*Singing the Friday song* “Friiiiiiiiiday!”

Friday, September 21, 2007 -- 8:56 am
Mood: 08 Cold. *grumble grumble*

Oh god, why does it have to be so bleeding cold in this office? I think my fingers are about to fall off. *Holds them up for observation* Do they look white to you? Is this color healthy? Can I get worker's compensation if my fingers freeze into little finger popsicles? Do they cover that in my benefits?

*Trudges off to get the blanket from the next room*

Yesterday I went shopping with Mom and I got all the things left over on my moving out list that I didn't have the money to buy yet, like an ice cream scoop~! And an electric kettle! *hugs electric kettle* And a pretty new shower curtain, and bakeware, and hooky things, and a peeler, and a drying rack, and bulletin board, and a white board, and towels, and face cloths, and bath mats... *continues to blabber on and on and on about splendid new household items until no one is actually reading anymore* In any event, THANK YOU MOMMY~! :D *hearts you*

*Scooshes her toes gleefully in her new bathmat*

*Scoosh scoosh scoosh*

I'm working my way through House season three, kindly loaned to me by Dan. I'm really liking this season, with the exception of Detective Trigger himself, whome I find oddly annoying. The scene where Cuddy is slumped in the shower holding the little girl in her arms then House comes and barks at her was heart wrenching. D: *tear* This is the only season where I've really wanted to punch Gregorz in his cute British face.

Gaah, the back door to our apartment building is covered in moths! They're just lining the door and the walls and the stairs, and it's disgusting and provokes the Brenna squishy face and lots of hand flailing. I don't know why they like to swarm by the back door and not the front as much, but if they don't all die by our first big cold snap then I'll be walking around to the front of the building when ever I come home.

Things to accomplish this weekend:

-- For sure 100% complete finish unpacking.
-- Clean apartment.
-- Play D&D!
-- Party down with Mandi's at birthday extravaganza!
-- Buy remaining shopping list items at Safeway.
-- Buy new shopping list.
-- Fix Boot Camp. *crosses fingers* >_<
-- Laundry. Oh god, laundry... 

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