I have survived the Carpet Book.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007 -- 9:28 pm
Mood: 12 A bag of holding of mixed HP emotions.

Well that was slightly disappointing.


Despite my solid steel wall of denial, the leaked version of Deathly Hallows turned out to be the real deal. Color me sad with a twinge of bitter. All right, to be fair the book overall wasn't bad. It was entertaining and it definitely had lots of awesome moments. The sad part of the Harry Potter book seven cookie is all of the, what I consider to be, 1) unanswered questions and easy cop outs. You lied to us on some accounts, Mrs. Rowling. *Sad face* 2) Fangirlishness aside, the wrap up for Snape's story was just. . .lame. On so many levels. What a cliche, emo rip off for such an amazingly constructed and complex character. *Imagines Severus on hillside with Dumbledore, screaming "STEL-LAAAAAA!" to the skies* And he didn't even do anything in the final battle. What a waste. *Much more sadness* 3) The epilogue. Omg. There is not enough cheese in the world to compare to the cheese-ousnes of this epilogue. ALBUS SEVERUS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? *very slowly dies*


So it was an end, maybe not the end I was holding out for, but an end, nevertheless. It leaves me with depressingly little to look forward to from now on as far as books go. I'll have to start reading HP fanfiction again to keep myself entertained and fangirly.

(Awesome avatar totally made by Chelle and pilfered by myself.)

afterthree says:
August 2nd, 2007 -- 3:59 pm

Look at you, pilfering my icons willy-nilly! You... you...


(Y'know, that would have more weight if I didn't do it to you ALL THE TIME, huh?)

afterthree says:
August 15th, 2007 -- 7:28 am

If you've got ALL THIS TIME on your hands to harass me at work, why don't you update your blog smarty pants?

Brenna says:
August 15th, 2007 -- 8:13 am

Hush you. I am very busy and important.

afterthree says:
August 18th, 2007 -- 5:27 pm

Phst. Like as IF.

*bother bother bother*

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