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Sunday, May 23, 2010 -- 2:12 pm
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...was pretty awesome. :B I agree with the general opinion that it wasn't as great as the first movie, but as far as sequels go it was pretty sweet. Robert Downey Jr. is smoking hot even in a bowtie or when he's pale and sickly with palladium poisoning, and props to Ms. Johansson who's completely bombshelly whether in a little black skirt or skin-tight denim leather. Marvel provides fan service for everyone!

One thing I did leave the theatre disappointed about (and apparently I seem to be the only one thinking so) is that I really thought they were going to touch upon Stark's drinking problem in the sequel and they didn't, not really. Yes, people point out that we see him with a drink in his hand through a good number of both films scenes, but that's a pretty common sight in any media when a character is snotty, powerful, and rich.

I just keep hearing about how this great hurdle in Tony Stark's life is dealing with his bout(s) of alcoholism, but I'm not seeing it and I really think we should. Currently Hollywood's version of Iron Man doesn't have any skeletons in his closet. Every other hero does. Bruce Wayne constantly dealing with the loss of his parents. Peter Parker wracked with guilt over being the round-about cause of his uncle's death. Bruce Banner being forced to live apart from society to keep his big green alter ego in check. Et cetera. Establishing Stark's struggle with drinking would give him a much needed venerability and weakness, and I think he would prove a more complex and interesting character from it. I'm not saying to make the addiction the entire primary plot for the whole movie (because as it has been earnestly pointed out to me, when would they have time for all of the action and EXPLOSIONS?), but use it. Alcoholism is not a minor aspect of an individual's life -- alcoholism affects everything, and I think they need to develop a story that can reflect what it affects in Tony Stark's every day life of being rich and fabulous and doing the superhero thing.

I'll cross my fingers for Iron Man 3. Until then, drunk or not, Robert Downey Jr. is still all sorts of sexy.

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