to make up that week I'll be away. It helps that the first semester includes two whole classes on computer/web beginner stuff I may not even need to take, so that may ease the amount of stuff I'd have to cover.

Ashley says:
February 4th, 2011 -- 11:17 am

Be prepared to not receive RSVP's from some people Brenna.
I had to make some phone calls & send some emails at the 11th hour to get replies out of a few people... even though I ADDRESSED AND STAMPED the return envelopes!!! ;)
And then you'll still have some people that for some reason don't come, and don't even bother to let you know. Or you might have a person change their mind last minute and decide to come but not tell you. (Both of these things happened to me, but everything worked out okay & we had a great wedding!)

Brenna says:
February 4th, 2011 -- 1:52 pm

>_< That's super annoying. That's why I made the options via internet or phone -- both you can do right from home or work any time without going anywhere! I think everyone who RSVPs right away should be thanked with an extra cupcake or something.

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