Damn you Shaw, you lied to us!

Monday, November 19, 2007 -- 8:51 pm
Mood: 08 Bitter

You said you were fast! You boasted of unmatchable high speed intrawebbing! Now on a Monday evening I'm sitting here waiting for blogger to load for five minutes. I can't even play Guild Wars it's lagging so much. A pox on your money grubbing lying corporation! *shakes fist*

We went to the Taboo Sex Show on Saturday at Northlands, a giant romp through one gigantanormous sex shop. Ashley and I watched the male strippers and I bought a chocolate penis and ate it while I mosied through the dildos and fuzzy handcuffs. It was rather tasty~ My only regret is that I bought tickets beforehand online -- we ended up entering in through the exit doors unknowingly so we bypassed the entire ticket process at the front gates thus negating my $20.00 worth of online transactions. *Feels ripped*

Yay, I finally got my necklace de-knot-afied~ Never again will I put you in my purse all tangled. *hearts* Thanks to the nice and only slightly patronizing woman at Peoples Jewelry who fixed it for me.

I lurk a bit around some of the Nexopia Harry Potter forums and like the big geek that I am I joined a thread where you answer a list of questions and the other forum members sort you into a Hogwarts House. They all put me into Hufflepuff! T-T People I don't even know are sorting me into Hufflepuff. And by unanimous decision! (Well...aside from the one vote to make me a squib and/or muggle...what a burn to me, lol.) *Sweatdrop*

OMG OMG OMG, Chelle found out that Greg Weisman is continuing season 3 of Gargoyles in comic form! XD They're already on Amazon! I want to leech them off you so bad, Chelle! *flails* SO EXCITED.

I'm reading Hush again, the sexy Batman comic with the equally sexy art simply because it's that gorgeous~ Jim Lee is my comic book artist hero. *Has his prettily-drawn comic babies*

We're seeing Beowulf on Saturday in IMAX 3D, and even if the movie itself sucks it's going to be awesome anyway! There's going to be dragons and crazy giant ass birds and other insanely sweet things jumping out from the screen at my face! It's going to rock!

I notice my blogs are less of entries about one subject or story, but more of a jumbled confusing mess of rambling thoughts. This is my mind, people. It's not so much linear as it is one of the crazy spirographs that you used to play with as a kid. :D

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