Weekend notables.

Sunday, August 8, 2010 -- 11:53 pm
Mood: 13 Mostly sleepy.

I had my first volunteer shift at the Stanley Milner Library yesterday, sorting books for their upcoming book sale(s) down in the basement. There were less volunteers than I thought there'd be, and I turned out to be the youngest among them (looks like most of the EPL volunteers are older people who are retired or don't work full hours and have oodles of spare time... so we have something in common then), but it was a good time. It also helps that for each volunteer session I help out at, I score four dollars of free used books! XB (When we're talking used books, four dollars buys a respectable pile of new novels to add to my collection~) They also have a drink fridge and sneaky filing cabinet drawer full of snacks to nibble on while you're sorting. Definitely worth waking up early for yesterday morning.

Mason and I watched the new DC animated movie, Batman: Under the Red Hood the other evening, based on the whole Jason Todd reborn storyline. Verdict? Pretty sweet. :B I've read "A Death in the Family" and I'm familiar with the general plot points of Red Hood's origin, so it was neat to see a video version of the story (and according to reviews from people more comic-savvy than I, the adaptation is pretty well done.) Pleasing art and animation, good script, and much more blood and violence than I've seen in the past Batman animated videos. My only sad note is that this movie changed all of the usual voice actors I've come to know and love from the animated Batman universe -- it's silly, but there will always be a little part of me that shuns anyone who tries to fill Kevin Conroy or Mark Hamill's shoes. On the other hand... Neil Patrick Harris as Nightwing is awesome! *Glee*

On that thought, why is it that random street thugs know that Nightwing was formerly Robin...? o_O Did Batman post memos up all over Gotham? Is there an official Batman newsletter?

Graham says:
August 8th, 2010 -- 11:59 pm

Are there ever really random street thugs in comics? Don't they always end up being retconned into connections with big time villains if they aren't obviously already? :P

Brenna says:
August 9th, 2010 -- 12:20 am

Touche'. Upon reflection, random street thug in question actually is working for the Red Hood after formerly working for some big drug kingpin, sure -- but still, he's one of those extra expendable goons who really has no place delivering any main character-related exposition, IMO.

Besides, it doesn't change the fact that he probably heard from some other criminal about Nightwing's former persona. Either way, some Gotham baddie got a hold of some spoilers they shouldn't have.

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